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Why a good Storytelling works for animated videos ?

A good dose of technical art is noticed when it is combined with a great storyline. And, movies have the greatest storyline ever. An animated movie is all about momentum and a character in motion — a picture art line —which draws a viewer’s involvement. Today, audiences value a good animated movie. A good animated movie with some sophisticated humor is what is bringing the adults back to the movie theaters. One such movie that stood as a favorite among all age groups in the recent time is Ratatouille.



Ratatouilleis a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures (Source: Wikipedia).



Ratatouille tells the story of a rat who is passionate about cooking. His passion leads him from his home to a fine Parisian restaurant where he explores his best interest. The movie is a combination of good storyline and smooth animation with subtle color and design.

Pixar animation is a quality in itself. The stand-out factor of Pixar animation is that the frames exhibit awell-coordinated work rather than an art put-up by different specialists who have just tried to fix shapes and add colors to it. All Pixar’s animated movies is a blend of motion pictures with natural colors and even character movements. There is a smooth transition from one frame to another and a natural elasticity within each frame.


The beginning….

The beginning of making an animated movie starts from the point of conceiving the plot and its characters. The success of the movie entirely lies on the shoulders of the art director and cinematographer. Animated movie is an experiment with colors and designs by a team of people, until someone gets it right. With the need for high quality, one can only say that the experiment is as long as it can get. The team has to constantly draw inspiration from multiple sources, create, edit and delete sketches, craft characters and mix colors. This effort has to be re-iterated until the desired level of art and quality is met.


The build….

The beginning is a great deal. However, the quality is achieved when that great idea, plot and characters are translated into a master-piece. The animation must resemble a well-shot movie. The characters have to come alive and talk to their audiences. The artists and visual designers at Pixar did a commendable job on Ratatouille. There was an extra emphasis placed for even the smallestof objects (apart from the main characters) that appeared in the movie. The visual style was embroidered with color, texture and lighting effects.


The end…..

The end of the entire experiment was what we saw – a realistic and a high quality animated movie that won accolades. The movie is still a favorite among the adults and children. For those who have a great visual appetite, Ratatouille must be on your menu.




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