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5 Video Techniques That Spice Up Boring topics

There are thousands of people making videos and uploading them on internet but very few of them become popular. One reason can be the sensational content of the video. However, from an advertiser’s point of view, videos are for promotion and information which lack the spark to get people interested in them. Thus one needs to be really creative and think outside the box to develop a video which is more lively and attractive.

Here are some reasons to produce a better video.

Sets standards

Your video gives the audience introductory information about the standard of the content. People like to follow videos which portray high standards of the product. In order to give the right message to the audience, you must work on your video.


The viewers always like to relate to any video and the chances of the occurrence of such relation increases when you develop creative content. People are fed up of seeing plain stuff and want to look up to something different. Thus, they relate more to unique stuff.

Builds a good image

Using specific creative technique will make you stand out of the crowd. People will get attracted towards you and will develop a specific image your products. You will develop goodwill among millions of people who crave for new videos.


While you upload creative videos you get to know what sells best in the market. After applying many techniques you will know about the needs of your audience. This will push you to develop specific videos and increase you audience.

There are some specific tested and tried methods of developing a creative video.


Use of cartoons

No matter the age everybody gets attracted towards cartoons. If you put in cartoon visuals in your video they attract more number of viewers and people understand the information without judging, which is a common scenario with a human presenter. Cartoons also gain popularity easily and can always be in the perfect shape to deliver better presentations.

We always relate cartoons or animated characters with fun, humor and action, something that a boring video clearly lacks. Here is the trick, introduce animated characters and cartoons and your audience will certainly prefer to click on the link and see what is going on. Wonder why Kindergarten kids learn mathematics the ‘fun’ way? This is the fun you need in the video.

Using old melodies

When you use famous old melodies then your video becomes likeable naturally. People relate to the songs and their old memories and instantly feel connected to your video. You can impart new lyrics to old tunes to creatively sell or provide information to viewers. It can easily get popular among audience and might even become your unique talent.

Thing about the famous nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Simply go ahead and create some new lyrics for the same tune. Everybody who hears it once would instantly relate their liking for the song to your brand or product. Moreover, they would become more alert on hearing the sound track which will make boring videos more engaging.


Everybody likes to laugh and get relaxed and you can use this aspect in your video successfully. If you input small bits of humor here and there then your audience will really like your video. But, remember not over do it as it will take over your video and the audience will miss the basic objective of your efforts.

Use voiceovers

Voiceover can really uplift the whole momentum of your video. People really like to go through a story telling session. With a good voice and the right use of words you can target the child inside the viewers and gain their attention. If you use a well-known voice then it will be more advantageous for you as you will get more publicity.


The language of the video is really very important and you can easily play with it. People really like to hear fancy use of language and get attracted towards words which sound exotic or which they don’t understand. You can even use different methods of speaking and pronunciation for attracting audience. Exotic accents? Go for it.

However, you must limit the use of fancy language in your videos. Boring subjects with far-fetched words is a recipe for disaster when used in excess. So even though exotic words and languages could be a choice, complex words and expressions should be avoided. In addition to this, you must keep your language as easily comprehendible as possible.

Hope these techniques will help you in producing videos that instantly strike a good chord with your audience. Once again, we would like to focus on the importance of a good video which can genuinely make sense to the audience. Once they watch your video and like it, they would certainly share it and make you an online marketing hero.

Forget about ‘Creating a Viral Video’

There is no recipe for a perfect viral video. Our social media timelines are flooded with videos with thousands of views that are going viral every second. No expert can guarantee whether your video will be able to make it big in the online world or not. Living in such an unpredictable world could be confusing. Follow our guide to know what to do.

The Ultimate Guide To Video Distribution

This just does not happen in real life. No matter how great a video you create, you can never predict whether it will go viral or not. At any time, it can be difficult to estimate what the audience will end up liking. From an explainer video to a Harlem Shake video, anything and everything can go viral.

Instead of ‘creating a viral video’ you should focus on creating a ‘great’ video that genuinely describes you, your product or your idea. Focus on making a video small, intuitive and intriguing. This would help you make videos that genuinely make it big.

Here are a few simple ways in which videos can be made to grab attention:


The shorter the video, the sweeter the impact. Your video should never be more than 2 minutes in length. Any video that is 30 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds in length would be able to create a great impact.

