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Animation Is As Old As Civilization

Based on the factual evidence, the development of writing is somewhat older than 5000 to 6000 years and probably more. The development of civilization has been roughly noted as 10000 years old.

However; animation, that chooses to be using multiple images for giving a combine illustration of motion, has been anticipated to have been an invention of the early 19th century in several forms. It’s interesting to note that animation predates and is the parent of movies even if you assume it to have started in the 19th century.

A new research done by Marc Azema- notable French archaeologist said one of his collaborators cum artist Florent Rivere says animation, in realistic viewpoint, is almost as old as our oldest sophisticated like art which is probably 30000 years old.

What Does Research Say?

It took around 20 years to the researchers finding the essence that can prove how old the animation is. Finally, it has been publicized through research that summarizes their findings outlined that how paintings on wall of caves of animals and human civilization have been crafted with multiple superimposed. Also, many researchers from the Europe have found the significance of earlier animation toy named as ‘Thaumotope.’

These researches show that animation or the procedures to create illusions of motion by making use of static images is perhaps as old as civilization. By reviewing to the earliest attempts, it can be stated that animation is old enough and came into existence before even we know the meaning of texting or textual information. Modern society is visually stimulated from every corner, direction, day, and night.

However, in the early days of computers, people use several mediums to do their work easily, but now they continually click on the available cartoons, icons, smiley faces and other things to get the information. Information can take any shape, including images. Communicating with animation probably developed in parallel with the generation of human language and proceeds towards invention of the writings.

Our ancestors draw pictures on the cave walls way back in centuries; but in later days, written language has begun to get popular as pictographs that moved into the abstraction realm to form written language. Thus, it will be not wrong to say that images were the important way of communication throughout human history. The emergence of internet has had helped digitized image formation a lot with which it is creating an increasing presence over the today’s digital world.

How Old Is The Animation?

• The painters of Paleolithic cave have had conducted an earliest research that shows animals available with multiple legs in their superimposed positions are creating the motion awareness.

• In a similar manner, a 5000 year old stone goblet in Iran found the evidence of five chronological images of a Persian-desert goat that is bouncing up to get the leaves of a tree.

The Beginning of Animation Era:

• The researchers say the beginning of animation era was somewhere started back in 19th century, and it keeps updating till date. At that time, artists started to experiment on the theory of vision determination.

• In the meantime, they found that an ocular illusion of uninterrupted motion would have the ability to create still image series that can show the audience different phases of an active action in quick sequence.

• Then, Flip books first to implement the concept for creating animated images. According to them, multiple frames when projected per second will give sufficient evident to make a viewer perceive motion.

• In the year 1834 and 1876, instruments like Phenakistoscope and Zoetrope was used as the slightly updated methods, but the motion illusions designed and developed by these instruments was uncomplicated in comparison to the contemporary animation style.

• Key change has had been seen when fresh invention of mechanized films’ projection hits the modern society. It also brings revolutionary change to the cinematography discovery.

• From this point of time, animation industry started to go parallel with the motion pictures with the only discrepancy i.e. instead of creating frames containing snaps; hand-made frames were granted for projecting translucent film strips on the screens.

• In 1906, the first-ever animation movie was published, named as Humorous phases of Funny faces. The next breakthrough was seen in 1928, when the so-called father of Micky Mouse, Walt Disney has produced the animation movie of Micky Mouse series called Steamboat Willie. It was famed as the first fully synchronized sound cartoon film which received the hit-title in the cinematography.

What’s Motion Capture?

Animated human characters are one of the toughest tasks to achieve in computer animation today. It’s generally because creating them demands most updated motion capture techniques. The procedure records the human actions and turns them into 3D model that will make appearance as closer to real life. Really, technological advancements have traveled so far that anything can be possible today with ease.

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