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YouTube 360 Degree Video: A Quick & Handy How-to Guide

You Tube being accessible with the 360-degree video has made it even more interesting. The specialty of the videos in this way is that these deliver a fresh angle that makes it even more fascinating. Fans have been waiting for this to come since January last year. Well, the time has finally come to encourage you about preparing your 360 degree video.

You Can Prepare It Anyway; Budget Not As Big As an Issue

Undoubtedly, the handiest stuff needed for preparation of a 360-degree video is a perfectly attuned camera. According to YouTube, the cameras those can fit the bill is, Kodak SP360, Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, and Giroptic 360cam.

However, it is understandable that affording the tags associated with these cameras is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, fret not about this. You can engineer one for you of equivalent efficiency. The best way would be utilising each shooter you are having; if needed, you can go for borrowing from your buddies as well. Collect those cameras and combine in a smart way for your task; simple as that.

Revamping the Video:

Once you are done with above, then to merge each file you can easily have various video tools. However, it is important to make sure that the software is supported by YouTube. Once the video is ready supporting YouTube, you have to fine-tune it through the 360 apps easily available through Google support.

Watch The 360 Videos On Desktops And Smartphones:

You can always enhance the experience of watching 360 videos at You Tube for your audience through the simple feature available over the Google Cardboard virtual reality set. It is well set for Chrome and Android and expected soon for the Apple users.

To watch the 360-degree video on the big screens, the same can be enjoyed simply hitting the pan key. No surprise, 360 video is best to be enjoyed over the Android devices. The interesting part is that the video follows every shift you make. The best view is ensured irrespective of your position change.

It’s For Playing:

Watching a 360 video makes the whole process more captivating and intuitive. The best part is that it can still offer you a better experience even if you don’t like the content. It’s moreover like playing with the video rather than mere viewing.

360 video makes the process interesting to test the effects as well. You can twist it, roll it, scroll it to enjoy and experience each lightening effect that is produced. It lets you find the most convenient ways of discovering the video’s best form. Naturally, you get one of the most suitable ways to convey your intention.

It’s An Awesome Marketing Kit:

Its evident going through so far is that the 360 video is a treat for the techies or those who love to play with the cameras. At the same time, the idea holds a commercial angle as well. Anything presentable is always a fantastic marketing stuff. It (360 videos) makes things easier to convey each characteristic of your product.

Especially, if it is something meant to be showcased, then 360 video is like a gift. Being more specific, it is a fantastic option for the old goods buyer or sellers and the platforms involved with these activities. One video is sufficient to take a dig at each angle for the product.

Discover The Person:

If you are a party person, then Video 360 can be a delightful option for you to discover some unseen characteristics of certain people those who present themselves pretty different in the real world. As it makes things easier for you to view or get viewed, one can easily capture someone’s candid moment (the most expressive one) during a special occasion, at his/her ignorance.

The same could have tough to attain through the conventional ways, as you would have to look for the most suitable position to capture. Gain, this involves the chances of spoiling the whole of your secret shoot.

Presenting It Well:

360 video is impressive for the presentations. Finding the incredible angles can solve the worries of viewing in a clumsy room, for a viewer sitting in an awkward position. As the shoot finds the best way of getting captured, it’s natural for the viewers to enjoy it as well.

Finally, Making YouTube the Great:

360 Video is certainly going to take YouTube to a new high. It makes the video sharing platform a quality video watching platform. It’s not a secret about how lucrative it is to make money through YouTube.

Now, 360 Video makes you more deserving of this regard. Above all, it creates an opportunity and a testing platform in other words to push the creativity button of all video makers. In short, it’s a loyal idea to make YouTube the best platform to witness the genuine and qualitatively best videos.

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