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How To Have A Fantastic 360 Degree Video With Minimal Spending

Capturing videos from all angles, editing those, and finally preparing the right compilation might be sounding a bit perplexing to perform. However, the arrivals of 360-degree videos have certainly changed the whole scenario. In this way, you don’t need the whole gang to prepare a video.

A single person is enough to prepare a video outstanding. Still it gets a little pricey for some, especially from a start-up or someone enthusiastic video maker point of view. To ensure these remains well within your comfort level, the following ideas can be handy. Check it out!

Best positioning of the cameras:

If you are interested in preparing the camera of yourself, then going with the 360Heros can let you deal with about 8 cameras at a time to capture the shots from the very remote corner. The cameras in this way can be linked to each other by various means, primary of which are the wireless ways.

If affording the stands or the cases needed to place the cameras in the right position for capture is a bit more for you, then your height can come in to use. All you need to ensure is having the best quality Go Pro cameras.

You can put these cameras over the helmets, or can use the attached umbrellas. It gets even interesting if you love to capture under the water with Go Pro cameras being waterproof. You can attach these cameras with your diving costume. If it’s about capturing in broad daylight, then the White edition of the Go Pro cameras, at a budget well under $200 can also do the job.

Pick the right video combiner:

Editing the video, or preparing the right combination of the captures is often more price dragging than the normal video making. Hence, picking the right tool can certainly reduce your worries to a great extent. The most challenging part of the whole aspect is real to prepare the video in a device-friendly way.

Hence, it is advised that one should only go with right video combining software that can work with your device (desktop/smartphone well). You should also be careful about the desired file format. If the outcome is mp4 what you want, then the tool should not be delivering you a mp3 output. Kolor is a nice tool to prepare the mp4 files for you.

Take the shots first prior deciding the final output:

In many occasions, people often remain pre-decided about the shots they want. However, one can’t just guarantee about the outcome to come always in your way. This is the reason that having the all-out captures first is something you should go with first, prior deciding about the outcome.

Again, they try to edit things at the camera itself. However, if the final platform is a smartphone you are looking for, then editing it over the desktop certainly going to compromise the quality. Hence, the best procedure would be to prepare the shots first, take those to the desired platform, and later think about editing those there.

Platform attuned camera:

People suffer from additional expenses as they commit a mistake while selecting the camera. It’s always a safer idea to go with the cameras those are recommended by the renowned platforms, those are well attuned with the 360-degree videos, like You Tube. Random picks may not be delivering you the desired output.

Anyway, these You Tube attuned cameras can also be bagged at an expense of around two hundred to four hundred dollars. Visiting various sites can deliver these cameras at even lower price.

Being a little techie:

If cutting the extra expenses is your priority, then it’s always advised to avoid the expenses meant for just uploading. Buying the apps from any random store can make you go for some unwanted expense. The best recommendation in this regard would be to go with the applications meant for uploading available over Google Support.

Anyway, you need almost no expense being a master of playing with the codes. You can prepare your Python script to upload the video over You Tube. The best part is that there is adequate detail available for you to prepare these scripts through Google.

Understand the demand of the shoot:

The expense you make is often dependent upon the purpose of spending. Of course, a 360 video is all that you want. But, the quality of the camera or going for the expensive editions of should depend upon the toughness of captures you want to make.

You don’t need a high-end edition for preparing a 360-degree video around your home. Similarly, the device needs to be high-tech if the capture intended to be made challenging, like under sea shoots, while on a rollercoaster, etc. On this context, Easypano Panoweaver is a nice tool that can deliver you nice quality output at a price just within $400.

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