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5 Video Techniques That Spice Up Boring topics

There are thousands of people making videos and uploading them on internet but very few of them become popular. One reason can be the sensational content of the video. However, from an advertiser’s point of view, videos are for promotion and information which lack the spark to get people interested in them. Thus one needs to be really creative and think outside the box to develop a video which is more lively and attractive.

Here are some reasons to produce a better video.

Sets standards

Your video gives the audience introductory information about the standard of the content. People like to follow videos which portray high standards of the product. In order to give the right message to the audience, you must work on your video.


The viewers always like to relate to any video and the chances of the occurrence of such relation increases when you develop creative content. People are fed up of seeing plain stuff and want to look up to something different. Thus, they relate more to unique stuff.

Builds a good image

Using specific creative technique will make you stand out of the crowd. People will get attracted towards you and will develop a specific image your products. You will develop goodwill among millions of people who crave for new videos.


While you upload creative videos you get to know what sells best in the market. After applying many techniques you will know about the needs of your audience. This will push you to develop specific videos and increase you audience.

There are some specific tested and tried methods of developing a creative video.


Use of cartoons

No matter the age everybody gets attracted towards cartoons. If you put in cartoon visuals in your video they attract more number of viewers and people understand the information without judging, which is a common scenario with a human presenter. Cartoons also gain popularity easily and can always be in the perfect shape to deliver better presentations.

We always relate cartoons or animated characters with fun, humor and action, something that a boring video clearly lacks. Here is the trick, introduce animated characters and cartoons and your audience will certainly prefer to click on the link and see what is going on. Wonder why Kindergarten kids learn mathematics the ‘fun’ way? This is the fun you need in the video.

Using old melodies

When you use famous old melodies then your video becomes likeable naturally. People relate to the songs and their old memories and instantly feel connected to your video. You can impart new lyrics to old tunes to creatively sell or provide information to viewers. It can easily get popular among audience and might even become your unique talent.

Thing about the famous nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Simply go ahead and create some new lyrics for the same tune. Everybody who hears it once would instantly relate their liking for the song to your brand or product. Moreover, they would become more alert on hearing the sound track which will make boring videos more engaging.


Everybody likes to laugh and get relaxed and you can use this aspect in your video successfully. If you input small bits of humor here and there then your audience will really like your video. But, remember not over do it as it will take over your video and the audience will miss the basic objective of your efforts.

Use voiceovers

Voiceover can really uplift the whole momentum of your video. People really like to go through a story telling session. With a good voice and the right use of words you can target the child inside the viewers and gain their attention. If you use a well-known voice then it will be more advantageous for you as you will get more publicity.


The language of the video is really very important and you can easily play with it. People really like to hear fancy use of language and get attracted towards words which sound exotic or which they don’t understand. You can even use different methods of speaking and pronunciation for attracting audience. Exotic accents? Go for it.

However, you must limit the use of fancy language in your videos. Boring subjects with far-fetched words is a recipe for disaster when used in excess. So even though exotic words and languages could be a choice, complex words and expressions should be avoided. In addition to this, you must keep your language as easily comprehendible as possible.

Hope these techniques will help you in producing videos that instantly strike a good chord with your audience. Once again, we would like to focus on the importance of a good video which can genuinely make sense to the audience. Once they watch your video and like it, they would certainly share it and make you an online marketing hero.

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