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10 Tips for Video Interview

10 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

For the growing effectiveness of video strategies, video interviews are the newest trend that the employers are opting for. In the process of graduate job the employers conduct screening videos with the prospective candidates for the job. If you are a graduate student seeking a job, then it is imperative for you to know about the video interview strategy and get yourself prepared as you begin your job search.

This video interview strategy is followed for better management of the recruiter’s time and also to save the travel expenses. This is the utmost reason for the recruiters opting for video interview.

Digital Interviews Are The Latest Trend!

The digital interviews are the reality of today’s job strategy which is increasing day by day. This video interview strategy helps the recruiters to filter the job expecting candidates in the early stage. Being a graduate student and getting prepared for interviews you indeed must be aware and improve your knowledge regarding video interview.

What Is A Video Interview?

Video interviews are of two types basically; one is live interview, and the other is taped interview. In the live interview, the candidate interacts with the interviewer or the recruiter with the help of a video device. This live interview was the first wave of the digital interview strategy which is still in use, but a major decline is marked in several cases.

The second type of digital interview is taped interview where the candidates respond to the prompts in either written format or through an application. This trend is being admired a lot nowadays by the recruiters. This taped version of video interview allows the recruiters for evaluating the candidates at their leisure time. Both of the digital interviews have been admired a lot for such purposes.

Candidates Need To Be Well Prepared For Video Interview

Here the candidates are advised to follow the best principle of video interview so that they would be able to manage the medium effectively. The candidates need to make use of the technology in an efficient way and grab more advantages of the facilities. Remember, you need to look smart, shiny and competent in the video interview with proper management or else if you look untrustworthy, dumb and lazy in the video then you could get instantly rejected. Below featured are some of the useful tips that you need to follow while your video interview and grab maximum advantage.

  1. Camera Position: The candidate needs to look better when the camera is focused on the job seeker. Getting focused up on the camera would give good definition to the candidate’s chin. This would be a good enhancement for the candidate’s strength and character. It is advised to set up the camera slightly above your hairline and set up the video space as you could maintain good posture while seating. This is the most attractive camera angle for the candidates.
  2. Focus Directly On Camera: In the traditional interview patterns, the candidates had to make an eye contact with the interviewer that reflected the enthusiasm and good will of the candidate. The same thing continues with the digital interview strategy.
  3. You need to make an eye contact with the interviewer by focusing on the camera and not on the screen. The interviewer marks the lack in eye contact of the candidate which indicates un-trustworthiness. So remember to make your eye contact with the interviewer with your focus on camera.
  4. 3. Antiglare Glasses Are Preferable
  5. Eyes and body language of the candidate are the factors on which the interviewers develop trust on the candidate. If you are used to specs, then get yourself an antiglare glass before seating for interview, because without antiglare, your eyes would look like circles of light. This indeed would develop a bad impression on the candidate.
  6. 4. for High Defined and Clarity, Image Uses Software
  7. The computers or laptops come equipped with video camera these days. You need to check whether the output of the camera is well managed or not. There are few software tools that allow you to crop and control the displayed image. With the help of such software, you need not set the default view, you can crop the unnecessary side views. The cropped image would definitely make your presentation stronger and good.
  8. 5. Keep Your Hands Tight
  9. Any unnecessary gestures or movements are certainly a distraction while interviewing. You must keep your hands tight that would help you in conveying a good conversation and make your live presentation effective.
  10. 6. Body Posture
  11. As you may attain the digital interview in any place, which may be even your home, it is likely to feel comfortable. You may certainly forget that it is a formal interaction, and you are attending an interview. Yawning, drooping, looking bored, etc. are some of the normal gestures that you may develop forgetting about the interview. This would be the reason of getting rejected. So you need to keep in mind that you are not in your comfortable zone and are attending an interview and likewise keep your body posture.
  12. 7. Avoid Using Shiny Makeup
  13. If you apply any shiny makeup, then on camera your face would appear sweaty. Sweat is the symbol of getting nervous and is a negative fact for the candidate. The video amplifies the makeup shine into white patch that distracts the interviewer. You need makeup just to eliminate the glare, so avoid using shin makeup.
  14. 8. Solid Colours Are the Best, Avoid White
  15. You indeed would love to create an impression on the interviewer with your personality. In the digital interview, you need to configure some points about clothing. White costume develops glare effects while the stripped or pattern dress codes create optical illusion. The interviewer must be focused on you and not your clothes, so it is advised to use solid colour while video interview.
  16. 9. Set Your Background
  17. It is common with the video interview that the candidates forget to set their background. The interviewer is certainly not interested in taking a look on your background or how your room looks. You need to set your camera with a simple background. The camera must be set on your head and shoulder along with a simple background. But remember the background mustn’t be white.
  18. 10. Practice Makes a Man Perfect
  19. You would certainly attend the interview at your home. But you need to get prepared as there many unlikely circumstances which may develop during the interview as specified. The best way to avoid such scenario is to practice in front of the camera setting in the way as instructed above.

You can use a high defined microphone that would make your interview effective. The mic in the computer is too small and may create inconvenience so better invest for a microphone. There is a popular quote; practice makes a man perfect. Practice the mock interview as many times as you can. This would let you avoid any mistake while in interview, and also you can develop confidence while attending digital interview.


Apart from these 10 helpful tips, you need to check your broadband connection as fluctuating network is not good for a digital interview. You must follow the above specified 10 tips for a successful interview or digital interview.

The job now is in your hands, because apart from the graduation degree it is presentation and trustworthiness that would impact highly on your job. Be prepared for your digital interview with regular practice and build up your confidence level high.

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