Lesser elements

Jam packing your video with numerous icons, characters and sounds would certainly ruin its ultimate impact. So make sure that you stick to only a few elements like icons and characters in your video. Going overboard does not help.

Small but simple storyline

Your video is not going to be any longer than 2 minutes. Therefore, it would be futile to stick to a complicated storyline. Instead of this, you should stick to a simple storyline which is easy to understand and comprehend.

Find ‘niche’ communities for the video

When you have a clear storyline, it becomes important to understand the niche for your video. It has to be very clear as well as precise. Once done, it would become easier to promote the video and submit it to the right websites. A video does not have to go viral, it just has to reach the right people.

Niche communities are more receptive to your videos than the rest. Posting a video in a niche community would fetch better results that posting it on Facebook for all your friends and family to see. Such a distribution method usually benefits B2B concepts and products as their audience is completely different and has unique needs.

Understand your audience

Before you think about video distribution, make sure that you understand your audience well. You should always cater to their needs and demands before choosing the right idea for your video. An audience that likes straight forward content would not prefer honey-dipped videos with cheesy storylines. Hence, be careful while hiking in the jungle of audience demands.

An audience that can relate to your video and genuinely likes the idea will certainly help in its distribution which would make the video go viral. Unless they understand what you have made for them, it is likely going to be a tough journey.

Cat Sharing Video

Use the social sharing advantage

You should always remember that it is not the creator of the content that makes it go viral. Mostly, it is the audience of the content that will help in video distribution. The good news is that social media has made it very easy for them to share what they like. Hence, you should introduce easy social media sharing buttons.

Also introduce a few calls to actions in your videos so that people can be encourage to share what they have just seen. If you are using YouTube as a primary means of content distribution, write messages through annotations. Encourage people to like you and tell others about you. An intriguing idea is always worth a share.

Post it everywhere you can

We mean it. If your content is designed for a specific audience and you have means through which you can reach them, don’t let them go unexplored. Have a good mailing list with you? Go ahead and share your video in your next newsletter or email campaign. Have a good following on Twitter? Share your video link there.

You should be able to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope and the likes to generate more views for your content. Each channel may have a different kind of audience but they all might belong to your ‘niche’. So don’t miss out on a single chance to try every platform that you can in order to share your content.

These were the basics that can be used by any content creator in order to make his videos available to a wider audience that understand and appreciate his content. We hope that you are able to make the best use of these tips. Keep reading for more insights!

5 Ways To Get Value Out Of Your Explainer Video

An explainer video could be your best bet in getting great online traffic. These short, crisp and attractive videos are great when it comes to making an impact on your user. In fact, thousands of word packed into one article would not make as much an impact on your audience as a one minute explainer video can.

If you have an explainer video designed for you, you are already a smart business owner. Now, the next step should be utilizing this explainer video in order to get the maximum views and best value too. Here are some 5 ways in which you will be able to make an explainer video work for you.

1. Using social media

Nothing works like social media when it comes to engaging your audience. An explainer video will easily target your audience, arouse interest and make them click. Get your hands on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to get the best results.

2. Using them as your perfect landing page

A great video can easily make your landing page look amazing. A beautiful explainer video will transform your landing page. Next time create a landing page, invest as much in the video as you do on design for better impact.

3. Create captivating newsletters

Explainer videos would be a great way to connect with your audience. People will always prefer watching a creatively made video over reading lengthy articles. So make sure that your videos are making the best impact possible with creative shows.

4. Advertising campaigns are so much better now

Explainer videos always grab attention with their icons, quick and easy approach and a mesmerizing finished product. Whether you are going online or advertising on TV, an explainer video can do the trick for you.

5. Get solid event marketing

With the help of explainer videos, you will be able to bring all your events and lectures to life. With explainer videos, you speak less and say more. Nonetheless, your entire presentation makes a lasting impression on your audience.

These 5 ways would help you in making the most of your explainer video. But how will you use these 5 methods to channelize the best results for your business? Take a look at the secrets that our experts are willing to share.

5 ways of optimising explainer video

How social media does the trick?

Experts are going gaga over the results that social media generates, simply because this method is able to give them maximum consumer engagement. You can share links of your videos on Facebook (if they are uploaded on YouTube or other video sharing sites). Periscope by Twitter is another great platform that can be exploited to get the best video results.

