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2 minute Event Wrap Video

The 2-Minute ‘Event Wrap Video’ is dead, Time to Try Something New

Event occasions where like-minded people with particularly targeted audiences get together offer the optimal opportunity for capturing videos. The events could be of two hours or two day or even two weeks, whatever may be the time limit of the event occasion, the videos captured could be very helpful for the enterprises along their marketing strategy.

Many enterprises are not able to make out the most of the marketing endeavour from the videos from the events. These enterprises get stuck with the traditional form of marketing that are production practices. They don’t capture either or don’t use the captured videos including the contents that would inform the audiences and the search engines that they are the leading brand in their relevant field or craft.

The 2 Minutes Video Are Meant To Provide Information about The Happenings At The Event

The clients often demand the video producers to produce two-minute recap video from the event which includes the audiences shaking hands and laughing. Even the clients demand the footage of the networking in front of the sponsor signage which features the interviews with any personality having reputation.

These videos are intended for learning about the happenings at the event being away from the event. They wouldn’t certainly take anything away from the 2-minute video watching the people at the event. The clients would just love to hear the crowd saying “It was an incredible experience, and I loved it.”

Micro Video Contents Have Replaced The 2-Minute Event Wrap Videos!

With the changing trend of video creation, the ‘2 minute Event Wrap Video is dead’, the time has arrived to try something new. With the running clock, the standard two-minute event wrapping video has turned to the new format of video creation which is called as micro-video content.

These micro video contents are considered as more beneficial than the two-minute event wrap video. The video editors working on the 2-minute event wrap video with certain limitations which forces them to cut or leave significant amount of the captured content from the event.

Why To Opt For The Boring And Traditional Type 2 Minute Wrap Video When The Micro Videos Are More Meaningful!

Being a producer you would certainly feel the pain of ignoring the incredible piece of advice, information and knowledge sharing that are the reasons of leading the business to a high level. In the traditional type event wrap video, the sound bite featured in it would be lengthy that would create a boring sense in the clients.

With the changing trend, the time has arrived to consider the events and produce micro video campaigns that are meaningful. These meaningful micro videos must be aligned with sales and marketing goals.

Micro Videos Are Series of Video Campaign That Are Beneficial For Your Brand

The campaign of the micro videos refers to series of videos that would be released consistently within the course of quarter, half yearly, annually or more than that. Such approach from your brand would not only help to position your brand as a leader but would optimize the search engine results which would be beneficial for you and your brand.

About The Micro Video Contents

  • Within a very short period, these micro video contents have become vital marketing vehicle for the top leading brands and creators that are established in the market.
  • This micro video content is a type of content marketing which was the most dominant trend in social media in the year 2013.
  • This strategy of the micro-video content continues in the current years.
  • The platforms like Vine and Instagram have helped in growing the popularity of the micro-videos.
  • In the year 2013, Vine was ranked as the fastest growing app with a growth rate of 403%.
  • Likewise, another social media Instagram is another social media platform that allows the users in creating micro-videos that have grown by 130% in the last year.
  • The top brands in the market are grabbing advantages of micro videos, why not you!
  • For such incredible rise in the popularity, the top brands in the market are taking advantage of the micro-video contents.
  • As per the experts, the micro video has become a major social trend.
  • The brands are using the micro video contents to show off their new products, share the short promotional clips, allow the customers to go behind the scene or simply self-help tutorials.
  • With such information for the public, the social shifts have become shorter messages that indeed keep the customers engaged with the emotions about the brand.

Create a Wise and Smart Marketing Strategy for Your Brand with Micro Videos

It is advised to the brands to take the advantages of the social platform that is the micro-video content. In general, the content marketing strategy is the practice of planning the creation, distribution, activation and optimization of the relevant contents that are thoughtful. This inspires the positive engagement and the profitable action.

This type of marketing content is used to communicate and define who you are as a brand. The micro-video content is a rapidly growing tool that engages the customers emotionally with the brand. The brands that want to keep up with the social trends and want to continue as the leading with forefront communication must imply the micro-video content with the marketing strategy.

How Could The Micro Videos Help In Promoting Brand And Marketing Products?

  • The micro-video content provides new challenges for the brands or the companies and also creates a new space for them in the market.
  • This space created in the market for the brand is unexplored but the bigger brands are stepping ahead to face the challenges by using the micro video contents creatively as would fit with their brand.
  • The brands must be smart in selecting the micro-video platform, each of the available platforms are unique and can be used at different times.
  • The brands need to ensure their voices to be consistent through all the platforms and align their brand with the customer values.
  • There are several of ways through which the brands can utilize the micro video contents for engaging their audiences.
  • The micro-video content is not a one size content that would fit all solutions there are various platforms that serve different types of audiences.
  • The brands need to configure their approach to present the right message at the right time and remain still with their image.

Why Use The Micro Videos For Promoting Your Brand?

  • The micro video can be effectively used by the brands for their marketing strategy.
  • The brands can use the micro-video content to promote the upcoming products and services.
  • For the fast paced nature of the micro video the consumers would feel like they are getting a sneak peek.
  • Most of the time, the brands face such instances of worseness, when the old items lose their demand in comparison with the new items. The brands can revive the interest in sale with the creation of a short video.
  • The consumers indeed love to grab a good deal and the micro video is a great way to boost up sales.

How to Use the Micro Videos for Promoting Brand and Marketing Products?

  • In the micro videos, the brands can provide context or scenario that shows the product in an effective way to get the consumers envision self as using the product.
  • The scenes incorporated in the video must be able to reflect the versatility of the product.
  • Some of the products of your brand need quite more explanation than the others, with such strategy of educating your customers they would appreciate the product for getting information about the best way to use the product.
  • Incorporating the clips behind the scene in the micro video would give your brand a face and personality.
  • You can also provide contests to your customers to create a micro video to promote your brand.
  • Such offers would energize the customers and get them excited to win a prize and gain publicity which is certainly valuable for your brand as well.

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