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Tips for Choosing Perfect Voice over for Your Explainer Video

What makes Explainer videos an effective marketing tool? It is their engaging visuals, which help in building a pool of audience. The two main elements of a compelling explainer video – perfect script and perfect voice-over allow delivering the message in concise, simple, yet effective manner. Once you are ready with the script of your video, it’s time for you to find a perfect voice. It is where a voice actor comes into the picture.

You can make the process easier if you know about the facts that should be considered when choice making. Here are a few tips that could serve you as a guide.

Decide upon the location first

Before initiating your search for a Voice over actor decide the place where the recording will take place. If you have chosen a local studio, then a local talent will meet your needs better, but if it’s a home recording set up, then you’ll need to look for a national talent. 

Do you need a male voice-over or a female voice-over?

It’s not necessary to hire only one voice over artist for recording your script. You may hire either a male or a female or both. If the video will be related to a beauty product, it’s likely that your target market will constitute women. Videos about beauty products generally involve experiences, in such cases the Voice over artists should be a female.

The choice of a male or female voice over artist largely depends on the requirements of the video. Know about the target audience and define your requirements accordingly. Additionally, you should consider the message that you want to deliver through the video. The nature of video is another important factor that should be considered here.

Consider high quality demos

Indeed, only high-class Voice over artists can come up with high quality demos. Skilled persons always like to show off the range and various styles of their voice. Imagine the person giving voice to your script. Shortlist two or three artists and make a detailed analysis about each. Put on the headphones and listen carefully. Mark the quality of their tone and pitch.

Make use of superior voice quality for best results

Make sure the voice quality is unique; it should have a distinguished factor. Mark the quality of the rhythm, the reading flow, the clarity in the artist’s Also, listen for clarity in his/her pronunciation. A distinctive, professional voice with excellent diction is a perfect choice for explainer videos.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Voiceover for Your Explainer Video_female

Right accent is mandatory

The accent is another important factor that helps in building a good connection with your target audience. It stands among the most crucial convincing factors. If any two countries have the same native language, accent stands as the differentiating factor. A video with an accent that is known to your audience is like giving them something of their desire. Hence, you should always look forward to hire a native artist in order to build proper connection with your target audience.

The voice over should match the subject.

The qualities of Voice over artists vary from one another. Where the voice of some experts is perfect for upbeat and motivational projects, the others may sound too serious. Some topics require a serious voice, while some require playful and light sound. Know about the subject of your video and then choose the artist accordingly. The artist that you hire should be able to perform well in all kinds of styles and moods. He/she should be skilled enough to handle all kinds of requirements of the video.

Look for a narrator if you need variation

A few artists out there have distinct voices and can produce different voices at the same time. Instead of hiring two or more artists, you can find one person who can potentially produce multiple voices and cover several characters. This is not only a cost effective solution, but also saves a lot of time. Just a switch over of the dress or costume and you’ll get a voice over artist for another character out of the same person.

Don’t miss out any of the above tips!

The tenor, tone and pitch or tenor reflects the intention and attitude of the company. Hence, you should take special care when choosing a voice over artist. Keep in mind that the voice-over artist that you choose should be able to blend her/his voice according to the character and subject of the video.

Moreover, the voice-over artist should have a certain level of uniqueness and fun in her/his voice. Define your preferences before choosing a Voice over. Make sure that you take an informed decision. Interview five to six voice-over artists and know about the special features of each.

Take wise decision while selecting choosing a voice over artist

Choosing a voice over artists is an important decision, as an explainer video is the ladder to your success. So be extra careful while making a choice.




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  1. It seems like there are a lot more considerations that need to be taken when choosing a voice over artist. It’s interesting how things like someone’s voice needs to meet requirements for things like whether the accent is right, if the voice matches the subject, how someone sounds narrating, and if someone has a unique voice quality. One thing that you mentioned that seems like a huge factor to finding a good voice over artist is the quality of the rhythm of how someone speaks. It seems like a professional can speak with clarity in a pleasant voice, but the rhythm can determine whether they’re right for a role.