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How to Make an Animatic (Making an Animated Movie)

The first thing here is to mention that animatic is different from the term animation. The simplest definition in this regard would be to understand that animatic is video storyboard, in the form of a slide presentation you can say, nicely blended with the voice over.

No doubt, the sound impacts play a big part in these videos than the conventional animations. However, the other crucial parts about these stuff are to prepare the right editing, maintaining the right time and flow of the storyboard.

Expediency of These Concepts:

Digital, video marketing concepts, getting rampant is one of the prime factors behind making animatic much more hyped. Needless is to mention about the importance that the animated videos or the animated explainer videos are enjoying these days.

For the marketers, their products being presented through a renowned animated character is one of the prime reasons behind these concepts getting successful in an envy making fashion.

Animatics have made the production process a way lot systematic offering a prior dig at the films prepared. It offers you a better picture of the way a video is going to be displayed. Hence, all synchronisation and timing get perfectly maintained. Animatic is one of the most crucial steps as well to be followed prior taking a video to the 3D level.

Tools Must Be Ready With:

Being a technical aspect, animatic demands the right tools to be available. Hence, make sure the following tools are available to you. Especially, these tools are crucial about manipulating the sketches meant for the incorporation.

One should be having the tools ready for the export of various formats or codes as well. Most importantly, the tools for incorporation of essentials into display screen have to be there with you for a desirable output. Adobe after Effects is one of the finest recommendations that one should go with on this aspect.

Preparing the Storyboards

The success of an animatic depends quite a lot on the preparation of a compelling storyboard. While preparing a storyboard, the utmost importance should be given on the intuitiveness. Though the manual methods of using pencil sketches are still on, the options like 3D images and other forms of photography have taken it to a new level.

For the utmost complacency, it is advised to prepare the storyboard in the presence of the script writer. It’s not only the digital platforms or video marketing; the storyboards are quite popular among television media as well.

As the storyboards are crucial for animatic, it is always suggested to prepare these before your animatic production.

Animatic Production: Step by Step

Animatic production is one of the most interesting aspects on the earth. These are intuitive, creative, amusing and productive at the same time. Here we present the detail of animatic production that can be accomplished simply having a PC/laptop with the desired tools.

• It’s always recommended to be having the fundamental art forms ready to explain the symphony, and most importantly to make things easier about deciding the elements essential.

• The next step is about preparing the storyboard that is explained above. You can tweak the above images and prepare these for the purpose as well.

• Once the draws are ready, it’s about converting these into the digital forms. Though taking the scans of the paper sketches and using those works, the options of drawing itself on the system is also quite frequent.

• Now go for putting colours and designing. Those who consider the scanning images for their purpose are recommended to go through an additional step of clearing the blurs or preparing the image in a clearer form. However, any paper sketch should be without any colour effects. In other words, the colour effects should be put through the system itself. This is important regarding making things quicker and system-friendly.

• Once the images are ready with digitized forms, the challenge remains about going for the animation steps. Having an animator makes things easier on this aspect. On a digital platform, the challenges are primarily about assigning the initial and final points. Primarily, the point is to ensure that each point is filled.

• Make sure the audio track is already prepared by the time. The most important part to ensure on this aspect is whether the track is prepared in concurrence with the set timing or not. Add care must be taken if there remains the need of blending the music. It’s recommended to accomplish all these aspects in a specialised chamber. In general, the musical blends are preferred to be made in the end.

Once each step is accomplished in the desired fashion as mentioned above, all that remains is to take it and upload at the desired platform. However, don’t forget to take a preview of the whole preparation prior final upload.

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