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Verizon Wireless | Detective Test Man | Solly Labs

A chicken leg is a rare dish.”

“A rare dish, indeed, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

I’m a Test Man, and this my story. I serve on an elite investigative force
of men and women, that make sure the Verizon Wireless network is tops.

My beat is Florida. Test teams across the country cover a million miles
each year. We prowl the big cities and the little sticks because every Joe
deserves reliable wireless coverage. Fast, too. Verizon 4G LTE isn’t code,
it’s call letters for the nation’s fastest wireless service.

We roll in high-tech rigs, hooked up with the latest Verizon gadgets making
thousands of calls and data connections each day. We carry the competitors
gear, too, to snoop on their spotty service. Poor stiffs.

So who is that mysterious chicken leg lady? She’s a Harvard Phonics voice
on our test phones. The spicy senorita speaks, Spanish, too.

For Verizon customers, case closed, test teams make it a tasty dish…of
teriffic coverage.