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How to Record A Quality Voice-Over (And Why)

A promotional video without voice over feels like a song without music. It’s quite boring and lacks the luring element which in fact is the prime intention behind any promotional video production.

Not only the promotional videos, those like feature presentation, tutorial videos, etc. also look faded without really a top-notch voice-over. After all, there is really no better way available than telling straight away about your ideas than any partial methods. Hence, a quality voice-over for your video can really make it.

Why Quality Video Record Is Important?

Preparing a voice over is not really sufficient. The most important part rather is to make sure that the prepared one is qualitatively good enough. Flaws appear in many forms; sometimes it appears in the form of lack of creativity and some other occasions the technicality, devices, and surrounding is not really appropriate. Well, the examples of poor quality videos can be plenty, but the ones qualitatively good are very few. And, these few only count.

The Basic Needs:

The job is half done about recording a quality video once you manage to understand the needs for it. It depends upon the budget up to many extents. But, basically, you need a recording device (like a PC, smartphone or any other recorder), recorder (a microphone), and a studio with all arrangements to record.

Depending upon your resource you might pick high-end ones of these devices, but you need to play fundamentally with these only. In fact, if you are living in a nice tranquil destination that can fulfill your need for a sound proof environment, a USB microphone with a nice headset can also do the job.

Why Should You Have A Special Recorder?

Some people claim the sound quality of their recorder (PC, smartphone, etc.) is best, which means they don’t need a microphone. On a frank tone; this is simply a blunder. It’s important to understand that your video is not going to be enjoyed only within your smartphone/PC.

No matter how sound proof the recording zone is, but a recorder is like a must to get over with all other odds. In short, using a microphone is like a must. At the same time, it is important to have a platform as well to import the prepared audio to the smartphone/PC. Keeping the following tips in mind can deliver a better recording output.

• If budget is a concern for you, going with those like Samson Go Mic can also do the job. Otherwise, Rode NT USB can be a nice pick as well.

• The idea is pretty simple; all you need is a spate microphone for the recording purpose.

• If the voice-over doesn’t involve too much musical blend or if it’s a nice sound proof surrounding, going with a cost-effective device can be a nice idea, looking at your priorities.

• In fact, there are many incredible videos today those have been recorded in an enclosed room.

Keeping it very simple, all you need to mind is there is no echo or too bombarding sounds generating.

For The Best Editing:

There is no one Superman on this earth who has managed to prepare a voice-over at one take. Editing is something always holds importance. Thorough cross check needs to be accomplished with utmost care. Post completion of the recording task finds a relaxed hour and a cool surrounding with the headphone in hand. Pause the audio and put the headphone on. If you can hear something around, then try to fix it and maintain a peaceful around. If there is nothing of such, you can play the video and proceed.

Using Special Audio Effects:

Blending songs or any other musical background score is a nice idea to lure the audience towards your work. However, it needs to be done in a really careful way. It’s important first to prepare the original voiceover first prior any sort of blend. It’s advised to use the amplifiers and to keep those at a fair distance and at upper position.

This makes the sound appear even, not like generating from a single point. Preparing video in this way makes it easy for the other musical blending processes to be easily carried out.

Using the Right Tool; Keeping It Simple

It’s important at the same time to make sure about using the right tools with which you are flexible enough. If voice is not a concern, you can take the whole aspect to a recording studio. Sometimes people talk in a slightly higher pitch from their comfort level as they believe the sound quality or the clarity can be better. However, hiking the pitch from one’s comfort zone always involves the chances of a ruined quality.

Keeping it simple always works. Anyone who is presenting the concept needs to be very sure about it. If it’s a product promotion, it’s better if the presenting folk know it well to play with it. Scripts also do matter in making a presentation better conveying.

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