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5 Motivating Examples of Exploring the Capabilities of Corporate Video

Audiovisual content appears amiable to human eyes as we have a special penchant for moving objects. There is no anomaly to blame for this. On the contrary, we are bound to the limits of our brain which forces us to pay attention to moving objects. Hence, videos appeal us better than images or any other media.

Nowadays, marketing has also started including videos. This fact can clearly describe that videos are the next big thing to market any business. In this article, we shall be describing some distinct ways in which videos can be tried to improve sales and simultaneously hone your marketing skills.

Corporate Video and The Evolution Of Marketing:

Before we proceed towards exploring the various aspects of corporate video, we need to know some basics about the corporate video and elements in them which can promote a business. The inclusion of corporate videos in marketing has increased conversion rates by ample margins. Videos are favorable for including extensive information within a nutshell.

Furthermore, videos offer an elevation in creativity applied for creation of content. The scope, as well as platform available for videos in the domain of marketing, suggests the inclusion of numerous ideas and distinct innovations. These factors make visual content appealing and convenient to the audience.

Any marketing personnel must be acquainted with the above facets of corporate video marketing. Hence, we won’t waste any more time. Let us jump directly to methods through which corporate videos can be used to garner traffic. We will be focusing on some unconventional practices which are not commonly followed but have been tested and proven to deliver fantastic results.

• Hubspot:

Hubspot is one of the favorites of marketing professionals. The plethora of marketing tips available on the website has helped and is still helping marketers gain a broad impression of the corporate world. Hubspot has depicted its capability to deliver services to customers while following a casual approach to marketing. Marketing geeks like to talk social media trends and conversion rates over a dinner but what can help them is to offer a relaxing medium which offers knowledge with a tinge of comedy. As an audience, it becomes easier to connect with the website due to such an amiable approach. Thus corporate videos can be light-hearted and humorous to inculcate curiosity in a visitor regarding what next will be on the cards.

• Groupon:

This company made an extraordinary move by introducing an unsubscribe video. You would be amazed and may laugh as well on the interesting concept brought forward by the video designing team of Groupon. The primary purpose of the unsubscribe video is to reengage users through inviting them for subscribing again. The unsubscribe video depicts Derrick who has sent an irrelevant email to you and you have the option to ‘punish’ him. If you decide to ‘punish’ him, then all you have to do is click on the ‘punish’ button.

As soon as you do so, another man comes into the picture and throws water on his face after a round of yelling. In the end, users are liable to subscribe again owing to pity on Derrick. Rather an unconventional method to regain lost users, this method can be one of the new solutions in corporate videos.

• Warby Parker:

Warby Parker’s Social Media Manager, Jen Rubio has found an ingenious idea to use Twitter to enhance standards of marketing efforts. Twitter is assumed to be a texting platform which can be used to convey information only through text replies, images and links to relevant pages with answers to queries of customers.

However, video responses on Twitter as used by Warby Parker tend to be more appealing to consumers. The use of video responses can be an immediate answer to skepticism of potential buyers as they can find practical applications of products and answers to their doubts in a video. Followers of your business can ask many questions and replying to them individually is obviously an uphill task. Video responses are engaging as well as lenient on your budget.

• Sharefile:

Sharefile was included in the list of top file sending services on the web in October 2011. The reason behind this was the use of targeted client testimonials in videos. Corporate videos are single and depict the objectives of the organization.

Testimonial videos cover the simple testimonials from consumers and do not offer a sense of uniformity. This setback can be modified by including testimonial videos for each specific service page. Sharefile has used this technique to land more users than ever.

• Whiteboard Animations:

The use of whiteboard animations is suited for overlong videos which contain crucial information throughout the length of the video. You don’t have to sacrifice the intricate details in a corporate video while ensuring that the audience remains engaged throughout the duration of the video. SmartShoot platform will help you in making whiteboard animation but at a price of $2000 for a one minute video.

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