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The Art of Creating an Explainer Video

Quality over Substances; the Modern Way of Marketing Known as Explainer Video Production

With the commencement of new generation technology and highly creative ideas, videos have become obsolete thinking. So, people have more inclined towards innovative ideas that show in-depth explanation about a specific subject matter. It doesn’t depend whether the topic is based on dishes or the political events. Explainer videos can give a clear-cut explanation about the fundamentals of the theme as well as these videos can also reflect the future direction and latest technological impact on that particular topic or idea. The main motive of prominent explainers present in the world is to create a firm understanding between the visionaries and the common public through interactive communicational approaches.

Now, Regarding Business Perspective, How An Explainer Video Can Be Delineated?

Explainer Video

In simple words, an explainer video is more like a conscientious design. As per the business giants, it is the most successful modern online marketing tool which is being quite admired by top business executives of illustrious organizations. The explainer video is utilized by top business enterprises which can be watched in their official websites.

These workings define the profundity of the genuineness of the explainers about a specific topic which they have to portray in a short video of sixty to ninety seconds duration. These videos are distinctively based on the concept of why a customer segment in the market should use a particular piece of product or service and what is so special about the corresponding brand.

Popularity behind the Explainer Videos

The time frame of attention has become quite short due to the busy lifestyles of the people, so the motive of these videos is to provide a message or exclusive and inimitable benefits the customers are going to get by the use of a product or a service. Another purpose of creating explainer video is that the eminent figureheads of multinational corporations want to convey imperative messages within a very short duration of time so that the consumers will never avert their eyes from their products.

Therefore, explainer video production is growing industriously as people think that in this competitive market, it is the best tool to hook the viewers and keep them interested towards the products without a chance of information overload. But, the real question here is, why one should need an explainer video for the business? The reasons come with multifaceted answers based on the popularity of an organization along with its substantive growth. Those reasons are given below.

·Increasing Conversion Rates

From the recent research surveys, it has been found that 85% of the customers purchase a product at once after watching an amazing explainer video. These videos help the business owners to continue the tally regarding potential customers from all the visitors. The products or services on which the customers seem more interested can be specified by explainer video displaying looking at the number of views.

· Clarification of the product objective

According to advertising and marketing experts, sometimes texts confuse the audience as there is a fair chance that text may be tricky. It is up to the viewers and their interpretation. But, with explainer videos, there is no chance of confusion or misinterpretation. This video facilitates a better connection between the brands and the potential consumers.

· Generating Increased Level Of Interests

A rationale for logical perspective gets reflected from these videos by which the customers find a base on the grounds of which they choose a particular product or service among all others. This particular media, therefore, is quite successful in generating interests among the people. After all, it is the age of the internet where more than 70% of the audience watch online videos.

· Better Ranking In The Google Search Engine

In line with giant businesses, the concept of higher ranking is directly proportional with the official websites of the companies that contain useful and informative explainer videos in it. Company websites with endless texts as well as images come at lower rankings than that of websites with wonderful and eye-catching explainer videos; it is because an average customer makes the decision about purchasing within just one minute.

· For Increasing Considerable Amount Of Web Traffic

Creating a video that will go viral overnight- it is not the objective in the case of an explainer video. It is not necessary that a viral video is a unique one that represents creativity. So, creativity and a clear-cut message are the core purpose making a nice explainer video that will work like a magnet to attract large numbers of web traffic. For instance- the Apple iOS 5 explainer video with more than two million views, Dove with more than fifteen million views and Old Spice with more than 42 million views.

· To Help The Audience Retaining Information For A Long Time

According to the study, customers only retain the 10% of s verbal communication, but extraordinarily 50% in case of visual information. So, this technologically advanced technique helps the customers to retain a major part of information about a certain product, and if they like it, they will share the video.

· Stimulating And Enlivening A Pitch

The paper pitch is dull, but on the other hand, a pitch presentation with explainer video sounds interesting to the viewers’ perspective. Let’s face it, the sophisticated style of PowerPoint Slides, flow charts, pamphlets and leaflets don’t attract the audience anymore, but the explainer videos do liven up the entire pitch presentation.

· Creating A Centre Of Attention That Can Grab The Interests Of The Audience

Many people still believe in the traditional style of marketing by conventional text messages, web content, pictures, and videos. But, it is a fact that with these approaches the boundary of the company performance gets constricted. With really cool ideas of explainer videos, a company can draw the attention of all the customers towards its brand name.

· The Explainer Videos Are Quite Easily Shareable

The specialty of the explainer videos is that they don’t stay confined within the company website. In this era of YouTube and Vimeo, you can use the advanced tools offered by these sites to upload the explainer videos and also attractive keywords can be attached to create attention. These sites are also Smartphone compatible quite the opposite of text webpage regarding sharing.

· Organizations or illustrious individuals can showcase their personalities, uniqueness, and mind-sets with this approach

A consumer becomes a repeat consumer, only when he finds the personality is great. Explainer videos create and strengthen the trust of the people with an organization because the video is the medium of sharing information quickly and astutely and it also advertises at the same time.

