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How To Get More Clicks From Your Video


Creating a great video for the promotion of your business, brand or product is one thing and making sure that the video gets viewership another. A lot of brands with amazing videos go unnoticed simply because they lack the techniques which can make the users click. Learn more about these techniques below.

Types of web video marketing you should know about

Web Videos

Every business has a story and you can relate your tales to the audience through a video that runs for a couple of minutes whereby you can entice them into buying your product or the idea that you are selling.

Explainer Videos

Ensure the explainer video does not play for more than 2 minutes as short and crisp videos always grab more attention. Also introduce the audience to the company shortly after the video begins. It helps in maintaining a good image.

Animated Video

Images and illustrations are an important constituent of animated videos. Keep the animation playing for 2-3 minutes whilst spinning a story, maintaining the voiceover pitch and background effects for entertaining the viewers and directing them to the website.

Motion Graphics Video

You should be able to get the most attention from your audience in motion graphics videos. They will always keep the audience interested. It is a great idea for keeping them intrigued about your company and your products.

Landing Page Video

Landing page videos are posted on the company website at a strategic location to receive the highest number of clicks. The video is usually 1-2 minutes long whereby the viewer is introduced to the company and its offerings.

Home Page Video

Placing an online video option on your homepage at a prominent location will help your drive more customers to your landing page. It would help the customers know more about you in a couple of minutes than they will ever know.

Marketing Video

Marketing videos come handy to increase the sales pitch. You must consider enwrapping a story that will keep the audience glued to the screen whereby you can consider the company image and the target customers.

Corporate Video

The necessities of corporate videos include – budget, script, shoot location, artists, cameraman and lighting squad. All this is not needed in explainer videos but they still provide a better final result. Client testimony is another addition that corporate videos may find the need for.

Increase Video Views

How to increase the viewers of your videos


Keeping a tagline near the play button or below the video window where by the audience are motivated to click the URL website name can be helpful in directing people to the chosen webpage.It would help in getting more traffic.

Animated Cursors

Animated cursors on your videos make them appear more interactive. Moreover, these cursors can also be used to direct your viewers to your landing page. Just the introduction of this cursor would be enough to make your video look amazing.

Opting for scenario creations through storytelling

Creating a scenario in the video where the utilization of the product is the best available option to ease the work-load can also be introduced in the attempts to increase webpage traffic. The situation can be depicted as grim as well as distressing after which the product can be introduced to the viewers to resolve the crisis.

How to make storytelling more effective

In order to make your video’s story more effective, you have to ensure that your story can be related to actual problems that your audience goes through. Good market research will help you in finding the problems that your audience faces. So ensure that you understand your audience first and then create stories that really matter to them.

You have to focus on small things that make your stories easier to relate with. Include a lot of icon as well as characters in your videos. Stick to a solid storyline as well. When followed properly, these small and simple steps will help you create a video that gets maximum likes and shares online.

Different Ways of Product Usage

If the company product has various uses then you can inform the customers about the divergent applications through the video. They can also have the option of clicking on particular product usage for further information. Whenever a certain way in which the product can be used shows up on the video then the concerned link can be made available to the viewers.

The audience can click on the option for additional details regarding the prescribed usage for which the product can be deemed useful.To conclude, it can be said that web videos have to be crafted very carefully wherein the company image should be given prominence as how the customer perceives your company is highly important to induce them to approach your company.

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