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10 Great 360 Degree Video’s Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Once you have understood the concept of the 360-degree video, you are clearly aware of the way it’s a crazy thing. Humans have been a bit more interested in knowing the facts under the wraps, and 360-degree video is pretty much about these things. It enables you to capture the candid moments, those freaky clicks about which the concerned person is not aware of. Often, captures of such have been the most intriguing than those obvious effusive expressions.

Hence, it’s all about the way you manage to utilize the option. Capturing the unique videos is not necessarily being for amusements, these are equally encouraging from a business point of views as well. The line-up is about some f such cool ideas those can make your day with the 360-degree videos.

Capturing the seat-edge thriller moments of a high voltage game!

Entertainment factor involved with these sorts of videos is simply top notch. Things get even interesting if the team you are supporting wins. In a rare scenario of finding the honest expressions of a human face, these are the occasions you should never miss. And, 360-degree video can deliver you it in the best fashion. Now upload it to your social media page, at your sports blog, or simply at your profile, attention is obvious to get driven.

Parachute Landing:

The world is yours if you are adventurous. Breaking the barriers is the only way to experience the freedom. Free falling from a height of many thousands is not something that can be expressed with sheer words. You need something like the 360-degree camera to let everyone witness about it. These moments don’t come too often in life. Hence, you would also love to have one for you.

Harmony of a blissful concert:

Harmony is when millions enjoy the concert of a great rock star and wave hands to the tunes he plays. No matter how boorish someone is, but he/she can certainly feel the music being part of such nostalgic environment. However, you can deliver the same feel among the missing groups taking the best of these 360-degree videos.

Capturing the expression of your emotional/freaky buddy:

Movies are not real, but it entertains us only when we accept it’s happening. Some feel these fake happenings to a great extent, and some take it easy. Whatever, the million dollar part is the expression that someone your dearest buddy makes while getting indulged into the flick. It’s been the best source of laughter for many. If you wish to make it happen secretly, then 360-degree video capture is a nice recommendation.

The horrendous impact of a hurricane:

It might not be cool, but certainly something the best way to witness the nature at one of its gargantuan frames. Breaking a stubborn tower down into its knees is that these hurricanes have done many times. But, you don’t often manage to capture these things as you something like a 360-degree video device.

Getting deep into the groove of seas:

You have experienced the utmost accomplishment once you have managed to hear the silence. Normally, our sensory would have to put efforts for getting at any moment. But, deep inside the sea, these are the arenas where things become effortless. The mind becomes blank. 360-degree videos can’t have any better use than capturing these very grandeurs of nature.

Being part of a bike race:

Being a biker, you don’t need the definition of thrill. But, your friends those are not aware certainly deserve the same. Good news is that the 360-degree video making devices have gone extremely flexible to be incorporated anywhere. Killer sound of the race track along the thrilling speed live from the centre is worth watching.

Wildlife captures:

There is no meaning of watching the version of an aggressive tiger. You pay as you want to watch their activities in the most realistic forms. Safaris no doubt treat us with such great opportunities. If such a tour is on the cards for you, then forget not to take the 360-degree capturing device with you. You are obviously going to come across with something too endearing to capture.

Never miss the buddies:

With 360 degree videos, the concept of online tutorials being boring is going to change. If someone can’t attain the dance class for any reason, and desperately missing the environment created by having the buddies around, then don’t let him. It’s simple; just make the 360-degree videos in use and let him enjoy what’s going on in a minute corner of the class.

Showcase the talent:

360-degree videos encourage you to let the world know about our potential. Especially, your creativity skills can be fine-tuned in the best ways with the trending short movies through the usage of the 360 videos. Having the captures from each angle, it offers you a scope to analyse things about finding the best shot to be showcased.

You Can Now Watch and Upload 360-Degree Videos on YouTube

In the recent times we have been witness to major technological improvements. We saw the rise of Facebook, Google, YouTube and many other technologies which brought us closer to the Internet. The mere aesthetics of these websites were not responsible for drawing users.

