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The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production

Business is competitive in nature. Any business thrives only by outrivaling competition. This factor has led to numerous innovations to promote business and stay ahead of the competition. The corporate sector is getting complex with each passing day.

There are many policies, regulations, ethics established every day and what we have been organizations beating the hell out of the other to stay at the top. In such times, we have explainer videos at hand for better chances of corporate success. Though these elements are new to the market, they have to potential to change the manifestation of a business environment.

Animated Explainer Video:

There are many alternatives to choose for marketing business. However corporate videos are the first thing you should go for. Let us explain something about an animated explainer video. An explainer video is not alike your traditional music video. The explainer video contains images or clippings arranged sequentially with appealing visual effects so that the intended message is conveyed to the audience.

Proficient video designing skills could give you a potent tool for invading the corporate competition. Explainer videos are the next big thing in digital marketing after SEO, though the former is still included in the domain of the latter. Explainer videos can attend to a certain group of the audience which aids in rounding up the target market. So now that you have apprehended the necessity and application of an animated explainer video, we shall show you five rules which shall be followed for making a corporate explainer video.

Find Your Target Audience:

• The corporate sector relies heavily on marketing.

• Subsequently, marketing also deals with conveying specific information to a particular audience.

• It is common knowledge that a single product won’t appease everyone.

• So marketing a product through an explainer video is possible only if the video is crafted by taking the concerns of the specific audience into consideration.

• Many marketing specialists wouldn’t approve of this because the substance in the video may get reduced.

• However, if you convey quality instead of quantity in a corporate video the chances of success are higher.

• You don’t have to risk anything by reducing your corporate video by a few seconds, but if you don’t, then you can face the threat of losing everything.

Establishing Connects With The Audience:

• As we have discussed above, a corporate video must suit your audience’s aspirations.

• An important aspect of the human brain is that it judges emotionally from the conscious mind, and it appears that we are making a logical decision.

• Whatever we purchase is dependent on advertisements which made us connect with the product emotionally.

• Thus, a corporate video should target individual preferences of a specific group of audience to gain admiration on an emotional level.

• On the contrary, examples of corporate videos with facts, benefits and features bore the audience and as a result, the concerned product barely stands a chance in the stiff competition.

• Your video needs to keep the audience engrossed till the end and only then you will have a successful corporate video campaign.

Don’t just tell, SHOW it!

• Audiovisual content has by far surpassed all other forms of marketing.

• Though written content is still viable, people are gradually turning towards videos to find about products.

• People are no longer interested in the whims of writers and designers.

• They want to see something special in a product so that they can spend their hard earned money on it.

• Video content is capable of engaging the audience and could also help you in providing a description of the usage of benefits of the product.

• Imagine people looking at a perfume ad and wondering why they should buy it.

• The assurance of the perfume keeping you scented all day long is an intangible aspect of the product i.e. the perfume which will sell the perfume.

The Customer Is God!

• The target of marketing in business is the customer.

• The corporate sector derives success from the conversion of potential customers into actual buyers.

• Thus, a corporate explainer video must be by the customer’s requirements.

• The video must answer the customer’s problems and how your product is going to solve their problems.

• Many corporate videos commit the silly mistake of glorifying their history, achievements and processes which the audience doesn’t care about.

• Before starting the process of creating a corporate video, think from a client’s perspective.

Convey your vision and not just the mission!

• A corporate video should be a fiery embodiment of an organization’s beliefs.

• People are looking for transparency in every strata of business.

• Every organization needs to understand that there will be downs in the buying cycle for them.

• The thing is core beliefs should never be shunned and should be depicted clearly in a corporate video.

You can make your corporate video as interesting as possible with interesting additions such as an invitation for action or implementing SEO to promote the video across several platforms.

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