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Use Video and Social Media to Market Yourself with Zero Investment

Use Video and Social Media to Market Yourself with Zero Investment

People those who just get taken aback or make fun of the claims saying a business without investment should also have it in mind that this human civilization was initiated out of zero; It has been smartness throughout. If it’s too practical, take the cases of trendsetting ventures today, be it Facebook or Cupertino-based Apple, all have started from the scratch itself. The point is that money is not going to guarantee about the business.

Rather, the need of money is realised only when there is an idea available to be executed. In fact, such claims are more applicable in contemporary scenario when the concept of online marketing is in all buzz. Being specific, the inception of the concepts like video marketing and social media marketing has made it possible even to make a business without any investment.

In Fact, You Don’t Even Need To Be Expensive!

Starting with the social media, it has turned out to be like a routine for the modern-day people. It’s been one of the finest ways of knowing the customer feedback as people are the most candid here over social media profiles. And, knowing the most honest viewpoint of a product is considered the biggest asset for a business man.

No need to spend the huge bucks; even the front facing video shooter can do the job. Someone with a fluent communication skill simply talking about the features of the product can even do the job. Well, to make it more attention dragging you may put a crunchy tag line for the video.

Even The Little Of Attention Is Huge:

Does a web chat cost any? Of course, it costs nothing. How about using the same for marketing! It’s a thrilling idea by the way. Needless is to talk about the kind of attention a live web chat drags when a celebrity is upfront the shooter. Though the claim that everyone is not a celebrity is justified, it’s also justified at the same time that all don’t mind a little lesser attention than a celebrity drags.

If your product is qualitatively good, and you are inviting any queries regarding it live upfront, it’s obvious to drag attentions. In fact, those with almost no intention of investing for such a product at present also love to take part in the process. And, moreover, all these simply cost nothing. Everyone knows it well that a service station for similar purpose would have cost hefty.

Expansion Is Just Effortless:

Marketing is a concept of multiplication. In fact, a brand’s popularity/marketing gets rampant through the people only. It’s the people/customers who love to talk about something they have tried demanding nothing. Otherwise, there is no corporate house on the earth is big enough to spend the amount of making its products available with each person/customer it enjoys.

The combo of social media and video make it even more interesting. As mentioned above, neither it costs anything for a web chat session nor does it cost anything for a viewer to put a click on like, share or comment button. Needless is to say how quick this process spreads and reaches millions in no time costing nothing.

Free Of Cost Reporting and Analysis:

Marketing is just impossible without analysis. The concerned person would definitely wish to have the daily, weekly, monthly, and overall performance report. If someone has ever created even a simple social media page (irrespective of the niche) must know it well how adequately these platforms deliver the reports of those like the number of viewers, number of views, total number of likes/follows, growth or decline reports, etc.

More such interesting features become evident the more someone researches. Making things more interesting, reports say that a video content increase the number of audience by 10% more. The rate of return has also been found to be increasing by 46% through the process. Again, the point to be noted is that all these hardly cost anything.

No Tools, Technicalities or Extensive Research:

Each step costs in marketing; needless is to talk about the TV/magazine/newspaper ads, in fact, the online strategies like pay per click, PPM, email marketing, etc. also do cost. On the other hand, those like social media marketing deliver a lot more without any cost. There is no limit to the number of posts one can make on these social media sites, neither hence the shares or likes.

And all these are a business. Well, posting extraneous sometimes feels like spam. In fact, a couple or three quality posts a day can be pretty enough in bagging the bucks.

It’s Inspiring Despite Being Genuine:

The prominence of video marketing becomes evident straightaway through the fact that having a video on the home page hikes the conversion rate to about 46%. Well, upon taking a closer dig on the videos over these sites it becomes apparent about the costs involved.

Even an introductory does the job. And, the same video upon being shared over the social media sites just doubles/triples the audience count. If the blogging or tutorial sites can make the most using this strategy, why can’t it be advantageous for a product site?

Taking Most Of The Million Dollar Feedback And Its Advantage:

Customer service has been one of the crucial parts in success of business. The feedbacks received through the process matters a lot. If the feedback is positive, it offers the most phenomenal boost, and a negative feedback, of course, makes the points of improvement apparent.

The point of business here is that there is nothing more effective as a marketing weapon than the positive feedbacks of the customers. In fact, things have gone much more enjoyable in the world of the web, videos, and social media. Just shoot a video of the customer talking about his happy feelings with your product and put it over the social media page. Needless is to mention; people take videos of such really serious.

It’s Like a Readily Served Plate; Just Needed To Take a Bite

It’s almost impossible for a business to survive without an online presence. Hence, applying a compliant online marketing strategy becomes obvious. An online marketing strategy fundamentally is to drag more number of viewers for your site/product. All those expenses of plug-ins, keyword research, etc., are meant for the same intention only. Coming to the social media and video tag team, one hardly needs any keyword research, neither any plug-in. In fact, the audience is already there. The best part, these things hardly cost anything.

Offering For Free And In A Competitive Way!

Perhaps, the terms like explainer video, video marketing, and social media are hugely popular but cost nothing. In fact, these treat its users with something new and upgraded absolutely without any investment. There are so many sites available to fine-tune your video, prepare sliders, etc. Look for the explainer videos, and you will be showered with the number of options. And, the social media is always free. Moreover, the audience base is simply gigantic here. All it needs is to show some real interest in preparing a catchy content and to make the most.

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