The functionality of these websites also played a substantial role in their rising popularity. Now we are looking at times when these services will change platforms, attain new shades and include versatile features for sustaining the ever evolving internet community. In this discussion we shall be reviewing some of the facets and implications of YouTube’s groundbreaking 360 degree video.

The Initiative…

YouTube announced the project for 360-degree video back in January 2015. Within a few months, the majority of users accessed support from YouTube to upload 360-degree videos and, as a result, innumerable users have begun to include 360-degree videos in content libraries.

The quest for excellence never ceases, and this trend is bound to advance on to include 4K videos on YouTube in the future. Given below are some interesting points which will bring you closer to the world of 360-degree videos.

How to Do It?

• The foremost requirement to create a 360-degree video is a compatible camera.

• YouTube has listed four cameras which are suitable for capturing 360-degree videos.

• They are Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, Giroptic 360cam and the Kodak SP360.

• These cameras cost roughly around $200-$500 and can be availed at prominent online stores.

• Even if you do not find these cameras or if you are unable to afford them, you don’t need to worry.

Keep Calm and Read On!

• Try gluing a few old flip cameras and rig yourself a fascinating piece of photography equipment.

• In the case of the four cameras indicated above, you need to follow encoding guidelines as recommended by YouTube.

• In the case of the latter situation i.e. your rigged equipment, you need software known as Kolor Autopano Video Software, which is used for combining video files together.

• Once you have generated a YouTube supported video, you shall be holding the opinion that a simple click on the ‘upload’ button would do the trick.

• No, my friend! After you generate the supported video, you need to scrub the video.

• This can be done by acquiring the 360 apps from Google support.

• Computer and coding enthusiasts can formulate scripts to do it differently.

• You can avail instructions from Google support any time you face an issue with any of the scripting, combining or creation phases.

Make It Friendly…

As an uploader, you can provide specific instructions to your viewers and at the same time inform them of the beneficial and informative facets of the 360-degree video. This feature has been successfully implemented in Android and Chrome browsers. Users can derive the maximum from 360-degree videos with the instructions provided by you.

One for the Gamers…

Gamers will love this feature since YouTube allows you to pan the screen from left to right and vice versa just by using the WASD buttons. This feature not only allows panning the screen from left to right and vice versa only.

Users can set any reference point for viewing a 360-degree video. The use of WASD for this initiative indicates that the makers took first person shooting games into consideration. Now you can enjoy real life videos like a video game and look at each and every detail of the videos.

Go Mobile As Well…

The functionality of the 360-degree video in mobiles was under speculations owing to the variation in display size, system specifications and support for OS. However, all skeptics heaved a sigh of relief with the inbuilt feature of 360-degree videos in mobile phones i.e. the video adjusts position according to the position of the mobile. If put simply, the view of the video changes if you move the phone. Enthusiasts have pointed out to the use of virtual reality goggles which will make this experience a more splendid one.

Marketing 360 Degrees…

360-degree videos comprise of flexibility as well as sheer magnificence in visual appeal. Thus, these videos are adept marketing tools and can be used in a variety of sectors such as real estate, SEO, and other corporate enterprises. Product descriptions would become more vivid and appease the eyes of potential customers. E-commerce stores could use 360-degree videos for product description. Users will be able to analyze the product from all sides and thus prepare a valid impression of the product.

Have you booked your tickets for the next soccer match in your locality? If you want to take a complete viewing experience of the match, then the 360-degree videos will be the right choice.

The inclination of people all around the world for the 360-degree video technology is gaining momentum. So you need to get one of the cameras, start shooting, upload 360-degree videos and earn a whole lot of clicks which subsequently spells ‘money’ for you.

8 Ways to Give Expandable Explanations In Your Short Explainer Video

Online involvement of internet users is increasing at a staggering rate. Newer tactics are being devised every day, and the Explainer video is one such innovation. Let us get to know some details about this video. Promotion of content is the major concern for websites today, and audiovisual content enjoys the maximum appreciation of the users.