Other social media websites where your explainer videos will work wonders include Instagram and the good old YouTube. While YouTube already has 1 billion watchers from around the world, Instagram is slowly catching up in the B2B paradigm and quickly creating value for customers as well. Videos shared here will certainly lift audience engagement statistics.

How to make the perfect landing page?

Landing pages are infamous for being loaded with abstracts and calls-to-action. Most businesses end up making landing pages that truly suck with tons of information that the user finds of no use. A simple explainer video would make your point across without bombarding the user with in-your-face promotional techniques.

Driving leads through newsletters

Email is not dead and newsletters or email campaigns still have the capacity to deliver great results to their customers. Therefore, it would be smart to include these videos in your newsletters. They can help in driving new leads to your landing page and even provide some additional nurturance to your old campaigns.

Making advertising look better

Drop all your advertising campaigns and opt for a simple explainer video. The best market for you to exploit would be local television advertisements but movie theater ads work equally well, especially when you have a geo-targeted audience. We bet you would not miss any chance to grab a new audience base.

Break the boundaries in an event

Attending an event? Going for a seminar or a lecture? Better take your explainer videos along. These videos would help you in cutting down words from your own presentation while creating a better overall impact. If you are short of time or space, then nothing but an explainer video will save the day for you.

In the end, we would like to conclude than an explainer video can work wonders while making all your active offline and online marketing activities worth their salt. Remember, the dynamic world of marketing always needs something engaging and creative and explainer videos will provide just that.

So get ready to use some bragging rights for your business with explainer videos. If you do not have it yet, get it made right away!

Videos Outperform All Other Content On Facebook

Did you notice the recent changes in the way Facebook is auto playing videos in your timeline? This minor but significant change in the way Facebook has given importance to videos means a lot to you. As a marketing professional or business owner, video marketing is one of your primary promotional activities.

Facebook has now made it easier for you to get better audience engagement and increase your views too. All you have to do is create a video or a series of videos that click with your audience and drive traffic. Remember, a video gets 2,183 interactions on an average, higher than an average photo post.

Why opt for videos?

Videos are clearly not the most preferred method of communication on Facebook. Less than 3% of all posts are video posts on Facebook. However, this does not mean that the impact of these posts is any less. Videos are able to transmit information in a very visual manner, which can help drive better traffic and also ensure that the audience remains intrigued.

With the new Facebook update, videos will auto play when you scroll your timeline. This means that advertisers and content creators pass the initial acid test of making people click on their videos. Now, their job is to make sure that the audience remains glued to their screens to watch what they have made.

Here are some reasons why videos have received special attention from Facebook.

Videos are engaging

All social media experts focus on audience engagement which is best achieved with videos. The transfer of information is simpler and more attractive with videos. Consequently, videos have a better impact on an audience than a text post can ever have.

Videos grab attention

If you come across a really interesting video while scrolling through your timeline, you will certainly wait and watch it. Videos simply grab attention. When they start playing on their own, they instantly make the viewers stop and watch.

Videos are fun

A plain text post or even the most interesting photo of your lifetime would not be as much fun as a 40 second video can be. People like to share videos and share them constantly with their own circles too.

Better interactivity

Videos provide more interactivity that can be measured in an instance. People instantly like and share the videos that they like and the cycle goes on. The only mandate is of a video that can really intrigue the audience.

Simply better

Videos are simply better than every other form of communication. It takes lesser time to watch a video than to read a long text post and it also gets the message across easily. Basically, a video is your best bet.

Facebook Video

Underutilized but worth your time

As we mentioned above, less than 3% of all posts on Facebook are videos. However, the scenario is changing very quickly and the social media giant is pushing videos are their primary catch for advertisers. The atmosphere is perfect for any advertiser who wishes to make the best use of an emerging market before the world jumps in.

Videos have a huge potential when it comes to delivering your message to your audience. As this is a growing market, the challenges are lesser and so is the competition. Hence, it would be better to dive in right away and explore what videos on Facebook have to offer. Today’s 3% could be tomorrow’s 30% and that day is not far.

Entertain your audience

Everyone loves entertainment, especially when they are scrolling their Facebook timelines. So make sure that you create entertaining videos for your audience. Videos that inspire, educate or entertain your audience will always get more likes and shares- exactly what you want. Your message should be clear and precise. If you focus on one theme or idea only, the video will look more interesting.

You can also focus on creating some playlists on Facebook and share what you like with others. Use your videos along with guest videos from other creators to get the best results. This would make them include your videos in their playlists and both of you will get a larger audience to cater to.

