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Benjibox: Clear Shoe Boxes

Running Late !!

Can’t find the pair shoes you are looking for.
Need help organising your shoes.

Only Benjibox clear shoe drawers will do.

Shoe racks often aren’t big enough to hold all your shoes and don’t protect them from dust.

Card shoe boxes are’nt see through. And even worse, have lids to open.

Regular clear shoe boxes are fiddly to open and can scratch your hands and shoes.

Ouch !!

Only Benjibox Clear shoe boxes have clear drawers that slide out smoothly. Your shoes are easy to get to and easy to put away.

So staying organised is simple. With little non slip grips under each box, they are stackable. So you can keep adding and adding and adding.

We promise you’ll never be late again. At least not because of your shoes. Buy them online at www.benjibox.com.au