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Video Ads on Pinterest

How to Benefit from Video Ads on Pinterest

The biggies of web arena have realised it well about the lucrative side of the video marketing. Specially, the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are just going gaga about the opportunities involved. Making the cake creamier, the good news surfaced has to say that another leading name in the world of social media, Pinterest is also going to join the race. According to the reports, the day is pretty imminent as well.

The Same Auto Play Videos Are Imminent:

The rumour mills were quite on a roll about the news a few days back. But, it was not expected to be happening, in reality, such sooner. According to the sources, a native team at Pinterest is already indulged within the process of preparing promotional videos on this aspect. The same source makes it more interesting saying the videos to be having auto play functionality. In short, it’s pretty much like Facebook where the videos play automatically as one scrolls down.

The Excited Video Marketers:

There is every reason for the social media freaks now to be cherishing with this news. However, it’s the marketing professionals and companies who are the most excited groups currently to be making the most of this opportunity.

There are many things still under the wraps, though. In fact, Pinterest has not yet made any official statement about the video ads. No clear figure is available in terms of pricing as well. Still, all prominent product brands are already on their way of dragging the best out of such opportunities. And, the hypes around video marketing as a big thing have gone even bigger.

How Beneficial Will It Be For Pinterest? A Look into the Top Performers Reveals It All:

Videos are currently the most favourite ways of conducting the promotional activities among the web based marketers. In fact, the speculations have to say that the videos will be counting about seventy-five percent of the entire web traffic by next year.

The most interesting part here is to mark that despite having an influential video sharing platform like YouTube (that even offers stuff for free), the video marketing or simply videos over social media platforms are enjoying adequate buzz. It is here to note that YouTube enjoys about one-third of the entire users over the web. These social media platforms haven’t also been able in hampering the number one tag of YouTube anyway. Interestingly, the expenses of video marketing have also hiked by more than forty percent in comparison to the earlier years. Still everyone is happy as the number of video advertisers has increased by forty-five percent in comparison with the past year.

Social Media Evolving As Strong Competitors against You Tube:

Though statistically YouTube still is pretty established at the number one spot, it’s unarguably a fact that Facebook has managed to be offering it the most significant challenge. The attention dragging figure here is to mention that the social media giant is currently enjoying more than eight million video views regularly.

Moreover, the Facebook videos enjoy highest number of views that any other ways of updates, like the written ones or images. The video profile picture concept has got really popular.

Not Just Facebook:

Undoubtedly, it’s the Twitter that comes next in queue after Facebook when it comes to video marketing or views over social media. Twitter has been noteworthy on this matter in terms of its strategy to drag the attention of the viewers. The most significant part about it has been its ability to let the users enjoy videos on the platform itself without being reliant on You Tube. Again, twitter also comes up with the auto-play option as evident in case of Facebook.

The best part, video advertisers are also quite satisfied in terms of the outcome through these auto-playing videos over twitter. On a collective note, analytics have to claim that the auto-playing videos enjoy twice the chance of viewed than the others (irrespective of the platform).

Pinterest to Bank on With Its Popularity:

Intuitiveness of the auto-playing videos is also quite significant on social media platforms. The most exciting part here is to mention that when it comes to watching a video completely, the auto-playing videos account about seven times more than the other usual kinds. Now, it can be obviously claimed that the exciting figures as mentioned above are primarily responsible for inspiring Pinterest in coming with video marketing opportunities for the marketers. Especially, taking the popularity of the social media platform (Pinterest), it’s quite obvious for any advertiser to get inclined towards it.

Trending Features Of Pinterest To Watch Out:

Social media marketers are certainly in a serious free about finding the reasons behind Pinterest‘s leap into the video marketing world. Though following the contemporary competitors like Facebook and Twitter is one reason, they know it well it’s not the only one. These online marketers know it well that Pinterest’s hilt is not so significant about other search engine strategies.

It hasn’t been up to the mark as well about branding affairs. Though its feature of pinning is pretty significant, the social media platform would definitely love to take it even forward. Especially, these aspects are expected to be getting more enchanting regarding returns through the videos.

Special Mention: Animated Cinematic Pin

There are no scarcity of the examples of people those have even doubled the business adopting the video marketing strategy. The feature of pinning even itself also holds one of the noteworthy records of delivering the outcomes. Well, looking at the growing number of platforms being dedicated exclusively for advertising purpose, Pinterest has to come up with something similar.

Though the options from Pinterest like Cinematic Pins give such competitors the best fitting reply, still, the social media platform would love to take things even further as it knows well it can meet up to the mark as of Facebook this way. Especially, the animated cinematic pin has been found to be having a significant effect in terms of putting the impression among the viewers in the best fashion. The more creative you are more is this platform going to be delightful for you.

Hence, fans and the video marketers especially would be eagerly expecting something as impressive as Animated Cinematic Pins this time from Pinterest post entering into the video marketing arena.

Improved Content, SEO Friendly Specs, Group Boards, Etc Are Imminent:

Pinterest has been one of the most endearing platforms for the e-commerce stores. Their favourite social media getting indulged within the stream of online video marketing is like a thriller for them, especially in terms of B2C marketing. With growing number of customers for online shopping, speculations have mounted among these marketers to at least double their conversion/business in next season.

However, it’s a fact at the same time that these marketing guys will have to be a bit more creative in terms of their approach for the outcome. Special cares are needed to be taken towards preparing more influential contents; little more smartness is needed while creating the group boards; moreover, these marketers need to be more commanding towards finding the loyal contributors for the group. Creative contents are like a must for any online business. The case is pretty much the same this time as well. But, it definitely needs to be more niche specific than ever.

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