Call to action are great

You can also use the ‘Watch Video’ tab on your page to create a unique calls to action for your video. This tab will redirect the audience to a video on your website through a cover photo. This simple tab can be used to drive traffic to your website.

However, you have to remember that the cover photo has to be as interesting and catchy as possible. Only a great cover photo that drives the audience to click the tab will help your cause. Still, it is a great option to explore as a content creator or advertiser.

Facebook videos should be the vehicle of your choice when you wish to make video content marketing work for you. Try today to make use of the untapped potential of this small but powerful tool.

How To Get More Clicks From Your Video


Creating a great video for the promotion of your business, brand or product is one thing and making sure that the video gets viewership another. A lot of brands with amazing videos go unnoticed simply because they lack the techniques which can make the users click. Learn more about these techniques below.

Types of web video marketing you should know about

Web Videos

Every business has a story and you can relate your tales to the audience through a video that runs for a couple of minutes whereby you can entice them into buying your product or the idea that you are selling.

Explainer Videos

Ensure the explainer video does not play for more than 2 minutes as short and crisp videos always grab more attention. Also introduce the audience to the company shortly after the video begins. It helps in maintaining a good image.

Animated Video

Images and illustrations are an important constituent of animated videos. Keep the animation playing for 2-3 minutes whilst spinning a story, maintaining the voiceover pitch and background effects for entertaining the viewers and directing them to the website.

Motion Graphics Video

You should be able to get the most attention from your audience in motion graphics videos. They will always keep the audience interested. It is a great idea for keeping them intrigued about your company and your products.

Landing Page Video

Landing page videos are posted on the company website at a strategic location to receive the highest number of clicks. The video is usually 1-2 minutes long whereby the viewer is introduced to the company and its offerings.

Home Page Video

Placing an online video option on your homepage at a prominent location will help your drive more customers to your landing page. It would help the customers know more about you in a couple of minutes than they will ever know.

Marketing Video

Marketing videos come handy to increase the sales pitch. You must consider enwrapping a story that will keep the audience glued to the screen whereby you can consider the company image and the target customers.

Corporate Video

The necessities of corporate videos include – budget, script, shoot location, artists, cameraman and lighting squad. All this is not needed in explainer videos but they still provide a better final result. Client testimony is another addition that corporate videos may find the need for.

Increase Video Views

How to increase the viewers of your videos


Keeping a tagline near the play button or below the video window where by the audience are motivated to click the URL website name can be helpful in directing people to the chosen webpage.It would help in getting more traffic.

Animated Cursors

Animated cursors on your videos make them appear more interactive. Moreover, these cursors can also be used to direct your viewers to your landing page. Just the introduction of this cursor would be enough to make your video look amazing.

Opting for scenario creations through storytelling

Creating a scenario in the video where the utilization of the product is the best available option to ease the work-load can also be introduced in the attempts to increase webpage traffic. The situation can be depicted as grim as well as distressing after which the product can be introduced to the viewers to resolve the crisis.

How to make storytelling more effective

In order to make your video’s story more effective, you have to ensure that your story can be related to actual problems that your audience goes through. Good market research will help you in finding the problems that your audience faces. So ensure that you understand your audience first and then create stories that really matter to them.

You have to focus on small things that make your stories easier to relate with. Include a lot of icon as well as characters in your videos. Stick to a solid storyline as well. When followed properly, these small and simple steps will help you create a video that gets maximum likes and shares online.

Different Ways of Product Usage

If the company product has various uses then you can inform the customers about the divergent applications through the video. They can also have the option of clicking on particular product usage for further information. Whenever a certain way in which the product can be used shows up on the video then the concerned link can be made available to the viewers.

The audience can click on the option for additional details regarding the prescribed usage for which the product can be deemed useful.To conclude, it can be said that web videos have to be crafted very carefully wherein the company image should be given prominence as how the customer perceives your company is highly important to induce them to approach your company.

Tips for Choosing Perfect Voice over for Your Explainer Video

What makes Explainer videos an effective marketing tool? It is their engaging visuals, which help in building a pool of audience. The two main elements of a compelling explainer video – perfect script and perfect voice-over allow delivering the message in concise, simple, yet effective manner. Once you are ready with the script of your video, it’s time for you to find a perfect voice. It is where a voice actor comes into the picture.

