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Vigyaa: EdTech App “How To” Video

Welcome to Vigyaa

a learning platform that encourages engagement and creates interest for today’s
At Vigyaa, we believe in step by step learning to maximize retention
In this video, we will show you how to best utilise the extensive content that we
provide you.
After logging in the app, you can navigate either by books or by topics
When you choose to toggle via books, on the homescreen
On this page you “nd all the topics related to all the subjects
Once you have selected a topic you will “nd all books related to your class, both
text books and the reference books subscribed by you
Once you have selected the book you want to read, you can use our tools to study
in the way it suits you.
You can highlight important sections make notes or even jump to speci”c chapters
of your interest.
If you want to build an in-depth understanding of a particular topic from a subject,
you can choose to toggle via topics it opens the resource map for that topic
The resource map shows you all the learning objectives related to that topic.
There are videos mapped to the learning objective which you can see to enhance
your learning infographs which summarize the whole topic in a pictorial manner to
help you recapitulate the topic in one go a quick reference point just before the
exam and concept maps which are very useful in remembering the essentials.
If you want to know the meaning of any particular term you can refer to the
glossary provided with every resource map
To check the level of your understanding you can then take tests / quiz, also
provided in the resource map also provided in the resource map.
To help you with all these features, our sidebar menu provides some handy support
You can directly access your notebook from the sidebar check our FAQs, and even
give feedback to tell us what you like. You can also tell us about new features you
would like to see in the app, or take an app tour to understand all the features of
the app

Not only this. A user can highlight text, make notes on these interactive e books,
just like the physical books.
In the sidebar menu, there is a special feature for the Teachers called “class activity
“. By clicking on this, the teacher can instantly create a question and push it to all
the student devices and get an instant feedback
This feature can be used before, after or during a session to assess the level of
understanding and improve the engagement level.
We are in the process of enabling notes / documents / image sharing from Teacher
to Students, either the whole class or selected students.
We are also adding a feature called “eyes on the teacher”, where through a button
on the teachers device . All student devices will be blocked and now the focus wil shift from tab to teacher/blackboard.
Start Learning better today. With Viigyaa.