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The Problems Encountered in Creating Your First Marketing Video

Marketing has changed in definition as well as procedures over the years. The traditional methods of the door to door sales have faded away. We are flourishing a generation which has technology at the behest of humans. Internet and computers have changed the face of marketing and innovative marketing methods have been sprouting up in the event of increasing competition.

Videos are being used as a prime source for marketing everywhere nowadays. Major corporate players prefer videos for marketing products as well as in business presentations. In this article, we will be reviewing some problems with making a marketing video and tips to prevent them.

You must have heard of cartoons. They seem like drawings which have come to life. Cartoons are simply numerous drawings of a particular scene played in a sequence which renders the feel of continuity in a video. Animated explainer videos have made their mark in this world and the explicit benefits they offer to any marketing schedule are beyond imagination.

Though the design of traditional PowerPoint presentations is not banal, they tended to feel a bit clichéd and regimented in appearance. Thus, explainer videos with animated text and clippings invoke easy acclaim owing to the flexibility in design and visual magnificence.

Here we come to the main part of our discussion i.e. problems with making a marketing video. We have enlisted some problems in a different manner so that readers can find their mistakes and simultaneously improvise on them.

1. Round Up Your Market…

• Until and unless you know about your target market, it is imprudent to start with your video making process.
• Scout the target audience and then you will be able to decide on what you shall include and exclude from your video.
• This research helps you in rounding up on some basic points which shall be integrated with the theme of your video.

2. Check The Videos Of Others…

• Many marketing personnel employ videos in their marketing schedules. Videos are enriched with audiovisual content and hence are more appealing.
• You can take a look at the videos made by different marketers which would help you in obtaining an abstract idea about the video you are about to make.
• Notice the twists in the storylines of the videos. Look out for any additional yet eye catching points used in other videos.
• Now that we have cited some preliminary issues with video creation for marketing, it is the time we focused on the issues which are incorporated in the video itself.

3. Video Length

• Many designers face the common issue of video length.
• This can be assumed to be the resultant of the improper project idea.
• If a designer doesn’t have a clear impression of the requirements of the marketer, then the video length can be a setback.
• Explainer videos used for marketing must be short and crisp and not long and boring.
• Surveys have indicated that the preferred video length for a marketing video must be around 2 minutes for the desktop version and a little more for mobiles.

4. Information In Video

• Most marketing videos fail due to the deficit of quality information.
• Who would like to watch a two-minute video stuffed with graphics and no information at all?
• If the explainer video doesn’t speak of your marketing efforts, then it is better to opt for the door to door marketing.
• At least in the latter case, there will be no hefty expenses.
• Ensure that your marketing video is equipped with tactical information on your business and is capable of engaging users.

5. User-Friendly Videos

• The user is king. Yes, without the appreciation or feedback from users, a marketing video is nothing more than wastage of bandwidth and space.
• Try to keep the video simple and visually attractive at the same time.
• Excess effects and animations can bore the viewer hence, a designer shall focus on presenting facts rather than filling the video with catchy phrases and glittery graphics.

6. Storyboards

• Amateur designers often commit the flaw of jumping into the process of video making directly.
• Visual storyboards are efficient resources to design spectacular videos with attention to every element of marketing.
• Product must be depicted in front of consumers in the form of a story so that they are attached to the brand.
• This would ensure a successful marketing campaign.

7. Don’t Overlook Tiny Details…

• Many marketing videos suffer the brunt of improper designing not only because the designers were not up to it but also for the flaws in various elements such as white balance, red spots, contrast, and brightness, lighting fluctuations and post production.
• Many designers forget to clean up the video properly before setting it live.
• Storyboard elements may creep up in the final design which would hamper the look of the video.

Hence, if you are up for your first marketing video, then be sure to deal with all the above said problems and you will have an impressive marketing video at hand.

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