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E-book promotion : Get noticed today!

As discussed in all our previous posts, short videos make a fruitful change to many products, services, organizations and even book launches. We had discussed previously, that explainer animated videos are marking a great change for book launches. The idea is while a film company can release a movie based on book, then why not display a short trailer that explains the book itself.

In India, the book that set the trailer-trend was the one below:


Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha, written by Amish Tripati brought in rave reviews among its readers. The book was well received. The key success reason is definitely the content of the book. However, The publisher and the writer together ensured that they tapped all marketing avenues. At the time of the book release, one could find banner and newspaper advertisements. One other collateral that made rounds to get this book famous was the book trailer. The trailer opens with an impressive voice-over. The striking frame of the video is the cover page of the book. The author and the publisher have launched a smooth, short and to-the-point video that got the viewers to watch the video and thereby added as an influencer to the buying behavior.


One other video that we at Solly labs came across was:

It is a video of another book Stumbled upon destiny. This is a clear example of an animated explainer video. The story deals about an arranged marriage concept in India. And, this video provides a smooth animation of the concept, thereby making it an interesting book for the readers to pick up and read.

Such is the power of video – as emphasized before in all our previous articles. Videos are an easy method to express ourselves. Research suggests that people understand a video much better than a book. That could be one of the key reasons, why producers like to convert a novel into a movie.


How the trend of launching book trailers came to India?

Similarly, the reversed idea is working as well. People like to watch a trailer and then pick up a book that interests them. Every industry has seen a growing change in the last five to ten years. The publishing industry is one other that witnessed change. There were emergence of new authors, publishers and various mediums to publish books. Marketing efforts grew intensive as well. Publishers and authors had to explore new ways of marketing to make sure that their book received maximum exposure among millions others. Some of the publications realized the value of a gripping cover page, while some others relied on the traditional book launch events and several others worked on trailer videos. The trailer videos are still a growing trend in India.


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