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3D Animation Terminology You Need to Know

3D animation looks incredibly appealing. To make beautiful things happen, it demands a lot of effort. Quite similar is the case as well about 3D animation. It’s highly tricky and technologically astounding as well. In fact, there are terms those might just bounce over your head. No wonder if you are coming across with such words for the first time. However, looking at the growing hype for the 3D animations, these terms are like must knows for anyone concerned with related affairs. Listed below are a few of such interesting terms. Check those out about how many you are aware of.


If animation is literature, then Keyframe is like its alphabet. A keyframe is crucial regarding holding progress within stipulated while. Your PC gets notified about the point you want the change in progress, once the Keyframe is formed. One needs a couple of keyframes for a system to get notified about the alterations to be made.

Line of Action

It’s a fantastic concept. Basically, Line of Action is an undetectable line that can be stretched through a protagonist’s gesture in a scene. In general, there remains some primary lines for a gesture, like ‘C’ shape from orientations and an ‘S’ shape. While forming a protagonist, anyone would wish to make sure about a line of action that fits with any of the above-mentioned shape to come out with the liveliest one.


Axis is an imaginary straight course through which anything can be turned. This is the path through which an object can be reflected.


This is the term that talks about the way a character or something else in your video shifts from one position to the other. Breakdown brings that specification in terms of position. The concerned change in position, as per your desired way are added within breakdown

Camera Mapping

Camera Mapping is a concept through which orientations resembling the construction and outlook of a thing displayed within a constant snap are patterned. The primary pictures then trapped back to those points.


This is one of the most baffling terms to understand in animation. Inbetween is something that completes in what is going on among the breakdowns between the poses. Mostly, these inbetweens are formed by the concerned PC only. Not just 3D in between is an important term to know for 2D animation as well.


CG basically means Computer Graphics. It is also known as Computer Generated Imagery or CGI. This is primarily a picture or the pictures formed and tweaked with the help of a PC.


This is a structuring method through which a 2D sketch is replicated exteriorly through a straight way, and the collection of replicated outlines is linked to form a constant 2D surface.


The timeline is the term associated with displaying the frame counts within an instant. It can be tweaked with any frame extent as well, according to your need. It also lets you enjoy the privilege to have the hands on with your animation straight in the 3D app.

Lighting and Camera Techniques

It’s quite literal to be understood. However, it is primarily referred with adding creative effects. The terms are also used with lightening and its changes as per the demand of the sequence. All sorts of focus also do fall within the category.

Moving Holds

Moving Hold in animation primarily refers to the minimal movement a character makes in a particular shape, at the specific position you have set. The primary function of Moving Holds is to assist in crumbling the progress. It is also crucial in terms of incorporating moods within the character that it is trying to display. However, one should be very expertise about understanding the functionalities of Moving Holds or the perfect ways of playing with it.

Breaking Joints

Breaking Joints in general points to the revolving junctions in a contradictory path of its original bending. These are associated with all those unrealistic movements you witness in the world of animation. Breaking joints make the shapes and movements of the characters in your film comparatively a lot more bendable. These are mostly used with cartoon animations. The timing has to be really perfect while shifting through the joints.

Group / Grouping

A compilation of associated stuff of a structure for a particular sequence that functions as one unit is termed as Group/Grouping in animation world. However, this can be divided as per your wish or the demand of the sequence.

Ray Tracing

This is a portrait concept that detects the course of each light ray from its origin. It keeps on detecting when the effect of light gets ignorable or when the sequence is completed.


The term is associated with the compilation of a picture. In other words, it is the term related to describing an image regarding its shape. Primarily, resolutions are defined regarding width and length.

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