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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Visual Storyboards

Video marketing is currently the hot favorite among the online marketing professionals. Especially, the explainer videos have come out to be extremely productive in this particular kind of marketing. These videos are incredibly handy in terms of conveying your best ideas within seconds among your bulk potential audience.

Basically, the best parts of a product are explained in an appealing way through these videos. There are various ways of presenting things. However, preparing the visual storyboards for presentation is certainly considered the best picks. There are various ways of preparing a catchy visual storyboard. Here we mention about six of the simplest among those.

A storyboard is pretty much like a reference for the contents to be presented. It makes things simpler in terms of making your presentations understandable among the viewers. Preparing a storyboard helps someone to edit, if it is required prior going for the final launch of the video. Story board make things easier for the person presenting the ideas.

How to Prepare an Easy Storyboard

The simplest way of preparing a storyboard for an explainer video is certainly to sketch things yourself. Things have gone even exciting and easy through the availability of various online videos to place these storyboards, and later arrange those for a video. It is as simple as one can think, like you draw during school days.

If you are absolutely not a creative folk, then take a paper and simply design a storyboard in the form of boxes. Your presentation matters; one can have enough examples of incredibly success rate of return for a marketing video using the simplest forms of storyboards.

To make the process of preparing a storyboard simpler, the key factors have been always to maintain the right proportion between the content and visuals. Anyway, here we present below the step by step approach for preparing it through PowerPoint. Have a look!

Preparing a Simple Storyboard through PowerPoint

Power Point has been one of the most favourite ways of preparing presentation since years, for both the students as well as the professionals. The best part of using power point is that you can have the templates prepared in the best form to prepare a video through manual sketches.
While preparing things through PowerPoint, it is important to have the void slides first.
Each section can be set in accordance with your choice. However, it is recommended for the heading bar of each slide to be set first.
It is suggested to prepare about ten slides first prior going for the storyboard.
Once these slides are made ready, the task is to put the contents of your video in accordance with the slides, in right order.
You should be having the heading portions ready for each slide. Now, put these headings over the respective slides, and arrange things in exact order. Make sure, you are having the compilation of the slides, the way you would wish to showcase through the video.
Once the primary arrangements as mentioned above are prepared, you are now assured about the template that would be presenting contents in accordance with its presentation sequences. In addition, you are made available with the space to sketch the visual sections in accordance with your content.
It is always advised to have numerous slides for each page, rather than printing the complete slide. Through the process, you will be made evident with a place for preparing the storyboard in accordance with the content in right order.

Put the contents:

Some people consider as the toughest parts in the whole process. However, things can be made well presentable through the simple symbolic presentations, bars, etc in accordance with your content. You just have to pick the right combination/option in accordance with your script.

If it is a longer video you are working for, then it is better to have separate folders for each storyboard, and only should be prepared one after the other. This practice makes things systematic and offers a better understanding of the project.

Take a look!

Once the storyboard is prepared in a basic fashion, you can go for the revamps (if needed). You can fascinate as well. If there are still some places available, you can put something a relevant image as well. There is nothing to hesitate about taking someone else’s preparation as a reference as well. Anyway, the prime aim is to prepare a convenient storyboard that can convey your complete story.

Finally, incorporating the preparations in to the video

So, you are now readily available with the requisite visuals for your marketing video. It is now about incorporating these in accordance to their sequences/timing within the video. Starting from the PowerPoint used explainer video (digital) or anything high-end, the preparation of storyboard is pretty much the same in each case.

You will have to sketch things in right order and place. Thanks to the online tools and availability of images/bars, things can be made a way lot easier.

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