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The Insider’s Guide to Corporate Video

Everyone knows it well about how much it matters for the corporate houses to prepare a prolific marketing video to showcase the best parts of their products/services. People normally think that the corporate sectors must be spending huge bucks for preparing these videos, especially for buying software. However, the fact is a bit different, though. Only a few dollars is spent on this aspect.

Whatsoever, but the explainer animated videos are never compromised regarding quality. There is nothing perplexing though in preparing these explainer videos. Behind the animated characters, someone with appealing voice presenting the nicely arranged contents makes things incredibly attractive. Well, no need to scratch the brain too much. Here the complete inside story has been presented.

Preparing the Content:

This is no doubt one of the most fundamental, yet crucial steps. Hence, it is given utmost priority than anything else. Incorporate sectors, their video period normally varies by the product, and their promotional strategy.

The only secret on this content preparation step is to convey your product/service in an interesting way. The purpose of incorporating the animated characters is to add that vital amusement quotient to make the whole process engaging for the audience. Sometime the humour statements are also added.

However, it is thoroughly taken care that none of the features is missed while preparing the video. You can say it’s all about the proportion game by the stipulated time frame. If the idea is to let the viewer subscribe, or like a page, then the concerned link is not forgotten to incorporate. The button or link is incorporated in a tricky way as well. These are best preferred to be added in the form of texts or something like a popping image, etc.

Putting the Voice:




Here we come up with the next crucial step, especially important regarding leaving an impression on the audience. Well, this is a step as well where most tricky technicalities are implemented. Obviously, the videos for the corporate sectors play with most revamped audio editors available on the market. But, it is not necessary for those to be extremely expensive. There are various options (and these are not secret), like the ones of Garage Band, Blue Kiwi, etc. This step doesn’t eat much of your hours as only the voice is prepared; not the musical parts. Someone very confident about the product/service with a cracking voice is employed to present things.

Talking about the tools you need, no compromise is accepted about picking the best mic. To make the voice quality more tranquil or fluent, the pop screens are used. These make the spelling of each word sound nice and exact.


Normally an insulated room/studio is chosen where the concerned person blends his/her voice. Well, if you are into these tasks, then it is advised for you to keep the mic a bit closer to your mouth. As the most competent groups of people are employed for the task, it doesn’t demand them to need retakes. However, purposefully they prepare multiple voice kinds for each video. These are recorded and saved. Later, each one of those is analysed, and finally, the best one is picked for the later usage.


Coming to the animation part, these are normally accomplished once the addition voice part is achieved. Often the animated characters (or any other animated stuff) are selected without any music and matching well with the presenting voice. Animation being quite a technical aspect, the corporate sectors usually employ only the most adept and experienced animators for the task.

Background Track, Effects:

The task of blending the music or graphical effect is quite identical as of the voice step. Multiple background music options are chosen and saved. Later these are combined with the already prepared voice presentation and the mood of the content. Apparently, the best combination becomes evident.

Editing (Bass, Effects, etc.)



These tracks are tweaked or compressed in accordance to make it concomitant with the voice of the concerned presenting person. There are various editors available for free over the web for these editing tasks. However, the corporate sectors love to go through the pro software. This software makes it easy, as you just have to try each parameter and test the voice. The approach is pretty much the same; starting from the bass to frequency.

Normally, the bass is kept at the lowered side (normally below hundred fifty hertz). If there is a plan to compress, both have to be prepared in a way accompanying each other. Things are always about the creative bunch of people when it comes to adding the special effects. Normally the corporate sectors don’t use many perplexing or extraneous effects with their video. The intention remains to keep things simple and amusing. Hence, the parts like doubling effects are preferred to be kept aside, unless it is that much needed.

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