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12 things to remember while hiring on Services Marketplace

Here is this Freelancing magic wand called Elance. It is amust-have for every professional dreaming of lucrative work. Whether your goal is to make $50 in a day or $50,000 over a year, anyone can find work and build a career. And most everyone gets their value for their money. The possibilities are as massive as the Elance community.

If you are looking to hire, you may have a tough time choosing between a number of equally compelling proposals. This article can help. Based on my experience working and hiring on Elance, I have put together a list of things I would check for my “THE ONE” provider. Getting the right results from providers at Elance is true science. Let’s unleash…





 Obviously, the first thing anyone would look at is the project title. So it can attract the right people to apply on your job almost instantly. It’s important that it has a clear indication of work volume and nature. For instance, “Need a video” should be something like “Need a 60 second video with script and voice over” and “Freelance animator” with something like “Freelance animator for 2×60 second videos with script and voice over”.  Specific and descriptive titles will yield much better results for you..



Writing a thorough description will save your time communicating back and forth with providers at a later stage. It will also help you get responses so appropriate that you may end up selecting just by seeing the first proposal. Efficient, right? On the other hand, a not so good description will only surprise you and potential providers once you start discussing details: Changes in timeline, increase in price, or even realizing you’re searching for the wrong kind of provider late in the process. Work on your requirements beforehand and see results flow.



When you are hiring, you would want to spend every buck wisely. But it’s important that the service you buy gives you value. Keeping the budget too low may attract the lowballers who don’t have much to offer while the providers who can add real value for you stay away. Unlike clients, providers pay for every bid. The wise and quality provider will only send proposals for value projects.

The reason is clear: the people working with Elance are usually dependent for all the work on this network. Anything you pay earns the bread for someone, so be fair. And working with reliable provider pays off for you in the long run. They offer commitment and offer long term association. They love what they do J. Paying fairly is just a motivation for them to keep it up.


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This is the point I give the most weight. It’s human to learn from experiences someone else has had with a product or  person. I’m a true fan of how Elance continues to manage the credibility of their feedback system. When you are planning to hire, do take some time to see the employment history. It speaks more than anything. I would say lower than four out of five stars on Elance is beyond consideration.

Here is a quickie on how you can check the feedback on a provider’s profile.

Click on the profile Link and you see the page below:



Go for Job History >>


Let statistics speak for you.

Here are some shortlisted profiles with excellent reviews :

Animation  : https://www.elance.com/s/sollylabs/

Graphic Design : https://www.elance.com/s/thenetmencorp/

Web Development : https://www.elance.com/s/synapseindia/

Writing : https://www.elance.com/s/24x7virtualgenie


#CAUTION, do not judge a provider based on a single bad ranking provided bya client. You know many people aren’t wired to appreciate quality work. Remember J Jonah Jameson from Spiderman, who made our innocent Peter’s life difficult all the time? I will be discussing more on this species in another post.  Meanwhile, I suggest to look through and find what at-least ten past clients say Then make a decision.



Elance has its unique set of combinations with which it designates a certain level to its freelancers. Elance has its own “Da vinci” code for rewarding these levels. And it is the fascinating number that all providers crave for. It  goes unsaid that providers doing everything right would have a good level. To me, good level is anything beyond 8.  Freelancers beyond this take things seriously. Here is a screen grab for skill level.




When you hire people you neverknow what their creative input can do to your idea. A perfect example is getting an explainer video. If you go for those who propose fair prices, you have a chance to sit back and let them take things to a higher level.

In another case, when you hire a provider solely because his or her quote was lowest you can’t expect themto over perform. In most cases, you might end the job frustrated with their poor understanding and interest in you.

Another critical pointis that providers who have insanely charges compromise your confidence. They don’t have much to lose. So be wary of whom you work with.

On the other hand, you can always expect the fair bidders to go the extra mile for you. It doesn’t matter to them if they lose some weight in the process. (pun intended) J



Some projects need little communication but for most, communication is critical. Be sure the provider you plan to hire is responsive and understands you well. The best way to judge that is set up a real time conversation and see for yourself. Time zone barriers have already been shut down by Elance. Set up a meeting, Skype or phone or maybe Elance itself would work extremely well.

You need to take this step to ensure you get the best for yourself.


Take my word for it: your product, service or anything you hire people for is your baby. And putting that baby in the hands of an irresponsible nanny is not something anyone would do.



I would advise you hide them before they can disturb. I have seen so many providers who don’t care for what you need or may just not have read your description but still submit an automated response. Their only fate: dump them as you can. Otherwise, they will distract you from the other serious providers.



Working online is so much different than working with others in person. The ability to see that second party adds a lot. You can always sense the direction of communication by looking at their facial expressions. While Elance frees you of so many extra nuisances, it makes good communication a key factor.

Whatever you write, always proofread and be sure if you really want to write that. Staying polite will do no harm. Be the good guy and develop relations.


I have so many clients who share every bit of their project idea and detail in a description. While many of us don’t know or realize it, Elance jobs can also be seen on search engines.

Always share something that is close to what you are and what you want. Share the exact details with the one you choose to work with.



You must always invariably check for a provider’s work history. This can be easily seen again by looking at his profile and the completed jobs. The more jobs the provider has the more experienced he or she would be. But do look for what his past client think of him through the feedback rating system (explained above).



When you are hiring for a job type where you are expecting daily updates from a provider, it is important to check his log-in history. You know many freelancers submit proposals when they have some scarce resources elsewhere. This clearly indicates that, to them, Elance is probably a business surplus. So, I expect such providers may not respond as effectively as those who depend more on Elance.

How do you check this? Yes, there is an option to check when the provider did his last sign-in by simply viewing his profile (again). Refer steps in screenshot below.

I recommend considering freelancers who login every second day as “reliable”.

I believe we’ve pretty much covered everything you will need to know for getting an awesome output on Elance. I wish you good luck for your next gig 🙂



If you have any suggestions regarding the content above or topics that I should write about, please send them through the comment box below.



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