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360 Degree Video Tips You Need To Learn Now

The most straight forward definition of a 360-degree camera is something that can offer you the coverage of the events going on at the rear end of the camera. In general, we have so far managed to view and shoot everything within hundred seventy degrees using the conventional cameras.

But, the 360-degree camera is something that is going to offer you an all-out coverage from a single point. This form of the cameras is now a trend starting from digital marketing to the world of media. The following 7 tips can be handy for someone looking to take the best out of these.

Why Preparing Your Camera Is A Better Way:

It’s always a better option to prepare a 360-degree camera of your own through various GoPro cameras. To prepare the most prolific rig that can fit with most website requirements, it is recommended to go with six-seven cameras. Anyway, going with a single camera is not recommended as it can confine you to only a few sites. These cameras are expensive, and all these cameras don’t support all websites.

The Editing Tool Should Fit All Platforms:

There are various editing tools available for the 360-degree videos. However, it is suggested that you go with the one that suits the YouTube platform. Again, it should be working fine with all operating system platforms as well. In many occasions, it has been seen that a tool for one platform doesn’t work fine with the others, especially YouTube. These editors let you sync, prepare it for desired resolution, etc.

How to Upload a 360-Degree Video

Uploading a 360-degree video over the YouTube or a social media site (Facebook) is never an issue once you have the right metadata. These things get even easier if you have picked the exclusive cameras (not made manually using rigs and cameras).

For YouTube, you need the specific application. However, it is important to make sure that the video adds the desired metadata for it to be functioning properly.

To upload on YouTube:

• Have the desired 360-degree application.

• Prepare a 360-degree compatible file with the application.

• Have the required metadata application that fits for all platforms. Select the video file and click on the option to save.

• As you give a name to the file, a new file is generated at the same destination where the original video was there.

• Now your 360-degree video (the new file) is ready to be uploaded over YouTube. It takes about an hour to get uploaded.

Why Preparing Your Script Is Not Recommended Always:

You can upload a 360-degree video using the Python scripts as well. However, this (Python) method is not a convincing one as it demands good scripting skill. It’s never suitable at all for the non-technical groups of people. Again, the above-mentioned method (using the app) is quite easier and safer in comparison with the scripting methods. It takes lesser hours as well.

How To See Facebook 360 Videos:

360-degree video is expected to be buzzing over the Social Media. Especially, Facebook is going to make things really interesting in this regard. Some enthusiastic social media marketers would be relentlessly waiting for witnessing exactly how it looks like.

Though it’s a fact that there are not huge collections available on this regard, still, if you can’t wait to get an idea, then to visit the official Facebook page of 360-degree videos can be helpful. Else, you can go through the link given below straightaway. There are quite a few of those available for your better reference.

Pick The Rigs According To The Cameras:

As mentioned above, using the rigs are the most convenient options available for preparing 360-degree videos. To incorporate the expensive GoPro cameras with rigs, it might be expensive for many. However, these things can be enjoyed well within your budget as well. At around $400 budget, there are devices to fit really into your expectations.

The image qualities are quite acceptable as well. But, the most important part to keep in mind on this aspect is to ensure that the rig fits with the cameras nice. In some cases, the videos produced get compromised a bit due to the lower ends of rigs coming on the way. It’s suggested in this context is to select the cameras first (if you are opting for the smaller cameras), and then pick the rigs in accordance.

Prepare The Priority List For Facebook:

360-degree video and the social media combination are certainly aimed at a bigger marketing purpose. Hence, if marketing or enjoying the greater number of views is something you want (not the sheer purpose of learning), it is advised to upload the videos with the hashtag 360Video.

In this way, it becomes easy for your video to find the desired audience those who are looking for it. It is here to mention that Facebook allows only 360 videos of ten minutes these days. In another word, it has to carry the maximum memory of 1.75 GB. Hence, make sure you are making the best use of it.

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