Hence, we need to provide infographics and imagery in our content to make it appeasing to any individual visiting your website. A video explaining your organizational objectives and operating strategies to your clients will contribute unconditionally to the prosperity of your website. Furthermore, people do not prefer extensively written content since they are tiring and do not facilitate substantial grounds for comprehension.

Animated explainer videos have created a void in the domain of online marketing which can only be filled with them. They have created the urgency to formulate prolifically and vibrantly crafted videos which provide accurate details of your business. Google has escalated the complexity of its search engine algorithms and the necessity for authentic visual content cannot be undermined accordingly.

So let us dive into the world of explanatory visual content for you website and know what they have to offer!

1. Conversion rates refer to the number of visitors to your website who turn out to be consumers of your products. Traditional methods of product appraisal through maintenance of sales records can be put to rest. With description videos, we can assess the performance of a product by looking at the views on the videos of specific products. Users who witness an explanation video are more likely to purchase a product than the ones who view banal content.

2. Interpretation of textual content depends upon the reasoning and preferences of the reader. However, animation videos with the description of services can enlighten a visitor. A user can gather proper explanation of the product, and you can establish a better connect with the client. You can describe the vision of your business and what you can offer to clients through such videos and be sure that they will choose you over your peers.

3. Videos explaining a specific product or business facilitate increased interest. Recent studies have revealed that 70 percent of Internet users watch online videos. This fact must be enough to describe the necessity of videos to generate interest among the public regarding a product of your organization. Social channels are also a pragmatic option to promulgate your vision through videos.

4. Better rankings can be ensured only by adapting to Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithms. The era of malicious content promotion has passed away and in the present scenario, we have to ensure creative content delivered at the doorstep of every internet user. Animation videos are the first elements to attract attention in contrast to massive chunks of text and imagery. You would never want the cost of a video to bother you in promotion and exposure to clients.

5. The term “Viral” was introduced with the widespread acclaim for videos on YouTube. This cleared suspicions over the exposure of videos on the online platform. Many leading businesses have showed that application of visual content in promotional strategies has rendered fruitful results. Thus, animated explanation videos have better prospects for improving your business exposure.

6. The audience is the key to every marketing strategy! Grabbing the attention of the viewers is only possible through an animated explainer video. However, the use of flashy images and vibrant fonts in texts doesn’t solve your problems. It only works in misguiding the client from the basics and decreasing the load time of the website. On the contrary, a mere video will do it all- content, images and colorful presentation!

7. Pitching your product to clients through boring textual content can land you in situations where you are unable to describe complex products and services. Videos can be used to deliver credible content with a formidable script and appealing visuals which facilitate the easy description of the services.

8. Easy sharing is one of the prominent benefits of explainer videos. Unlike any other media such as text or image, videos attract the attention of more individuals and thus call for sharing over widespread online platforms. Modern sites are compatible with smartphones, and this comes as a good sign for website owners to step up their promotional plans.

Now that you have taken an overview of the world of visual content and their significance in the promotion of businesses, it is time to get up and revise your choices. Do not fall for incompetent strategies and methods while designing an animated explainer video for your website. Take a chip off the old block and assess various websites with videos to explain their services. This will aid you in clarifying any remaining suspicions and deliver a plausible solution to promoting your website.

360 Degree Video Tips You Need To Learn Now

The most straight forward definition of a 360-degree camera is something that can offer you the coverage of the events going on at the rear end of the camera. In general, we have so far managed to view and shoot everything within hundred seventy degrees using the conventional cameras.

But, the 360-degree camera is something that is going to offer you an all-out coverage from a single point. This form of the cameras is now a trend starting from digital marketing to the world of media. The following 7 tips can be handy for someone looking to take the best out of these.

Why Preparing Your Camera Is A Better Way:

It’s always a better option to prepare a 360-degree camera of your own through various GoPro cameras. To prepare the most prolific rig that can fit with most website requirements, it is recommended to go with six-seven cameras. Anyway, going with a single camera is not recommended as it can confine you to only a few sites. These cameras are expensive, and all these cameras don’t support all websites.