You can make the process easier if you know about the facts that should be considered when choice making. Here are a few tips that could serve you as a guide.

Decide upon the location first

Before initiating your search for a Voice over actor decide the place where the recording will take place. If you have chosen a local studio, then a local talent will meet your needs better, but if it’s a home recording set up, then you’ll need to look for a national talent. 

Do you need a male voice-over or a female voice-over?

It’s not necessary to hire only one voice over artist for recording your script. You may hire either a male or a female or both. If the video will be related to a beauty product, it’s likely that your target market will constitute women. Videos about beauty products generally involve experiences, in such cases the Voice over artists should be a female.

The choice of a male or female voice over artist largely depends on the requirements of the video. Know about the target audience and define your requirements accordingly. Additionally, you should consider the message that you want to deliver through the video. The nature of video is another important factor that should be considered here.

Consider high quality demos

Indeed, only high-class Voice over artists can come up with high quality demos. Skilled persons always like to show off the range and various styles of their voice. Imagine the person giving voice to your script. Shortlist two or three artists and make a detailed analysis about each. Put on the headphones and listen carefully. Mark the quality of their tone and pitch.

Make use of superior voice quality for best results

Make sure the voice quality is unique; it should have a distinguished factor. Mark the quality of the rhythm, the reading flow, the clarity in the artist’s Also, listen for clarity in his/her pronunciation. A distinctive, professional voice with excellent diction is a perfect choice for explainer videos.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Voiceover for Your Explainer Video_female

Right accent is mandatory

The accent is another important factor that helps in building a good connection with your target audience. It stands among the most crucial convincing factors. If any two countries have the same native language, accent stands as the differentiating factor. A video with an accent that is known to your audience is like giving them something of their desire. Hence, you should always look forward to hire a native artist in order to build proper connection with your target audience.

The voice over should match the subject.

The qualities of Voice over artists vary from one another. Where the voice of some experts is perfect for upbeat and motivational projects, the others may sound too serious. Some topics require a serious voice, while some require playful and light sound. Know about the subject of your video and then choose the artist accordingly. The artist that you hire should be able to perform well in all kinds of styles and moods. He/she should be skilled enough to handle all kinds of requirements of the video.

Look for a narrator if you need variation

A few artists out there have distinct voices and can produce different voices at the same time. Instead of hiring two or more artists, you can find one person who can potentially produce multiple voices and cover several characters. This is not only a cost effective solution, but also saves a lot of time. Just a switch over of the dress or costume and you’ll get a voice over artist for another character out of the same person.

Don’t miss out any of the above tips!

The tenor, tone and pitch or tenor reflects the intention and attitude of the company. Hence, you should take special care when choosing a voice over artist. Keep in mind that the voice-over artist that you choose should be able to blend her/his voice according to the character and subject of the video.

Moreover, the voice-over artist should have a certain level of uniqueness and fun in her/his voice. Define your preferences before choosing a Voice over. Make sure that you take an informed decision. Interview five to six voice-over artists and know about the special features of each.

Take wise decision while selecting choosing a voice over artist

Choosing a voice over artists is an important decision, as an explainer video is the ladder to your success. So be extra careful while making a choice.




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Do you know what is challenging about video for SEO. Let’s find out

Do you know what is challenging about video for SEO. Let's find out_1

Among the many promising verticals, of the verticals that have been a challenge universally is the SEO vertical. The SEO industry has many service providers. The industry needs more people to indulge in the services and hence providers are encouraging stay at home adults and students to take this up as an part time work and an income to them.

Reaching out to these many people who are opting to take up SEO services is the challenge. There are innumerable articles out there that explain – how one can earn quick money using SEO services (advertising, PPC Google Adsense). Are there videos? – yes, there are many videos that explain SEO in detail. But in our (Solly Labs) opinion, we would state that these videos are not in a great shape.

The key reasons why the above video does not address the objectives:

  • It does not have a clear introduction
  • The video does not sell the idea to the beginners
  • The video has animated figures but is not a clear example of an explainer video.
  • The video is more of an introduction of the company
  • SEO setup is a detailed process – configuring individual account, managing ads, and many others. Although this video must not be aimed and providing details. It must address the basic introduction of each of the points stated before.

