Go Eval App

Envision the future of forms.

They’re a part of business – and a part of life.

And at GoEval… we’re changing the business of how you do business, simply by changing the future of forms.

Everyone uses forms, and if you’re a healthcare professional, building inspector, contractor, teacher, or legal professional, you’ve probably built more forms than you’d like to imagine. And, you’ve probably felt creating forms ought to be simpler and gather more … well… applicable information.

So, at GoEval we asked: wouldn’t it be incredible to construct forms any place at any time, using your cell phone and to be able to include videos, photographs and even more features?

Well, envision all of that…in one intuitive application. Incredible, right?

The future is here. And it’s called GoEval!

GoEval is a versatile mobile & cloud application that helps you construct custom form layouts, templates and share them with colleagues and friends.

Gone are the days of bothering with multiple programs, burdening your IT guys, and learning code.

GoEval does everything.

The magic of GoEval starts the second you begin making and crafting your own form. You can even add logic input, pictures and the exclusive GoEval video feature. In addition, what’s also completely exclusive with GoEval is the ability to answer question and attach a photograph, video, or make a drawing, to further clear up a response.

Furthermore, forms can be shared safely online (just like sharing on a site) – but with healthcare grade encryption and HIPPA compliance.

GoEval can replace every type of form you use!

At GoEval, we invite you to save time – money – paper!

Join the revolution.

Begin now at GoEval!