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Video Marketing

Video Marketing: How to Stretch Your Dollars

The growing digitalization in the business has led to countless innovations with engaging marketing strategy. The digitalization has changed the marketing strategy to be of high defined. The successful businesses are opting for real-time analytics in order to optimize the contents that would keep the individuals engaged. It was a traditional advertising fundamental to use the informative contents.

For the fast pacing living strategy, any individual would not like to waste the valuable time in reading the contents to source information about any product or services provided by the company. With such tendencies, video contents have emerged to be the best medium of sharing information.

Videos Plus Content Marketing = Awesome Response

Videos have taken up the content marketing in a high defined way. It has been proven that video marketing has exploded in a bigger version and accounts for around half of the entire internet traffic. Report says, around 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and developing communication.

This report features that the industry is putting loads of faith in the video marketing strategy. It was the days of past when the idea of video was an afterthought for businesses. With the changing time, this idea of using video boosted up in an amazing way.

You must be aware that YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube has spectacular achievements from history till the current days in bringing millions of viewers every month. Video marketing has become the most useful tool for the entrepreneurs and the highly established companies in increasing business access.

The most important fact that every business needs to know is what video type would be able to deliver your message in the most effective way. This is imperative to know because the video type that would be interesting for the B2B solution may not be interesting for B2C platform.

The main point of any video is to increase the awareness of ad, brand and the most important return on investment. Every business needs to be certain that the video being developed would help in achieving the business goals. The video needs to share the imperative aspects of the brand and showcase the importance of the product or services provided by the company. Even you need to keep this; one video is not enough to attract potential customers as well as revenue. The number of relevant videos you develop the increased number of customer access you would get, and even you would be able to stretch dollars in more.

You certainly can’t argue that the videos are more superior to the articles or blogs. Which person would opt to go through numerous of words on the page to source information regarding the products or services? It would certainly be a waste of time and effort in reading. The images are more superior to the word or text contents which continue to be higher with the videos. These videos have higher impact on the viewers and are referred to be the most engaging contents. The consumers get more focused and impressed with the videos done effectively.

You indeed need to make a video that would attract the consumers in large. There are few strategies which you need to follow for developing a user engaging video. Few of the aspects are defined below.

Video Making

For making a video stuff, it was a traditional option to go into any studio with special sound impact strategy. This helped in creating a pretty video with high definition. With the changing strategies, you need not access any studio anymore; this is because the consumers are much more focused on the content than the pretty fact. Having a good budget for producing a video is good but using the tools is a must.

Use of Still Images

Videos are indeed superior to the still images but sometimes the still images or photographs can be more convincing than the videos for some of the selective products. If you intend to use some photographs in the video, then make sure that those are royalty free. With the selection of the right image, you also need to be sure about the right size. The videos on internet are of 320X240 pixels, but you can consider buying images of larger size so that you would not lose the resolution of the image as it would be compressed while it is used in the video. It is advised to use the images of 800X600 pixels for the online videos.


Another imperative aspect of an online video is its sound or voice. If you are using images in your video, then you would certainly use voiceover on the scrolling images. If so, make sure that the voiceover is done professionally. You must hire professional voiceover artist for the recording or else the unprofessional person for voiceover may be the reason of inviting negative impact on the engagement fact of the video. Then, the music to be used in the developed video is the priority. If you are planning to use any existing music then make sure it is royalty free or else you would have to pay the artist or the owner/maker of the music.

Short Videos

The new and latest mantra of developing user engaging video is keeping the video length short. It is advised to keep the video length less than a minute, but if it is impossible then definitely the video mustn’t exceed than 2 minutes. As per surveys, the users generally lose interest in watching videos more than 2 minutes. Before the users decide the video in full length, they watch the first 10 seconds and likely move on.

You need to count really in the first 10 seconds of the video if you really want to grab attention of the users. Don’t keep the spicy and attraction at the end, push them early that would push the viewer’s hot buttons. Within the short span of time, the video must be informative and attractive including all the aspects you need to share with the viewers. This would be the best video developing strategy that would catch the attention of the viewers.

Use the Testimonials

If your product or service can grab good customer feedback, then you could add those in the video. These videos with customer’s testimonials can be uploaded on YouTube and believe this would entertain more business access and viewers that would incredibly get reflected on your turnover, and you would be able to stretch dollars.

  1. Video Trailers – the video trailers are of short time span that highlights the main objectives which are just enough for hooking a desire to get through the full story. This strategy can be implemented for your business products or services.
  2. Videos for Relation- develop the videos to create a strong relation with the consumers. The video format must be able to deliver your content in the best way that would be appreciated by the viewers.
  3. Video Tutorial- using the video tutorial format you can feature the way to solve a problem rather than forcing them to get in through the content. This is indeed a beneficial idea for the businesses.

Developing a video in the right way and format and incorporating the same for business development can be highly helpful for the businesses. The right format video would drive more traffic and sales towards your product or sales and business. Video marketing is probably the best way for stretching your dollars.

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