Do you know what is challenging about video for SEO. Let's find out_2

Many videos in youtube fail to portray that SEO is vast and there are many features that one can enable by opting for SEO as their income. Several who are capable have adopted the services as a full time job option but most of the beginners fail to understand SEO – one of the key reasons is “no appropriate content (videos too).

At Solly labs, we would like to build an SEO content appropriate video for relevant users. SEO related subject matter experts can contact us createvideos@ to help us build a win-win objective video for SEO aspirants.

E-book promotion : Get noticed today!

As discussed in all our previous posts, short videos make a fruitful change to many products, services, organizations and even book launches. We had discussed previously, that explainer animated videos are marking a great change for book launches. The idea is while a film company can release a movie based on book, then why not display a short trailer that explains the book itself.

In India, the book that set the trailer-trend was the one below:


Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha, written by Amish Tripati brought in rave reviews among its readers. The book was well received. The key success reason is definitely the content of the book. However, The publisher and the writer together ensured that they tapped all marketing avenues. At the time of the book release, one could find banner and newspaper advertisements. One other collateral that made rounds to get this book famous was the book trailer. The trailer opens with an impressive voice-over. The striking frame of the video is the cover page of the book. The author and the publisher have launched a smooth, short and to-the-point video that got the viewers to watch the video and thereby added as an influencer to the buying behavior.


One other video that we at Solly labs came across was:

It is a video of another book Stumbled upon destiny. This is a clear example of an animated explainer video. The story deals about an arranged marriage concept in India. And, this video provides a smooth animation of the concept, thereby making it an interesting book for the readers to pick up and read.

Such is the power of video – as emphasized before in all our previous articles. Videos are an easy method to express ourselves. Research suggests that people understand a video much better than a book. That could be one of the key reasons, why producers like to convert a novel into a movie.


How the trend of launching book trailers came to India?

Similarly, the reversed idea is working as well. People like to watch a trailer and then pick up a book that interests them. Every industry has seen a growing change in the last five to ten years. The publishing industry is one other that witnessed change. There were emergence of new authors, publishers and various mediums to publish books. Marketing efforts grew intensive as well. Publishers and authors had to explore new ways of marketing to make sure that their book received maximum exposure among millions others. Some of the publications realized the value of a gripping cover page, while some others relied on the traditional book launch events and several others worked on trailer videos. The trailer videos are still a growing trend in India.


12 things to remember while hiring on Services Marketplace

Here is this Freelancing magic wand called Elance. It is amust-have for every professional dreaming of lucrative work. Whether your goal is to make $50 in a day or $50,000 over a year, anyone can find work and build a career. And most everyone gets their value for their money. The possibilities are as massive as the Elance community.

If you are looking to hire, you may have a tough time choosing between a number of equally compelling proposals. This article can help. Based on my experience working and hiring on Elance, I have put together a list of things I would check for my “THE ONE” provider. Getting the right results from providers at Elance is true science. Let’s unleash…





 Obviously, the first thing anyone would look at is the project title. So it can attract the right people to apply on your job almost instantly. It’s important that it has a clear indication of work volume and nature. For instance, “Need a video” should be something like “Need a 60 second video with script and voice over” and “Freelance animator” with something like “Freelance animator for 2×60 second videos with script and voice over”.  Specific and descriptive titles will yield much better results for you..



Writing a thorough description will save your time communicating back and forth with providers at a later stage. It will also help you get responses so appropriate that you may end up selecting just by seeing the first proposal. Efficient, right? On the other hand, a not so good description will only surprise you and potential providers once you start discussing details: Changes in timeline, increase in price, or even realizing you’re searching for the wrong kind of provider late in the process. Work on your requirements beforehand and see results flow.



When you are hiring, you would want to spend every buck wisely. But it’s important that the service you buy gives you value. Keeping the budget too low may attract the lowballers who don’t have much to offer while the providers who can add real value for you stay away. Unlike clients, providers pay for every bid. The wise and quality provider will only send proposals for value projects.

The reason is clear: the people working with Elance are usually dependent for all the work on this network. Anything you pay earns the bread for someone, so be fair. And working with reliable provider pays off for you in the long run. They offer commitment and offer long term association. They love what they do J. Paying fairly is just a motivation for them to keep it up.


Join Our Team


This is the point I give the most weight. It’s human to learn from experiences someone else has had with a product or  person. I’m a true fan of how Elance continues to manage the credibility of their feedback system. When you are planning to hire, do take some time to see the employment history. It speaks more than anything. I would say lower than four out of five stars on Elance is beyond consideration.

