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5 Ways To Get Value Out Of Your Explainer Video

An explainer video could be your best bet in getting great online traffic. These short, crisp and attractive videos are great when it comes to making an impact on your user. In fact, thousands of word packed into one article would not make as much an impact on your audience as a one minute explainer video can.

If you have an explainer video designed for you, you are already a smart business owner. Now, the next step should be utilizing this explainer video in order to get the maximum views and best value too. Here are some 5 ways in which you will be able to make an explainer video work for you.

1. Using social media

Nothing works like social media when it comes to engaging your audience. An explainer video will easily target your audience, arouse interest and make them click. Get your hands on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to get the best results.

2. Using them as your perfect landing page

A great video can easily make your landing page look amazing. A beautiful explainer video will transform your landing page. Next time create a landing page, invest as much in the video as you do on design for better impact.

3. Create captivating newsletters

Explainer videos would be a great way to connect with your audience. People will always prefer watching a creatively made video over reading lengthy articles. So make sure that your videos are making the best impact possible with creative shows.

4. Advertising campaigns are so much better now

Explainer videos always grab attention with their icons, quick and easy approach and a mesmerizing finished product. Whether you are going online or advertising on TV, an explainer video can do the trick for you.

5. Get solid event marketing

With the help of explainer videos, you will be able to bring all your events and lectures to life. With explainer videos, you speak less and say more. Nonetheless, your entire presentation makes a lasting impression on your audience.

These 5 ways would help you in making the most of your explainer video. But how will you use these 5 methods to channelize the best results for your business? Take a look at the secrets that our experts are willing to share.

5 ways of optimising explainer video

How social media does the trick?

Experts are going gaga over the results that social media generates, simply because this method is able to give them maximum consumer engagement. You can share links of your videos on Facebook (if they are uploaded on YouTube or other video sharing sites). Periscope by Twitter is another great platform that can be exploited to get the best video results.

Other social media websites where your explainer videos will work wonders include Instagram and the good old YouTube. While YouTube already has 1 billion watchers from around the world, Instagram is slowly catching up in the B2B paradigm and quickly creating value for customers as well. Videos shared here will certainly lift audience engagement statistics.

How to make the perfect landing page?

Landing pages are infamous for being loaded with abstracts and calls-to-action. Most businesses end up making landing pages that truly suck with tons of information that the user finds of no use. A simple explainer video would make your point across without bombarding the user with in-your-face promotional techniques.

Driving leads through newsletters

Email is not dead and newsletters or email campaigns still have the capacity to deliver great results to their customers. Therefore, it would be smart to include these videos in your newsletters. They can help in driving new leads to your landing page and even provide some additional nurturance to your old campaigns.

Making advertising look better

Drop all your advertising campaigns and opt for a simple explainer video. The best market for you to exploit would be local television advertisements but movie theater ads work equally well, especially when you have a geo-targeted audience. We bet you would not miss any chance to grab a new audience base.

Break the boundaries in an event

Attending an event? Going for a seminar or a lecture? Better take your explainer videos along. These videos would help you in cutting down words from your own presentation while creating a better overall impact. If you are short of time or space, then nothing but an explainer video will save the day for you.

In the end, we would like to conclude than an explainer video can work wonders while making all your active offline and online marketing activities worth their salt. Remember, the dynamic world of marketing always needs something engaging and creative and explainer videos will provide just that.

So get ready to use some bragging rights for your business with explainer videos. If you do not have it yet, get it made right away!

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