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Five Common Myths about 360 Degree Video

The best way to know something is trending is when myths start appearing about it. Something like this is going on currently for 360-degree videos courtesy all those vibes it is getting. The 360-degree video has been revolutionary in many aspects for many industries.

Hence, the myths are also quite natural to appear from numerous arenas. All it can be said on this aspect is that these myths are created by the groups of people those who haven’t ever tried it.

You Need To Change The Operating System Of Your Device For 360-Degree Video:

It would be rather better to claim that the contrast is true. You don’t need to change anything about your device. In fact, you have to change the 360-degree video format to meet with your system. For this, you need to select tools according to your system; not that you have to buy a whole new system for the 360 videos. Talking about uploading as well, you have to pick the specific product for a specific platform.

For example, if you are aiming at uploading over You Tube, then you have to pick the recommended cameras like Richo Theta, Giroptic 360 Cam, etc. for the best outcome. Coming to the combining aspects, in this case, as well it depends on the format at which you want your final output to be.

There are various software’s available those are great for combining the 360-degree videos. However, you should be picking the one that fits your device and the supported format. If its smartphone and the desired format is mp3, then you can’t go with one that delivers output in mp4 format.

360 Degree Videos Has To Compromise Quality:

First, it has to be kept in mind that something that compromises quality anyway is impossible to survive in a competitive scenario. Needless is to mention about the overwhelming success that the 360-degree videos are getting these days.

Technically as well, it’s rubbishing to claim that the 360-degree cameras are not so good qualitatively. The quality depends upon the camera. If you are simply tying various no so impressive cameras from all angle, and call it a 360-degree camera, and then the output is simply not going to be accomplishing.

The quality is not going to be compromised as well while combining the prepared videos. If someone doubts the whole process of combining the videos, then the cameras like Nokia OZO, V.360 should be picked, as these are quite automatic at their way. In short, going with the best Go-Pro cameras is crucial; doesn’t matter you prepare automatic or manually.

360 Degree Videos Needs Professional Camera Man:

The fact that 360-degree videos are being increasingly used by the bloggers itself is enough to junk out the above claim. A blogger is not necessary a techie; forget about a completely irrelevant profession like camera man. The groups of people making these sort of claims are the ones those are not aware of the functionalities of the 360-degree video cameras in contemporary times. It is quite user-friendly for someone demonstrating about a certain feature of a device, sharing tutorials, etc.

These groups of people don’t love to afford a camera man always. Again, someone captures the mesmerizing shots while scuba diving would never really find it easy to come along a cameraman. These GoPro cameras are a quite pro to need a person to handle post installation; in fact, those like OZO just demand nothing from you except the right positions.

Preparing A 360 Degree Video Is Too Expensive:

Again, if it were the case, then the budding bloggers would not be aiming at playing with it. Anyway, it’s a fact that there are extremely high-end cameras available those costs big. But, it all depends upon your purpose. If uploading the funny activity of your pet cat inside the home is all you wish, then there is no need of going through the expensive options like OZO 360.

You can prepare a 360-degree camera by yourself simply collecting the GoPro cameras, (or the cameras within your budget) and combining those using the rigs. You can combine these videos later through the free to download tools. If the purpose is big, then you should not hesitate actually. Rather, going with the best cameras will ensure you the desired outcome.

Preparing 360 Degree Is Illegal:

This is one of the most bizarre claims even as a myth. Technology can never be illegal until and unless it violates the state/country rules. Similarly, the 360-degree video is a technical advancement simply to take the ease of communication a step further. There is no way it can be termed illegal or something like that. It’s a fact that 360-degree video shoots the objects from the behind.

However, if there is something sensitive, or something happening sensitive behind the camera that is illegal, then the best option would be to deactivate the shooter facing that particular direction. A general camera can also shoot something offensive. In such cases, the technology is not accused; rather a person is.

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