Here is a quickie on how you can check the feedback on a provider’s profile.

Click on the profile Link and you see the page below:



Go for Job History >>


Let statistics speak for you.

Here are some shortlisted profiles with excellent reviews :

Animation  : https://www.elance.com/s/sollylabs/

Graphic Design : https://www.elance.com/s/thenetmencorp/

Web Development : https://www.elance.com/s/synapseindia/

Writing : https://www.elance.com/s/24x7virtualgenie


#CAUTION, do not judge a provider based on a single bad ranking provided bya client. You know many people aren’t wired to appreciate quality work. Remember J Jonah Jameson from Spiderman, who made our innocent Peter’s life difficult all the time? I will be discussing more on this species in another post.  Meanwhile, I suggest to look through and find what at-least ten past clients say Then make a decision.



Elance has its unique set of combinations with which it designates a certain level to its freelancers. Elance has its own “Da vinci” code for rewarding these levels. And it is the fascinating number that all providers crave for. It  goes unsaid that providers doing everything right would have a good level. To me, good level is anything beyond 8.  Freelancers beyond this take things seriously. Here is a screen grab for skill level.




When you hire people you neverknow what their creative input can do to your idea. A perfect example is getting an explainer video. If you go for those who propose fair prices, you have a chance to sit back and let them take things to a higher level.

In another case, when you hire a provider solely because his or her quote was lowest you can’t expect themto over perform. In most cases, you might end the job frustrated with their poor understanding and interest in you.

Another critical pointis that providers who have insanely charges compromise your confidence. They don’t have much to lose. So be wary of whom you work with.

On the other hand, you can always expect the fair bidders to go the extra mile for you. It doesn’t matter to them if they lose some weight in the process. (pun intended) J



Some projects need little communication but for most, communication is critical. Be sure the provider you plan to hire is responsive and understands you well. The best way to judge that is set up a real time conversation and see for yourself. Time zone barriers have already been shut down by Elance. Set up a meeting, Skype or phone or maybe Elance itself would work extremely well.

You need to take this step to ensure you get the best for yourself.


Take my word for it: your product, service or anything you hire people for is your baby. And putting that baby in the hands of an irresponsible nanny is not something anyone would do.



I would advise you hide them before they can disturb. I have seen so many providers who don’t care for what you need or may just not have read your description but still submit an automated response. Their only fate: dump them as you can. Otherwise, they will distract you from the other serious providers.



Working online is so much different than working with others in person. The ability to see that second party adds a lot. You can always sense the direction of communication by looking at their facial expressions. While Elance frees you of so many extra nuisances, it makes good communication a key factor.

Whatever you write, always proofread and be sure if you really want to write that. Staying polite will do no harm. Be the good guy and develop relations.


I have so many clients who share every bit of their project idea and detail in a description. While many of us don’t know or realize it, Elance jobs can also be seen on search engines.

Always share something that is close to what you are and what you want. Share the exact details with the one you choose to work with.



You must always invariably check for a provider’s work history. This can be easily seen again by looking at his profile and the completed jobs. The more jobs the provider has the more experienced he or she would be. But do look for what his past client think of him through the feedback rating system (explained above).



When you are hiring for a job type where you are expecting daily updates from a provider, it is important to check his log-in history. You know many freelancers submit proposals when they have some scarce resources elsewhere. This clearly indicates that, to them, Elance is probably a business surplus. So, I expect such providers may not respond as effectively as those who depend more on Elance.

How do you check this? Yes, there is an option to check when the provider did his last sign-in by simply viewing his profile (again). Refer steps in screenshot below.

I recommend considering freelancers who login every second day as “reliable”.

I believe we’ve pretty much covered everything you will need to know for getting an awesome output on Elance. I wish you good luck for your next gig 🙂



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Why a good Storytelling works for animated videos ?

A good dose of technical art is noticed when it is combined with a great storyline. And, movies have the greatest storyline ever. An animated movie is all about momentum and a character in motion — a picture art line —which draws a viewer’s involvement. Today, audiences value a good animated movie. A good animated movie with some sophisticated humor is what is bringing the adults back to the movie theaters. One such movie that stood as a favorite among all age groups in the recent time is Ratatouille.



Ratatouilleis a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures (Source: Wikipedia).