The Editing Tool Should Fit All Platforms:

There are various editing tools available for the 360-degree videos. However, it is suggested that you go with the one that suits the YouTube platform. Again, it should be working fine with all operating system platforms as well. In many occasions, it has been seen that a tool for one platform doesn’t work fine with the others, especially YouTube. These editors let you sync, prepare it for desired resolution, etc.

How to Upload a 360-Degree Video

Uploading a 360-degree video over the YouTube or a social media site (Facebook) is never an issue once you have the right metadata. These things get even easier if you have picked the exclusive cameras (not made manually using rigs and cameras).

For YouTube, you need the specific application. However, it is important to make sure that the video adds the desired metadata for it to be functioning properly.

To upload on YouTube:

• Have the desired 360-degree application.

• Prepare a 360-degree compatible file with the application.

• Have the required metadata application that fits for all platforms. Select the video file and click on the option to save.

• As you give a name to the file, a new file is generated at the same destination where the original video was there.

• Now your 360-degree video (the new file) is ready to be uploaded over YouTube. It takes about an hour to get uploaded.

Why Preparing Your Script Is Not Recommended Always:

You can upload a 360-degree video using the Python scripts as well. However, this (Python) method is not a convincing one as it demands good scripting skill. It’s never suitable at all for the non-technical groups of people. Again, the above-mentioned method (using the app) is quite easier and safer in comparison with the scripting methods. It takes lesser hours as well.

How To See Facebook 360 Videos:

360-degree video is expected to be buzzing over the Social Media. Especially, Facebook is going to make things really interesting in this regard. Some enthusiastic social media marketers would be relentlessly waiting for witnessing exactly how it looks like.

Though it’s a fact that there are not huge collections available on this regard, still, if you can’t wait to get an idea, then to visit the official Facebook page of 360-degree videos can be helpful. Else, you can go through the link given below straightaway. There are quite a few of those available for your better reference.

Pick The Rigs According To The Cameras:

As mentioned above, using the rigs are the most convenient options available for preparing 360-degree videos. To incorporate the expensive GoPro cameras with rigs, it might be expensive for many. However, these things can be enjoyed well within your budget as well. At around $400 budget, there are devices to fit really into your expectations.

The image qualities are quite acceptable as well. But, the most important part to keep in mind on this aspect is to ensure that the rig fits with the cameras nice. In some cases, the videos produced get compromised a bit due to the lower ends of rigs coming on the way. It’s suggested in this context is to select the cameras first (if you are opting for the smaller cameras), and then pick the rigs in accordance.

Prepare The Priority List For Facebook:

360-degree video and the social media combination are certainly aimed at a bigger marketing purpose. Hence, if marketing or enjoying the greater number of views is something you want (not the sheer purpose of learning), it is advised to upload the videos with the hashtag 360Video.

In this way, it becomes easy for your video to find the desired audience those who are looking for it. It is here to mention that Facebook allows only 360 videos of ten minutes these days. In another word, it has to carry the maximum memory of 1.75 GB. Hence, make sure you are making the best use of it.

How Marketing Video Is Becoming The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Anyone is desperately looking for a way to uplift his online business, from the stripping down traffic, should try his hand with the video marketing strategies. It’s like a tested method to save any business online, affected with visitor show down. Video marketing is already sparking and is expected to be keeping on the process in future days.

According to the analyst reports, the level user traffic for the marketing videos online is expected to be enjoying a major boost of more than eighty percent in coming 3-4 years. Currently, it is enjoying more than sixty percent hike in traffic in comparison with the earlier years.

Animated Explainer Videos: The Most Intuitive Forms

Putting the focus on the growth story, it would be evident that especially the animated explainer videos have been significant regarding dragging audience attentions. The best part about these animated videos is that it has everything to be interesting for a viewer. Animated characters have always been more interesting than the real people.

