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What Is A Storyboard and Why Do You Need One While Creating Videos?

If you are about to create a video, then you need to know that the most vital section of video creation is a creating a storyboard at first. The story boars is a graphical representation of the unfolding process of the video you are about to create. The storyboard describes the representation of the video shot by shot.

Made up from number of squares with defined illustrations and picture representation in each slot, the storyboard describes the notes. These notes are the details about what is going on behind the scenes of the video and what is trying to be defined in the script during the ongoing shot. The storyboard can even be thought as a comic book version of the script.

Why Do You Need To Create A Storyboard While Creating Videos?

There are several of listed requirements of the involvement of storyboard in video creation. This might seem as an extra step that would consume extra time while creating video but this is an imperative step that no person creating videos would like to skip off.

1. The story board is one of the best-recommended ways to share your vision. The visual aid makes it easier to share and explain the vision of the video with other persons. You may face such situations when you intend to share your experiences and explain any other person, and they just don’t understand what you are trying to explain. Most of the time these persons are unable to see the vision that the video creator views. Having the storyboard the video creating person can be able to show the other people exactly how the video is about to be mapped out. The entire graph of the video and how would it look like can be elaborated with the storyboard presentation. The storyboard makes it easier for another person to understand the theme of the created video.

2. When the video creator makes a storyboard the main intention is to set up a plan for the production of the video. The storyboard includes all of the shots that will be needed in future. The storyboard defines the order of the video layout and the detail of the visuals. The storyboard even defines the visual interaction with the script. The storyboard also holds another responsible work that it doesn’t allow and ensures that you don’t forget any of the shots of the video. This also helps while editing the video. The storyboard serves as a good guide for the editor of the video as they can edit the entire video and place the shots together in the final product as per the video creator’s vision. The storyboard also helps in preventing revision of the edited video for multiple times. This saves your time and money as well the editor’s time.

3. You are certainly investing your valuable time in making the storyboard, but this investment is not going to be in loss. This turns out to be valuable in the long run that saves much of your time and money. This savings acts as valuable in all manners. The storyboard makes your vision easier to be explained to other people who are involved with you in video creation. This certainly helps in saving lots of your time. Providing a solid shot list the storyboard helps in making the video creation process go smoothly.

How to Create an Effective Storyboard Of Your Video?

If you are creating a video, then you need to create a storyboard for your video. Below mentioned is the step of creating storyboard for your video.

1. For creating a storyboard, at first, you need to draw a series of squares on a piece of paper. You can also find lots of storyboard templates on The Internet. You need to keep a thought in mind that the drawn squares are the video frames. In each of the square different shots or scenes are to be placed. These can be sketched in hands or can be created on computer or can be photographed. You need to be sure to leave space in the squares for writing the notes and the lines from the script.

2. Below each of the square with picture you need to write the lines from the script that is to be delivered in the scene. You may even specify the happenings in the scene. The storyboard must be like a comic book presentation so that the readers would get exactly what would happen in the video.

3. You need to sketch each of the scenes about the visual looks. No need to get the storyboard detailed with all of the props that would be used in the video. You can make the sketches colorless. You just need to provide the visual details to define the impression of the scene and its happenings. The characters must be mentioned with the general framing. Script and notes would handle the rest requirements.

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