Ratatouille tells the story of a rat who is passionate about cooking. His passion leads him from his home to a fine Parisian restaurant where he explores his best interest. The movie is a combination of good storyline and smooth animation with subtle color and design.

Pixar animation is a quality in itself. The stand-out factor of Pixar animation is that the frames exhibit awell-coordinated work rather than an art put-up by different specialists who have just tried to fix shapes and add colors to it. All Pixar’s animated movies is a blend of motion pictures with natural colors and even character movements. There is a smooth transition from one frame to another and a natural elasticity within each frame.


The beginning….

The beginning of making an animated movie starts from the point of conceiving the plot and its characters. The success of the movie entirely lies on the shoulders of the art director and cinematographer. Animated movie is an experiment with colors and designs by a team of people, until someone gets it right. With the need for high quality, one can only say that the experiment is as long as it can get. The team has to constantly draw inspiration from multiple sources, create, edit and delete sketches, craft characters and mix colors. This effort has to be re-iterated until the desired level of art and quality is met.


The build….

The beginning is a great deal. However, the quality is achieved when that great idea, plot and characters are translated into a master-piece. The animation must resemble a well-shot movie. The characters have to come alive and talk to their audiences. The artists and visual designers at Pixar did a commendable job on Ratatouille. There was an extra emphasis placed for even the smallestof objects (apart from the main characters) that appeared in the movie. The visual style was embroidered with color, texture and lighting effects.


The end…..

The end of the entire experiment was what we saw – a realistic and a high quality animated movie that won accolades. The movie is still a favorite among the adults and children. For those who have a great visual appetite, Ratatouille must be on your menu.




TED – adopted “explainer video” marketing

One of the creative video businesses that have never gone unnoticed is the TED conferences. Although the business model of this non-profit company is different (live conferences hosted by eminent speakers), the marketing methodology that the company adopted is what is garnering them rave reviews – videos. The conference attendees in their physical space maybe great in number but the virtual space have gifted the enterprise with a huge viewer database which is undoubtedly the sole reason for the business expansion.


To list a few of the reasons why the TED conferences explainer videos are a great success:-


  1. This goes without saying – the company produces quality content by market leaders which makes the talk engaging and value for time and money.
  2. Pictures say a thousand words! Videos can do a better job than the pictures – Explainer videos is a fascination among the Gen X and Y. The five to ten minutes (on an average) of videos that supplements textual information in an audio-visual format is a knowledge gain in this busy world.
  3. The TED videos have talked about good companies, products and ideas. The company has demonstrated its wide reach capabilities. The videos are a great medium to reach to millions of relevant visitors.
  4. TED talks and presentations are stimulating, enlightening and challenging. The videos project the same message within the short stipulated time. It does not affect the attention span of an average visitor.
  5. Social Networking – TED videos are available in the video social networking sites (SNS) like – “Youtube”, “Dailymotion” and “Vimeo”. In the recent past, we have only observed a gain adopting the social networking way. TED has benefitted from these prominent SNS.


From the social networking reach, TED has now moved on to broadcasting on television, radio and even on Netflix. This is a sure shot way of garnering viewership as the deliverable medium is “explainer videos”. Moving the brand forward, TED is a global online communal that has visitors of similar interests all across the world. They grow under their tagline “ideas worth spreading”. Vouching for their tag line, millions of companies and non-profits are queuing to spread their individual service ideas through TED speeches. TED provide a new way to helps businesses think differently. The statistics indicate that the viewers of the TED talks are mostly the entrepreneurs, trade enthusiasts and the market consultants. This very well explains the trends that TED has been able to set, which is the need to stay ahead in the market, the need to know the rising demands and more. Every TED video is a simple demonstration of the above ideas.


To summarize, TED has believed in imparting knowledge from the leaders to the enthusiasts using a simple methodology – explainer videos. These explainer videos have been their “cash cow” medium to spread winning ideas. TED and few other companies are exploring newer mediums to exhibit their video conferences. In the future, we can witness many other new entrants in this business space.  It is for us to wait and watch the innovative trends that the video marketing entrants plan to adopt.


About TED: TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conferences began in 1990.


About Solly Labs: Solly Labs is an Animation Studio, creating animated marketing videos for startups and new business. The company builds to transform well defined ideas to dynamic marketing videos. Solly Labs is headquartered in the USA and has been operational in the UK, Australia, North America and India.

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