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Viral Video

Forget about ‘Creating a Viral Video’

There is no recipe for a perfect viral video. Our social media timelines are flooded with videos with thousands of views that are going viral every second. No expert can guarantee whether your video will be able to make it big in the online world or not. Living in such an unpredictable world could be confusing. Follow our guide to know what to do.

The Ultimate Guide To Video Distribution

This just does not happen in real life. No matter how great a video you create, you can never predict whether it will go viral or not. At any time, it can be difficult to estimate what the audience will end up liking. From an explainer video to a Harlem Shake video, anything and everything can go viral.

Instead of ‘creating a viral video’ you should focus on creating a ‘great’ video that genuinely describes you, your product or your idea. Focus on making a video small, intuitive and intriguing. This would help you make videos that genuinely make it big.

Here are a few simple ways in which videos can be made to grab attention:


The shorter the video, the sweeter the impact. Your video should never be more than 2 minutes in length. Any video that is 30 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds in length would be able to create a great impact.

Lesser elements

Jam packing your video with numerous icons, characters and sounds would certainly ruin its ultimate impact. So make sure that you stick to only a few elements like icons and characters in your video. Going overboard does not help.

Small but simple storyline

Your video is not going to be any longer than 2 minutes. Therefore, it would be futile to stick to a complicated storyline. Instead of this, you should stick to a simple storyline which is easy to understand and comprehend.

Find ‘niche’ communities for the video

When you have a clear storyline, it becomes important to understand the niche for your video. It has to be very clear as well as precise. Once done, it would become easier to promote the video and submit it to the right websites. A video does not have to go viral, it just has to reach the right people.

Niche communities are more receptive to your videos than the rest. Posting a video in a niche community would fetch better results that posting it on Facebook for all your friends and family to see. Such a distribution method usually benefits B2B concepts and products as their audience is completely different and has unique needs.

Understand your audience

Before you think about video distribution, make sure that you understand your audience well. You should always cater to their needs and demands before choosing the right idea for your video. An audience that likes straight forward content would not prefer honey-dipped videos with cheesy storylines. Hence, be careful while hiking in the jungle of audience demands.

An audience that can relate to your video and genuinely likes the idea will certainly help in its distribution which would make the video go viral. Unless they understand what you have made for them, it is likely going to be a tough journey.

Cat Sharing Video

Use the social sharing advantage

You should always remember that it is not the creator of the content that makes it go viral. Mostly, it is the audience of the content that will help in video distribution. The good news is that social media has made it very easy for them to share what they like. Hence, you should introduce easy social media sharing buttons.

Also introduce a few calls to actions in your videos so that people can be encourage to share what they have just seen. If you are using YouTube as a primary means of content distribution, write messages through annotations. Encourage people to like you and tell others about you. An intriguing idea is always worth a share.

Post it everywhere you can

We mean it. If your content is designed for a specific audience and you have means through which you can reach them, don’t let them go unexplored. Have a good mailing list with you? Go ahead and share your video in your next newsletter or email campaign. Have a good following on Twitter? Share your video link there.

You should be able to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope and the likes to generate more views for your content. Each channel may have a different kind of audience but they all might belong to your ‘niche’. So don’t miss out on a single chance to try every platform that you can in order to share your content.

These were the basics that can be used by any content creator in order to make his videos available to a wider audience that understand and appreciate his content. We hope that you are able to make the best use of these tips. Keep reading for more insights!

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