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Animation Studio vs. In-House Agency for Explainer Video: 6 Reasons to Explain

Corporate videos have multiplexed the marketing efforts of many organizations and are continuing to do so. However, the recent trend of corporate videos has forced companies to think of in-house agencies and designers to make corporate videos. This has been taken in a bad light by animation studios and there are many reasons for them to do so.

The debate on whether choosing an in-house video agency or a designer will benefit an organization has been running for quite a long time. The effects of this new trend can topple the core purpose of corporate videos i.e. attracting customers and there are adequate reasons for such an incident. Let us take a look at some of the negative effects of going in-house for corporate explainer videos.


• Many enterprises look for in-house explainer video solutions rather than opting for an animation house to minimize expenses.

• However, the concept turns out to be bleak and does not hold any prominent significance.

• An in-house designer would ask monthly remunerations which would amount to a colossal paycheck at the end of the designer’s term.

• An explainer video is a onetime affair. Hence there is no need to keep an individual employed for a task which can be completed by an animation studio within comparatively lesser time.

• Animation studios generally undertake projects with conditions for specifically priced packages depending on client’s needs.


• Animation studios will take every necessary research into consideration while designing a corporate explainer video.

• They understand the significance of research in the design of an explainer video.

• Without appropriate research, there is limited scope for making an enterprise video appealing to customers.

• An in-house designer wouldn’t bother too much about researching on the subject other than the material provided to them by the company.

• Since an in-house designer is paid to make a video, they do not pay attention to other procedures which may make the video more captivating.


• You will find many creative souls in an animation studio that can provide just the right elements to make your corporate video stand out of the herd.

• On the other hand, an in-house designer would not be capable of delivering maximum creativity owing to the pressure of creating a video singlehandedly.

• In most of the cases, companies hire in-house designers for making explainer videos based on previous acquaintance and relationships.

• This gives way to incompetency, and thus, the final result is a botched up video which doesn’t even serve the basic purpose of a corporate video i.e. attract consumers.

• Animation studios can be trusted for providing novel ideas and fresh perspectives to a corporate video which can help a website or company to achieve the desired marketing plan.


• The process of designing a corporate video encompasses communication between the participants.

• Client and designer interaction make the process more flexible and open to suggestions.

• In the case of an in-house designer, this factor gets minimized.

• In-house designers get reserved and prefer to mind their work and aim at completing it rather than communicating with relevant personnel.

• Subordination or fear of rejection can be the major factors which cause such an anomaly.

• On the contrary, animation studios convey information to clients on regular intervals and ask for feedback on the proposed designs.

• This helps in preparing the video according to requirements of the enterprise.


• The involvement of animation studios in the profession for a long period definitely puts them at a better place as compared to an in-house designer.

• Animation studios have sophisticated tools for video creation and editing.

• They have comprehensive knowledge of software and equipment needed to make a corporate video compatible with client requirements.

• Animation studios also pay attention to the needs of the audience while coping with client demands.

• On the other hand, an in-house designer doesn’t have any other tools to make an impactful corporate video.

• Hardware limitations are also another roadblock for in-house video creators and can also demand a substantial budget to include expensive hardware.


• Animation studios are known brands in the domain of video designing and editing.

• The services of animation studios abide regulations and terms of contracts.

• Hence, there is no reason to worry for non-fulfillment of criteria set by you.

• Once you sign a contract with an animation studio for making a corporate explainer video, you can be sure that you won’t be losing your money.

• If the studio fails to complete the project in time or according to your requirements, then they are liable to be penalized through non-payment.

• On the contrary, an in-house designer’s commitment and credibility are intangible.

• There is no exact description of when the in-house designer will leave the company.

• Chances of the in-house designer’s negligence can also be taken into consideration while comparing with an animation studio.

• You won’t want your valuable money to be running away with an incompetent in-house designer.

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