It can be any of your favourite characters, be it a super hero or sports star. Through the blend of high-end camera, top-notch background score and graphic effects, these videos have been thoroughly enchanting to make viewers click and show interest in purchase.

Why it’s the catchiest?

It’s quite evident that the online videos have been much more appealing to an audience than just going through huge explanations. More importantly, in an addictive scenario for the social media and the increasing usage of the internet on mobiles, the above ways of explainer videos have been much effective than the others. It’s natural for someone to stick for a short and catchy video, rather than going through hefty analytics or the conventional methods of someone talking baffling terms in a video.

Lesser expense greater advantage:

One of the biggest factors in favour of the online video marketing is that the costs involved for advertising a product in this way is much lesser in comparison with an equivalent video marketing over the TVs. Again, the number of options for your video to be released is much higher than the other methods. For example, you are having a number of options like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for your videos. These platforms have been enjoying viewers around the corners of the world. On the other hand, a certain program is only popular at a certain location. Again, there remains the fret of your video niche to fit with the program content.

It addresses what the classic ways don’t:

Being suitable for both the big brands and the moderate ones is one of the best reasons as well behind the strategy to get overwhelmingly successful worldwide. A B2B marketer might have some reason for its brand promotion, or something like that, to spend huge buck just on advertising stuff.

But, for a B2C marketer, someone who depends upon the consumer service a lot for the business to keep running can’t always expend a lot on TV ads. Digital Video marketing is certainly one of the best options for these people offering enough exposure and minimizing the budget to a great extent.

It’s not demanding:

For the production of a compliant TV ad, the video needs high-tech cameras along all good technologies to achieve a good quality. However, things are much simpler in the case of a digital video. You don’t need special arrangements to prepare HD video on various crucial marketing platforms like Facebook.

These platforms come with excellent features through which preparing an HD video becomes extremely easy. Again, you don’t need to shoot distinct videos for distinct platforms, like one for the smartphones and one for the desktop. Prepare a video on any platform; it configures itself well to appear in the desired way both for mobiles and desktops.

Crucial factors affecting the performance:

Preparing a marketing video for a product promotion is the simplest tasks on the earth that accompany can do. However, the most important part that matters the most for the success of these videos is how well you manage to confine the length of the video that can make it very specific for the audience out there. The lengths of these videos depend on the platform to be released.

If it has to be released to a social media, you shouldn’t make it larger than 2-3 minutes. Similarly, if it is based on a product demonstration or explaining about a service, then finding the right platform is more important than the length. A video of such kind you may release at a social media group based on the particular niche. However, you can’t introduce the lengthier edition of the same on a social media meant for all.

It’s the future:

On a whole, video marketing is going to transform the whole digital marketing over the web in the most convenient fashion. It’s soothing both regarding budget and the rate of return. Above all, it sees no discrimination; brands of any size can play with it their way. Hence, dragging the attraction of both groups, it certainly becomes the next marketing big thing.

How 360 Degree Video Can Increase Your Profit!

Video marketing is certainly one of the most preferred ways of making a product/service/idea go viral. Things have gone much more interesting now through the inception of the 360-degree videos. It’s not only handy regarding conveying things well in front of the customers; rather it’s equally appraising to judge the profit involved with the project.

Coming with multiple dimensions of video productions, these methodologies have enabled greater blend of technology, hence resulting in clearer analysis and profit. Here is an analytical dig at the various aspects of the 360-degree video that tells how it can be profitable from a business point of view.

Most Effective Option for Preparing a Story Telling Video:

Giant online marketing platforms like Google have been showing greater scopes for video marketing. Especially, Google Cardboard offering greater relaxes regarding price has been the most encouraging.

With those like Google Cardboard getting prominent, the marketing professionals have no other options available but to go with the best storytelling videos. At present, preparing an intuitive storytelling video can never have a better option than the 360-degree videos. Also, it manages to deliver you the best outcomes at the minimal price.

