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5 Common Myths about Corporate Video

Not a very cool image the term ‘corporate’ holds among people. A common perception about the corporate sector is that things need to be very systematic and technical here. In other words, there is least scope of amusement elements here. However, marketing is something that can’t be confined anyway. In fact, this is not possible to be accomplished in an orthodox fashion.

Things are pretty much the same (can’t be Orthodox) when it comes to preparing the corporate videos, those are mostly promotional or for marketing purpose. A good example of the above can be the explainer videos. The concept of the above kinds of videos sounds quite simple. Someone with a nice presentation skill presents the best parts of a product, the content of which are tried to be made specific noteworthy. However, this simple to be listened term is twisted with too much misconception. Here in the compilation, we present you a few of such. Have a look!

It Should Be Presenting Only The Facts:

Anything has to be interesting if it has to please a human. If food, something without which it is impossible for a human to survive, has to be interestingly prepared each time for a human, needless is to mention about how important it is to present a product well for a decent business.

However, a common misconception still alive among various people is that a corporate video should present nothing but the technical points or features in a straightforward fashion. It’s a blunder if you still believe this. You have to present the features of your products no doubt, but it has to be achieved in a much responsive way so that someone gets attracted enough to spend those hours.

The Viewer Count Matters And It Has To Be In A Celebratory Fashion.


There are some corporate sectors those are too serious about these corporate videos than normal. In a way, they want the video to be a smashing hit like Michael Jackson album. They react to every comment for a video; even complain if no comments come from a specific group of people.

Such mind-set leads them to take the help of artificial viewer increasers, or in technical words, the artificial traffic. It is important here to mention that it’s the organic traffic only that matters. An impossible looking viewer count often puts negative impression among the others. The marketing video is prolific part of the marketing process, but it is not the whole process itself. Hence, it is better to perform market research about the potential return capacity of the product, and then to judge the performance. In this way, one can certainly realize about the productivity of a promotional video irrespective of its counts.

Either Too Little or Too Large:

While talking about the corporate video, the most confusing part is referred to be the duration. These groups of people make it sometimes either too tiny, simply telling the product’s name or make it too large talking about each feature of the product in a great detail. You have to make things of right proportion.

Undoubtedly, this is the artistic part of the video making, and on such occasions, the content maker has to be experienced having a thorough idea about your product and its features. Also, the length of the video depends on the platform of release as well. Even a ten minutes video is fine if it is a part of an article or blog or at YouTube. This is so as the viewer is already interested. However, if it is social media stuff, or an advertisement within a popular play, then it has to be within two minutes.

Anyone (Mostly A Technical Professional) Can Present A Corporate Video:

It is important to have the knowledge about the product and its features. But, it is equally important at the same time that the presentation has to be good enough. The viewer doesn’t care how good your developer is technical. But, he should not present missing that presentable knack.

If the presentation is not good enough, it is going to be closed in between. Keeping the ego aside, one has to understand this fact. The best option would be to pick a guy who understands those technical terms well and having a pleasant communication skill.

It Should Not Involve The Extra Budget:


Everyone is aware of how stiff are the corporate folks when it is about budget. They try to fix things within minimal budget to bag that credibility. Often, it has been seen for these groups of people to be having the mind-set that a marketing video should not be delivered in the hands of a professional video making agency. They call it an extraneous expense. However, the same groups of people later realize the importance of a quality video only after aging behind the competitors or post going through the video of the competitor.

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