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Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates By 20%

Digital marketing is a crazy thing. It’s like an open platform that doesn’t mind any attempt if it’s returning well. This is the reason there are so many ways available these days for product promotions. In fact, there are highest numbers of tools available for internet marketing to make things in a playful way. However, keeping all those baffling tricks and technologies aside, explainer videos are presently the darling options of enjoying better conversion.

Explainer Videos: The Impression Makers

Irrespective of the business, it’s the impression that matters the most. The demand of conveying things quicker or dragging those impressions faster makes things even more challenging. A first impression is the everlasting one. The impression is created when the presentations become appealing, hence believable for the audience. And, the explainer videos have been found to be thoroughly impressive than the other methods.

Easy, Budget-Friendly, Appealing and Productive:

Perhaps explainer videos are the first concepts those have managed to rock the online arena without involving high-end technological needs or some heft budgets. In a way, you can say the simplicity involved is the key behind the remarkable success.

Basically, these explainer videos are the precise video preparations talking about all the distinguishing parts about your company, product, etc. The most inspiring part here is that these videos are bendable keeping your needs in sight. Storyboard involved can be animated, human presentation types, image presentations, sketches, graphics, etc, according to your business mood and need.

Statistics Claim It’s More Engaging:

Statistics have proven it many times that an addition of explainer video to the homepage of a site can enhance the conversion rate by twenty percent. Making things more interesting, the statistics also say that the chances of viewing a video or spending some more times on a website increases by thirty percent more, when it’s an explainer video. In fact, half of the total visitors go through the videos completely.

Now, it’s quite needless is to mention that the all these symptoms are adequate regarding your product getting sold in a much quicker fashion.

Leap High Through Your Site With A Home Page Video:

Video marketing being one of the most favourable marketing ways for the giants like Facebook or Google is not a secret these days. However, the encouraging part here is to mention that the strategies have been quite exciting for the start-ups as well. In fact, there are many start-ups those have defined their landing page (home page) as a video (or the videos) only. The strategy has delivered quite well.

Starting from the number of viewers, subscriptions, to return, everything has proven to be increasing through the strategy. Reports say a single video on a home page can hike the conversion rate by ten percent and the subscriptions. More significant is the page view count that increases by more than seventy-five percent going with the strategy.

The strategic dig:

The explainer videos might be appearing quite simpler as an aspect, but technically these are quite a lot strategic. According to the studies, the time span or rate of viewing is much higher for the videos of smaller lengths than those of higher tenures. Especially, the small videos have been found to be game changing in case of promotional purpose. The outcome is even encouraging when it is appearing over the home page.

Gets Viewed And Clicked Higher:

Rate of complete viewing is about thirty percent higher for an explainer video of a couple or three minutes length than any conventional methods of higher length videos or contents. Lengths getting limited allow only the relevant words. It becomes much more amusing through the process, and at the same time, those like keyword or other search engine strategies become easier to execute.

Often the explainer videos are more fruitful when it is of one or a couple of minute’s length. Naturally, a precise duration as of above makes things more specific while expressing. Scope of presenting through voice or animated characters make it more engaging. Above all, the subscription key or sharing options appear in a much intriguing fashion with a greater chance of getting shared.

Huge Scope:

The scope of the animated explainer videos is quite large. It’s not only the home page contents, those like e-commerce, social media marketing, product demo, brand promotion, promoting the exclusive offers, etc. find the method prolific. A more interesting statistics say that the views of explainer videos have increased by more than 50% for the tutorials or any learning purpose, than the audio, pictorial or content methods.

Finally, going through the whole compilation both statistically and analytically, it’s quite evident that the explainer videos are the next big things in the online industries. Ease of preparation and the budgets at the least side offers every reason you should try this now.

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