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You Can Now Watch and Upload 360-Degree Videos on YouTube

In the recent times we have been witness to major technological improvements. We saw the rise of Facebook, Google, YouTube and many other technologies which brought us closer to the Internet. The mere aesthetics of these websites were not responsible for drawing users.

The functionality of these websites also played a substantial role in their rising popularity. Now we are looking at times when these services will change platforms, attain new shades and include versatile features for sustaining the ever evolving internet community. In this discussion we shall be reviewing some of the facets and implications of YouTube’s groundbreaking 360 degree video.

The Initiative…

YouTube announced the project for 360-degree video back in January 2015. Within a few months, the majority of users accessed support from YouTube to upload 360-degree videos and, as a result, innumerable users have begun to include 360-degree videos in content libraries.

The quest for excellence never ceases, and this trend is bound to advance on to include 4K videos on YouTube in the future. Given below are some interesting points which will bring you closer to the world of 360-degree videos.

How to Do It?

• The foremost requirement to create a 360-degree video is a compatible camera.

• YouTube has listed four cameras which are suitable for capturing 360-degree videos.

• They are Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, Giroptic 360cam and the Kodak SP360.

• These cameras cost roughly around $200-$500 and can be availed at prominent online stores.

• Even if you do not find these cameras or if you are unable to afford them, you don’t need to worry.

Keep Calm and Read On!

• Try gluing a few old flip cameras and rig yourself a fascinating piece of photography equipment.

• In the case of the four cameras indicated above, you need to follow encoding guidelines as recommended by YouTube.

• In the case of the latter situation i.e. your rigged equipment, you need software known as Kolor Autopano Video Software, which is used for combining video files together.

• Once you have generated a YouTube supported video, you shall be holding the opinion that a simple click on the ‘upload’ button would do the trick.

• No, my friend! After you generate the supported video, you need to scrub the video.

• This can be done by acquiring the 360 apps from Google support.

• Computer and coding enthusiasts can formulate scripts to do it differently.

• You can avail instructions from Google support any time you face an issue with any of the scripting, combining or creation phases.

Make It Friendly…

As an uploader, you can provide specific instructions to your viewers and at the same time inform them of the beneficial and informative facets of the 360-degree video. This feature has been successfully implemented in Android and Chrome browsers. Users can derive the maximum from 360-degree videos with the instructions provided by you.

One for the Gamers…

Gamers will love this feature since YouTube allows you to pan the screen from left to right and vice versa just by using the WASD buttons. This feature not only allows panning the screen from left to right and vice versa only.

Users can set any reference point for viewing a 360-degree video. The use of WASD for this initiative indicates that the makers took first person shooting games into consideration. Now you can enjoy real life videos like a video game and look at each and every detail of the videos.

Go Mobile As Well…

The functionality of the 360-degree video in mobiles was under speculations owing to the variation in display size, system specifications and support for OS. However, all skeptics heaved a sigh of relief with the inbuilt feature of 360-degree videos in mobile phones i.e. the video adjusts position according to the position of the mobile. If put simply, the view of the video changes if you move the phone. Enthusiasts have pointed out to the use of virtual reality goggles which will make this experience a more splendid one.

Marketing 360 Degrees…

360-degree videos comprise of flexibility as well as sheer magnificence in visual appeal. Thus, these videos are adept marketing tools and can be used in a variety of sectors such as real estate, SEO, and other corporate enterprises. Product descriptions would become more vivid and appease the eyes of potential customers. E-commerce stores could use 360-degree videos for product description. Users will be able to analyze the product from all sides and thus prepare a valid impression of the product.

Have you booked your tickets for the next soccer match in your locality? If you want to take a complete viewing experience of the match, then the 360-degree videos will be the right choice.

The inclination of people all around the world for the 360-degree video technology is gaining momentum. So you need to get one of the cameras, start shooting, upload 360-degree videos and earn a whole lot of clicks which subsequently spells ‘money’ for you.

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