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The Insider’s Guide to Motion Graphics Video

Motion Graphics is a revolutionary technology on a digital platform that blends images, texts with the ultimate video. The graphic combination has been effective both with both background audio and live score.

Well, it’s a high-tech concept having its applicability mostly in big budget flicks. Good news is that web videos also have discovered the biggest use of the idea in contemporary times. You can say the rampant growth of web arena has made it possible.

The Advantage Pack:

Blends with videos are not uncommon. However, Motion graphic is distinguishing regarding bringing all the key components of a successful video under one roof, those like animation, graphics, print patterns, filming, etc. Above all, such fine-tuned compilations are being managed to be done with minimal expense.

Best Example: The Animated Explainer Marketing Videos

The best examples of finding the above characteristic with a video are the animated explainer video. You can call these videos as the shorter editions of a motion graphic show-off over the web. The highest usage of these explainer videos has been found among the digital video marketing companies.

Presenting the best parts of a product in a story telling method is the key to the gripping popularity of these types of videos. The most challenging part of any explainer video, which is about dragging the attention of a customer has become incredibly sleeker through the presentation of your favourite animated character. Overall, the enhanced video quality plays a key role in ensuring that at least the viewer is not going to ignore your video.

Preparing an Up-To-The-Mark Motion Graphic Video:

Live action or the videos can do something that millions of words can’t manage to. This is the reason that the expressions are given higher emphasis in any video making. And, these motion graphics videos convey one’s expression in a much appealing way than ever.

Anyway, if you are aiming at preparing an animated GIF that can be prolific enough, then below-given tips can be handy for you.

Fix The Duration And Prepare Script:

As mentioned above, storytelling has been the key to remarkable success of the motion graphic videos. The first thing that has to be taken care of in this regard is to decide about the duration of the video. There are incredible examples available for the promotional videos those even vary in between 50 seconds to 2 minutes.

For the usage product demonstration, the length has to be certainly longer. What most important is that the length needs to be decided to be very specific that makes it easy for the script to be prepared. While writing the script, the points to be taken care of are the targeted audience, the mood of the video and the action (to comment, like a page, press subscribe button, etc.).

Decide The Presentation Way:

Motion Graphics video comes up with some ways of presenting something. You can present it through typography (with background voice), using the voice over that is performed by your favourite animated character on-screen, or presenting things live by anyone with an adorable personality.

If the video is quite short, and none of the above options is convenient for you, you can still move with a nice background tune presenting the popping typography.

Combining the Basics:

Once you are certain about the script, animation, graphics, typography, etc., then it is about finding the best location to shoot. You can go with a specialised studio or at a place you like. It depends upon the level of special effect you want to put.

Have Demo Prior Special Effects:

On a practical note, it’s almost impossible to fix a particular style or typography for a video straightaway. Starting from the contrast, shadow effect, colour category, all needs revision. Hence, don’t go for the fine shot immediately. Have adequate time on hand to try out various demo compilations.

Blending the Animation and Effects:

Once you are finished with basic shoots, the next thing is about deciding about the tinge of special effects or blending the animated characters. Needless is to mention that this is the most tricky and technical phase of the whole process. However, it is important to have it in mind that the success of this step is hugely reliant on the level at which the above steps are accomplished.

Ensuring The Effects Is In Order:

To ensure the right effect, it is important for the animated character to find the right position as well. Anyway, the crucial part of this aspect is to adjust the speed of the animation with the video. The actions made by these needs to be well by the movement and the background score.

If There Is A Need For Sound Effect:

A decent sound effect is something everyone wants. But, it’s important at the same time as well to have the purpose of the project in mind. The role of sound effects depends huge on it. If there is a need for any special sound effect, then the same has to be attained separately in a specialised studio only through experienced professionals.

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