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Why Facebook Says Your Video Ads Should Be Silent

Did your attention get drawn suddenly while scrolling on your Facebook Newsfeed page! Is it the irritating sound of the unexpected videos? As per a recent research was done by Facebook, the videos on the Facebook Newsfeed of the user starts playing aloud it is expected that maximum of the users would develop a negative impression both for the ad as well as Facebook, the social media platform.

For this issue, Facebook has synchronized its features and has recommended the advertisers to create the videos which are not depended up on the sound of the video. Recently Facebook has released set of new incredible features that enables the businesses or the advertisers for optimizing the videos with silent reviewing feature.

Facebook: The Social Media Giant Helps To Gain Heavy Consumer Traffic

Facebook is certainly one of the best platforms for the advertisers to gain heavy consumer traffic. With an intention to stream your business, product or service on the social media platform you must be aware about the recent changes that Facebook involves for the video ads. There are numerous of video ads on social media that includes audio.

As per the social media giant Facebook, certain step has been initiated for protecting the user, Facebook, and the advertisers. The main concern of such issue is that when any unexpected video with audio begins playing loudly at an unexpected time, the users will give negative reaction instantly.

Facebook Advice the Advertisers to Create Video without Sound

Videos without sounds for advertisement! This statement can make the advertisers worried in great extent. This fact correlated to the ages of before the 1920s when the movies were without sound. The movies with sound were introduced in the 1920s which were indeed a remarkable achievement.

Almost after a century, with such declaration of Facebook, it is indeed a step to move back to the age of silent movies/videos. For this, Facebook has released set of new features and has recommended the businesses to create and feature the video that doesn’t depend on sound.

Videos without Sound Would Turn As Unveiling Tool for Advertisers

As per Facebook, these videos without sound would be helpful for the businesses as well as the platform.

These changes would prove to be the most unveiling tool in the future days. With such option, the businesses would be able to use automatic captions in the videos rather than adding them independently. The advertisers posting ads on Facebook would be able to access a new reporting metric which would display the percentage of people who watch video ads with sound.

Advertisers Would Be Able To Increase the Access By 12%

By including such captions, the advertisers would be able to increase the video access by 12%. In the previous time, the advertisers uploaded the ads with captions by embedding or uploading their own caption files.

With the modern trend, the advertisers could review the automated captions and edit it before posting. As per a report, people around the world watch more than 100 hours of videos on the Social Giant platform, Facebook every day. This reflects the strategy that each minute is valuable and is countable for the advertisers.

Facebook Encourages the Advertisers to Express Messages Visually

For this reason, Facebook is encouraging the partners of advertisements to express their messages visually including the captions, logos, and product. A review stated that around 41% of the videos on Facebook were meaningless without sound in it.

With the new feature introduced by Facebook, the captions would be able to reveal the essence of the video. The video needs to be viewer engaging and not to offend the viewer with loud sound. As per a report, the first three seconds of a video accounts 47% of the campaign value and 74% in the next 10 seconds.

Facebook Launches New Features of Captioning the Videos

Facebook provides the best solution by allowing captioning ads so that you would get the sense of what you are scrolling for from the past and the advertisers hope for one or two videos to be watched. This is the point where captioning plays a vital role.

Captioning being a fast and effective way for expressing the users what the video is all about. The social media giant Facebook also has plans for launching new reporting metrics that would assist the advertisers for viewing the shares of the videos. Facebook has also made the option of 100% view buying option globally available.

Engaging Image in the Video Is an Effective Element

Facebook reports that a common and effective element of an effective video ad is an engaging image which displays before the video starts playing. Facebook clearly has stated that, though the video ad consists of sound the advertisers need to confirm that the message intended to be delivered mustn’t depend upon on audio. Probably out of 10 videos on Facebook without audio 4 videos don’t make any sense that certainly is a reason for the viewers to get irritated, this creates a bad impact on the brand’s image.

Advertisers Need To Take Creative Considerations for Growing the Number of Views

The advertisers need to take in new creative considerations and work harder if they intend to earn longer views. The creative shop and marketing science team at Facebook after analysing Facebook and Instagram videos finds out the element that would help the advertisers to understand the perfect way to create an effective video ad for the feed-based platform.

The videos must be created with the basic creative element that would help in getting connected with the audiences and inspire the action. It’s imperative to capture the attention of the audiences right away. Using the video thumbnails images and titles would hook the audiences into your story. The brand colours, themes, and images help in connecting people with the video and indirectly with your brand.

Loud Sound Of The Video Annoys The Viewers!

According to some tests, people can recall the mobile news feed content after watching it for only quarter of second. The real value of the video ad increases with duration, whether you measure ad recall or brand awareness or sales.

While the mobile ads work in favour of the advertisers, the mobile feed environments people, in general, prefer for the sound input. But when this unexpected loud sound troubles the users they react negatively. This certainly is a drawback for the platform and the advertiser as well as the brand.

The video ads on Facebook are not the TV ads with loud sound. It is expected that any person would get annoyed when you are scrolling through your feed and a loud sound of the video ad plays. Along with you, the persons near you are also likely to get annoyed with such loud sound. Facebook instigates the advertisers to rethink the ad strategy. With the newly launched feature of captioning, the advertisers would be able to review and edit the automated captions before posting the video ads on the Newsfeed.

Grab Attention of the Viewers with the Silent Videos That Are Effectively Planned

Along the advertisers, Facebook also intends to grab the attention of the viewers quickly. Facebook made a research on the video ads on the platform as well as on Instagram and came to a conclusion that the effective videos ads share a common feature.

The common feature is displaying an image before the ad starts which grabs the attention of the viewers. The advertisers are advised, before uploading the video ads on Facebook, they must make sure that the video is easily understood without the audio.

We need to wait for few days to witness the effectiveness of no-sound policy, whether it would impact the effectiveness of the advertiser or would degrade the image of the brand.

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