An Ideal Explainer Video Production

· Power of script more than video

According to the figureheads and marketing managers of famous enterprises, like- Crazy Egg, popular hosting organizations and even Dropbox, the script of an explainer means much more than that of the video presentation style and animation effects. Most of the people have a misconception that in the case of explainer video production, video quality is the major point of consideration. Well, they are wrong, and it is because the effectiveness of explainer video production relies on the script and innovativeness of the idea. You have a high-quality video, a low-quality video or mediocre style of video, it doesn’t matter. The script has to be way more than good so that it will convert well towards the viewpoints and mindsets of the consumers.

Top experts also recommend that an unknown company who create a video for your organization doesn’t know your company better than yourself. So, script writing for the explainer video is such a responsibility with serious magnitude and impact which should be given to the most capable and skilled member of the organization.

The goal of creating a robust script is based on the concerns of potential customers and it should be done by answering the questions of the consumers in a witty way. Most of the giant corporations have observed a sharp increase in the conversions after performing the above-mentioned course of action in a short video of 60-90 seconds.

· The Pre-Script Activities And Ground Work

Most of the renowned organizations follow survey practices to know their customers and the readers. Qualaroo is such as service by which survey questionnaire sets can be provided to the potential customers. The question format is like-

• How can our company help you?

• What would you like to see on our website pages?

• What are the valuable concerns of yours towards our products as well as services?

• What are elements that seem confusing for you on this page?

• What is the main reason that stops you from buying our product?

Once, you get all the answers of the aforementioned questionnaire set, a better knowledge, and understanding related to the customers’ expectations and choices regarding the products and services can be acquired. Sometimes, the customers don’t understand the ease, convenience and affordability of the product or service; in this case, a perfect explainer video based on these three objectives brings success. By following this particular roadmap, a better script with a focused vision can be made that helps a lot of companies to thrive in the competitive market.

· Script Writing For Explainer Video

After getting familiar with the expectations and product choices of the customers, writing a script comes to the surface. The script writers always put one thing in their minds which is about answering the questions related to the objections of the customers. Answering most of the questions within a very short period shows the level of effectiveness. While writing a script for an effective piece of explainer video, some points have to be kept in the mind, and that are-

· Introduction of the video should be about the operations, functions, and activities of the company

· Explaining the problem is the second point of concern

· Creation of a transition in which you answer about why your company deals with the product or the service

· Showing off the features

· Information regarding what is so special and why people should buy

· Utilization of proof elements so that the practice of “SEAL-THE-DEAL” can be implemented.

It is not a 100-meter sprint, writing a script takes time, and it is like a marathon. After many discussions and meetings, development of the script continues to grow.

· Explainer Video Creation; A Professional’s Cup Of Tea

Top multinational organizations suggest going for a professional video company that can create an amazing and a unique explainer video for you which will be only one of its kinds in the market. There are also experienced freelancers with commendable portfolios and previous work experiences specializing in this sector. They take one or at maximum two months to complete the project of explainer video for your company with a touch of creativity and at reasonable price charge.

In this last section of the article, the common mistakes while considering explainer videos along with the famous tools for explainer videos have been taken into account.

Some Common Mistakes

· Some companies start creating explainer videos without even knowing the targets they want to achieve. With this approach, they fail to measure the success through explainer video creation.

· Developing a story that is compelling enough as well as shows practicality reflects a very rare combination. The video should have a gripping effect that will establish an emotional connection with the viewers. However, many organizations create their explainer video without a shade of persuasive angle of narration.

· Many companies don’t believe that hiring professionals for a nice and exclusive video are necessary. It is a very common mistake, and they should know that there is a huge difference between professional look-alike video and a video created by an actual professional. So, why not taking an advantage of the skilfulness of the professional while creating an explainer video.

Tools for DIY Route of Explainer Video

Creating explainer video by picking the route of DIY is the modern way of marketing. With this approach, the options of explainer video type get widened from the boundary of live action videos to that of animated explainer, whiteboard explainer, and Kickstarter explainer videos. Camtasia, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Video Market FX, Powtoon, VideoScribe, etc. are some of the tools which will be useful for you to make your explainer video.

Other Aspects of Concern Regarding Incredible Explainer Videos

An explainer video becomes incredible with a unique script and an innovative idea of representation style. Apart from this, an effective video combines the effect of Live Action and Animation together with top-quality graphics, illustrations as well as animation with answers to WHO, WHAT, HOW, and WHY. An ideal style of explains video to influence the people to buy the products or use the services just the minute after they have seen the video. A nice video expresses all the thoughts and objectives behind the production of the video, and people find it unforgettable for a long period.

According to the specialists of the marketing industry, the best explainer video touches all the sections of requirements and expectations of a viewer regarding information, entertainment, emotion and connection. Besides all of these, the main thing behind a successful explainer video is that you have to take your time and complete the explainer video project with much more inclusive thoughts.

In case, you don’t have enough time for making an explainer video, then you should just sidestep and hire a professional with popularity and experienced so that you don’t have to feel disappointed in the future, and also it will be productive for your company from the marketing point of view. Don’t forget about the voiceovers, music and sound effects while thinking about the best explainer video for your company.

Nice sound effects are necessary for both live action explainer as well as animated explainer videos. One also have to measure the performance related to your developed explainer video by various tools available in the online market; and then only you will be able to enjoy the several advantages that are the outcomes of this marketing procedure. Remember, explaining a concept in an informative and modernistic way of explainer video has more positive impacts than the traditional way of texts and images.

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