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Video Marketing Statistics – Powerful Stuff for 2016

Statistics are always considered the best ways of analysing the facts. Especially, these analytic ways have been handy for the people involved with marketing or similar activities. Video marketing dragging the highest attentions these days is natural to be putting a higher emphasis on the analytic numbers.

Sticking with the numbers of those statistics is not the big part. Rather, analysis of of such is important to make decisions about the platforms where one should be investing and where not. Especially, much clearer pictures about the forecasts can be expected from a technical aspect like digital marketing.

On this context, here we come up with some game-changing statistical facts for the year those can be a lot handier for your business. Check it out!

• Forrester Research claims enjoying the top most ranking on Google through the video marketing strategy is fifty times easier than the conventional options.

• Believing Implix, the chances of getting clicked increases by 96% when a video is incorporated with an introducing email.

• The sole purpose of any marketing is the response from the customer end. On this aspect, Online publisher association claims about 46% of the audience respond through any action post going through a video marketing ad on it.

• According to the popular platform Forbes, 59% of the professionals love going through a video than reading text promotions.

• Anything amusing is obvious to get better attention. This is pretty evident through the claims of Unruly. According to it, amusement factors of video ads hike purchase level by 97% and brand association by a huge 139%.

• It’s not only the character of a human, but its brain also loves the videos than the texts. According to the statistics by Zabisco and 3M Corporations, 90% of data that the brain receives are visuals. More interestingly, these visuals get channelled at a rate sixty thousand times faster in the brain than those in text forms.

• Videos getting blended with the articles or blogs get three times inbound links in comparison with the posts those miss a video. The statistics is given by SEOmoz.

• According to the statistics by Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report, videos over the web now count about half of the total traffic over the entire mobiles, and the traffic jumps to 69% on specific networks.

• The smartphone and tablet owners are three times more likely to go through a video than the laptop and PC users, according to NPD.

• YouTube enjoys audience more than 1 billion every month; those stay for more than 4 billion hours here watching the videos.

• Step 2 Company observed that purchasers going through a video took the possibility to 174% higher to purchase, in comparison with those who didn’t view it. This is information by Retail Touchpoints.

• According to Mist Media, videos drag 88% more times of a common audience at the website than the other stuff.

• Mist Media also claims that the click-through rate gets hiked by more than 90% for video marketing and email marketing.

• A website becomes 53% more prominent to appear on the top page of Google search with a video on the home page of it. This is information by Mist Media.

• According to Invodo, 52% of the customers feel more satisfactory about a product to purchase online after watching the video demonstration.

• A video gets shared by 92 percent viewers on mobiles, data according to Invodo.

• The conversion rate for a video on the landing page jumps to 800% in comparison to a landing page without any video. The statistics are given by Orion21.

• One picture is said to be worth millions of words. However, a video conveys multimillion words. According to the information by Brainshark, information grabbed for a video of one minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words if it is written in texts.

• A video drives attentions of two to three times number of monthly visitors according to MarketingSherpa. The same source also claims that the time spent on the site also gets doubled by these increased numbers of viewers.

• People drain so much of sweats; try various optimisation techniques to drive traffic. However, the statistic by MarketingSherpa says Organic traffic from the search engines hike by 157% those have a video at their landing page, in comparison to those who don’t have anything such.

The whole compilation of statistics given above clearly conveys the fact that having a video on your website increases the chance of a video to generate the desired output to many extents. This makes it evident as well about the reason that video marketing is such raving these days. Hence, if there is not a Department of video production for your site/blog, then make it fast!

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