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High Conversion with Explainer Videos

7 Key Steps to Producing a High-Converting ‘Explainer’ Video

The videos you watch online intended for promotion and marketing are called as explainer videos. The brands use these videos in order to stream their business products and services in the market. As these explainer videos are of short time span and engaging explaining the value of the product with keen reflection of the brand these are used for promoting the company, its products, and services.

If you are unaware about these explainer videos, then you must know that these videos of short time span d have the capability to grow your business unexpectedly with the detailed explanation regarding the product or services offered by the brand.

Why Explainer Videos Empower Text?

A question may arise in your mind if you are new to business and have the intention to lead your business towards success. There are plenty of statistics that throw positive impact on the brand’s sales, conversion rates, and information retention.

For clarifying your doubts you can just ask yourself, would you like to read the information featured in texts and waste your time or you would prefer for an entertaining video and source information as well as entertain yourself! These explainer videos do have the skill of communication which the texts don’t have.

Why Use Explainer Videos for Your Business Promotion?

With growing efficiency and fast pacing business fundamentals, these explainer videos can bring out amazing opportunities for your business. Explainer videos are the efficient tools that help you in obtaining your goal very easily and spectacularly.

Using explainer videos has emerged as a trend for promoting the business products or services. These explainer videos help the business to increase interest, increase web traffic, clarify the objective of any of the specific product or services and increase the conversion rates. These explainer videos can be a great medium to share and explain product or idea.

Credentials Of Explainer Videos That Make It Effective For Business Promotion

The explainer videos are referred as great marketing tool which leverages the consumer’s ability. The consumers easily digest the visual content which quickly converts the consumers towards sales lead and generates revenue for your business. Though these explainer videos are amazingly effective, few of these fail miserably. There are various keys to producing high converting ‘Explainer’ video. If you intend to drive your message in the market effectively then you need to create a high converting explainer video.

7 key step to producing a high-converting explainer video

The high-quality explainer video is not cheap to create so you must focus on the key elements that contribute effectiveness and success to the content in the video. Below specified are 7 keys to produce high converting explainer videos, which are essential for experiencing solid results.

  1. Script: The script of a video is regarded as the most important part of video creation. The video makers can produce high defined videos of high quality. But without an effective script, the video will not be able to convert any of the customers. The script must be captivating and explaining the product or services you provide. The script must be developed in a convincing way and represent, why the customers need the product or service and how would it be helpful for them. The entire script must be bound within 60-90 seconds.
  2. Characters: The viewers need to connect with message in the video that makes it user engaging content. The message must be conveyed by the main character in the video, and the video must have at least one character that would become the face for the message being delivered. The character in the video must be likable and must be able to convey the audiences easily. The character’s age, clothing style, expressions, and gestures must be able to create a strong relationship between the brand and customers.
  3. Voice: The voiceover used in for the video must be captivating. The voice if goes unpleasantly may destroy the best script easily. You need to make sure that the artist you arte selecting for voiceover must be able to mesmerize the audiences and doesn’t let them feel bored. You must know that when the viewers get bored, they click on the close button and get away from the page. Don’t try to compromise with the voiceover artist, select only professional voiceover artist.
  4. Animation Contents is Entertaining: The demand for animation videos is growing up to large extent. These animations could bring major success to your video or be the reason for huge flop. It is imperative to make the animation direction that would keep the viewers engaged throughout the entire video until the end. Any video that goes interesting and entertaining with precise use of animation would accomplish such requirement of major success. This probably converts the viewers at end of the video. The Explainer videos are short and explaining, so there is no reason for the viewers to lose their interest in watching the video or taking off their eyes from the video.
  5. Sound And Music Credentials: Among the imperative parts of an explainer video, the sound effects play a vital role. The sound effect of any video along with the background score makes it superlative. All of these credentials brings together to make the video amazing. The sound effect and the background score of the video certainly are small components of a video, but you can find out the effectiveness by comparing two identical videos. One of the video only with voiceover and the other one with background score music and sound effects. The video with background score and sound effects would be higher efficient indeed. These music credentials of a video keep the interest level of the viewers at top and keep them engaged. The viewers would watch the video until the end that would ultimately introduce the element that is call-to-action.
  6. Call-To-Action: It is imperative to make the call-to-action element strong at the end of the video. At the end of the video, you must instigate prompt for the viewers to call a phone number or visit a website or submit the email address or perform any other action so that you could further improve the relation. This would certainly be highly beneficial for you and your business. This is probably the only chance to push the viewers in the direction you wish for. When the video is engaging and entertains the viewers, then the chances of converting them is higher.
  7. A/B Testing The Videos: The first version of the explainer video does have the potential ability to convert the viewers at the highest rate, but it is found in rare. This instigates that you must strive to make the video results improved that would result in higher conversion rate. For this, you must set aside your budget for A/B test the explainer video. This will enable to check the multiple variations of the video. Also, you can check the engagement status of your video variations and accordingly assist in maximizing the conversions.


Every customer expects to get the best product and source information about it. After watching the video until the end when the viewer doesn’t find any relevant information they would certainly skip the product and may even forget about it. So it is necessary to add the best information regarding the product or service so that the customers would find the product or service relevant and reliable. This would get reflected on your business turnover, and you could develop a good relation with your customers that would be highly beneficial for you and or company.

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