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Videos Outperform All Other Content On Facebook

Did you notice the recent changes in the way Facebook is auto playing videos in your timeline? This minor but significant change in the way Facebook has given importance to videos means a lot to you. As a marketing professional or business owner, video marketing is one of your primary promotional activities.

Facebook has now made it easier for you to get better audience engagement and increase your views too. All you have to do is create a video or a series of videos that click with your audience and drive traffic. Remember, a video gets 2,183 interactions on an average, higher than an average photo post.

Why opt for videos?

Videos are clearly not the most preferred method of communication on Facebook. Less than 3% of all posts are video posts on Facebook. However, this does not mean that the impact of these posts is any less. Videos are able to transmit information in a very visual manner, which can help drive better traffic and also ensure that the audience remains intrigued.

With the new Facebook update, videos will auto play when you scroll your timeline. This means that advertisers and content creators pass the initial acid test of making people click on their videos. Now, their job is to make sure that the audience remains glued to their screens to watch what they have made.

Here are some reasons why videos have received special attention from Facebook.

Videos are engaging

All social media experts focus on audience engagement which is best achieved with videos. The transfer of information is simpler and more attractive with videos. Consequently, videos have a better impact on an audience than a text post can ever have.

Videos grab attention

If you come across a really interesting video while scrolling through your timeline, you will certainly wait and watch it. Videos simply grab attention. When they start playing on their own, they instantly make the viewers stop and watch.

Videos are fun

A plain text post or even the most interesting photo of your lifetime would not be as much fun as a 40 second video can be. People like to share videos and share them constantly with their own circles too.

Better interactivity

Videos provide more interactivity that can be measured in an instance. People instantly like and share the videos that they like and the cycle goes on. The only mandate is of a video that can really intrigue the audience.

Simply better

Videos are simply better than every other form of communication. It takes lesser time to watch a video than to read a long text post and it also gets the message across easily. Basically, a video is your best bet.

Facebook Video

Underutilized but worth your time

As we mentioned above, less than 3% of all posts on Facebook are videos. However, the scenario is changing very quickly and the social media giant is pushing videos are their primary catch for advertisers. The atmosphere is perfect for any advertiser who wishes to make the best use of an emerging market before the world jumps in.

Videos have a huge potential when it comes to delivering your message to your audience. As this is a growing market, the challenges are lesser and so is the competition. Hence, it would be better to dive in right away and explore what videos on Facebook have to offer. Today’s 3% could be tomorrow’s 30% and that day is not far.

Entertain your audience

Everyone loves entertainment, especially when they are scrolling their Facebook timelines. So make sure that you create entertaining videos for your audience. Videos that inspire, educate or entertain your audience will always get more likes and shares- exactly what you want. Your message should be clear and precise. If you focus on one theme or idea only, the video will look more interesting.

You can also focus on creating some playlists on Facebook and share what you like with others. Use your videos along with guest videos from other creators to get the best results. This would make them include your videos in their playlists and both of you will get a larger audience to cater to.

Call to action are great

You can also use the ‘Watch Video’ tab on your page to create a unique calls to action for your video. This tab will redirect the audience to a video on your website through a cover photo. This simple tab can be used to drive traffic to your website.

However, you have to remember that the cover photo has to be as interesting and catchy as possible. Only a great cover photo that drives the audience to click the tab will help your cause. Still, it is a great option to explore as a content creator or advertiser.

Facebook videos should be the vehicle of your choice when you wish to make video content marketing work for you. Try today to make use of the untapped potential of this small but powerful tool.

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