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Customizing Homepage Videos to Perfection For Marketing

The homepage of a website is the flag bearer of the organization. Its purpose apart from garnering web traffic is to represent the business in good light. A homepage deserves a lot of attention not only because they serve as the mascot of business.

Among other numerous benefits of a homepage, its capability to express the organization’s objectives and product overviews is the topmost. Your homepage shall be able to describe your business within the minimum time possible so that your potential customers tend to browse your website further. The most probable and convenient solution to do this is to include a video on the homepage of your website.

Videos: The New Text

The gain in popularity of video content has increased due to the increase in some mobile phones. Mobile friendly content can be best expressed in the form of audiovisual content as no one would bother to read huge chunks of textual content on a mobile phone. Furthermore, surveys have suggested that a website has approximately 10 seconds to direct the attention of a user to their website. If the website fails to do so in 10 seconds, then chances of the user returning are almost zero.

Besides making a homepage engaging, videos are also essential tools to convey information comprehensively. If a homepage is spectacular with videos and a user accesses your website but doesn’t find any reliable information then conversion rates can go down drastically.

Textual description of products and services involve a lot of reading time. Adding to the woes of internet users, textual content is repetitive and tends to bore a person easily.

When We Have Videos, Why Do We Need To Worry?

Let us see what more can we do with videos to make the homepage of your website appreciated by all visitors to your website.

• Frame An Objective:

The basis of your business is your objective. The objective defines your organization and hence it should be the primary element in your video.

The video shall depict your purpose as fluently and grip as possible. People relate to what an organization does for them rather than what it can do for them. Try to express what facilities consumers can get by using your products or services. Keep it abstract and convey your message on a universal note without any bias.

• Narratives To Build Yourself A Story:

You don’t need to turn into a full-fledged script writer to design a plotline for your video. Use a storyboard and frame a story which would help users relate to your vision. Try to include elements in the story which will not disturb the natural fabric of your video. Examples of other individuals using your products or describing situations in which your product can benefit users can be apt additions to a video on your homepage.

Relating to the product on a personal level will help the customer to associate with the product for a long time. Other than this, a homepage video can be anything like an advertisement or a short film depicting actors using the products of business. Real-time surveys and product reviews from the public can also be included in the video. Don’t stuff the narrative with superfluous elements and always try to keep the message simple.

• Urge Your Customers:

Whatever you do, it is impossible to succeed without the participation of customers. Every marketing effort comprises of an urgent call for action which strengthens the final phase of marketing. The primary purpose of marketing is to convert potential customers into actual buyers. Making your homepage appealing to users can involve developing storyboards or placing captivating videos on the homepage.

However, the measure of user involvement can only be found through feedback of visitors. Hence asking visitors to give feedback; buy a product or a trial offer or simply fill up a survey or registration form would ensure that the visitor has watched the video. The larger benefit of this action is that we can get a rough prediction of conversion rate.

• Show Them Your Value:

Visitors can apprehend the investment in videos on your homepage from the quality of the videos. Understanding the various sectors of business wouldn’t help you as much as paying attention as well as finance to your homepage video. The majority of web designers make visually splendid websites, but you need to decide whether you want the glitz or just a blatant account of your organization.

Many website owners are skeptical about video designing costs. However, the costs of making a video are nothing more than the losses which you can incur by losing potential buyers. Users who access your website relate your production value to the quality of your homepage video and hence you should concentrate on quality and finesse in your videos. After all, a high-definition video doesn’t cost a fortune.

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