Meeting the Trending Demands, Squeezing the Manpower Need:

360-degree video concept has managed to be called the next marketing big thing, as it has been productive not just with the conventional reporting video production, but with the contemporary demands of digital marketing as well. Trending aspects like white board video animation can be incorporated in a much prolific way with the 360-degree videos than the classic ones.

Six to eight cameras’ functioning at a stretch has been certainly incredible to cut off the over all production costs, as one would need to employ additional manpower and camera costs otherwise. Again, stitching these videos under a single thread for presentation never becomes easy. Implementing the graphic works with 360-degree videos is much easier letting you be very specific about the point of incorporation.

Best Ratings, Easier Optimisation, Social Media Friendly

Media rating for a video says many things about the quality and its productiveness. It is here to mention that the media rates for the 360-degree videos are much enhanced than the classic options. Apart from this, the costs of SEO or other optimization techniques with these videos have been a lot lesser and been producing much better effects as well. It becomes even enchanting with the social media video marketing. Being specific, the social media platforms like Facebook have been incredibly supportive on this regard.

Best for the Regular Video Producers:

360-degree videos have been significant always about presenting a story. In concurrence, it has been easing the management costs and budget as well. Covering the complete angle, the concept has been incredible about conducting conferences and group interviews.

Through the process, both the time and budget becomes easier to manage. Even if you don’t want to prepare these videos yourself, there are the agencies those make it happen in no time, doesn’t matter how urgent you are at. If you need continuous video productions, then the process can be even more cost effective for you.

It’s A One Man Thing:

Be it animation videos or the explainer videos, each form of videos want the perfection. It’s more about the ideas being conveyed well to attain the success after all. On this context, 360-degree videos make it the most intuitive like never before.

The best part is that for the aspects like explaining a tutorial, where the number of people involved is around 1-2, these 360-degree videos can be handled by a single person only. The quality is also pretty good, and these are quite flexible as well for any technical tweaks. This is the reason that these forms of videos have been inspiring for the blogging or video demonstrations.

360-Degree Videos Are Attention Dragging At Social Media:

360-degree videos deserve a special discussion in relation to the social media. It’s never coveted about the rise in a number of video contents with the social media. With the videos in almost auto-playing mode at the social media these days, it’s quite confirmed that the viewer watches, at least, some portion of your video.

More the video is attractive; more is the chance for it to be viewed completely. And, if your video is coming up with something sensational, with a better way of demonstration, then it holds more chances to get viewed. Being specific, the 360-degree videos have been one of the most enjoyable parts than all other forms.


Preparing the Customer experience videos at various platforms, like the web to the television media, used to be the affairs of big brands earlier. However, through the emergence of 360-degree videos, and due to the budget-friendly nature of it, one can unarguably call it the concept of future generation. Hence, it’s important that you are already up for it.

360-Degree Video Is a Fad, Not the Future

Technological advancements have been an integral part of human civilization since time immemorial. We have progressed by the urge to do better in every sector through improvisations. The days of conventional video browsing have passed, and we are about to welcome a whole new brand of video making.

YouTube has created ripples in the domain of the internet with its novel 360-degree video concept. The features of 360-degree video are suited for the modern generation and are fit for creating videos associated with any sector. What we are looking at here is the bud of a sprawling tree which would expand its branches in the years to come.

Despite the frenzy among video enthusiasts on the introduction of the 360-degree video concept, there are many complications which could hamper the future of this unique and innovatory service from YouTube.

Though we wouldn’t treat the 360-degree video as an abomination in the world of internet, it is imperative to analyze the feature and scout the shortcomings. In this article, we shall point out a few circumstances which have culminated from the advent of the 360-degree video.

Infinite Panorama, But Of No Use…

The original concept behind panoramic photography was to facilitate capturing any landscape at maximum clarity. With the 360 degree videos, we can access infinite panorama, and this is where the real problem lies. Watching an infinite panorama turns everything into a focal view and ultimately, the details in the video are shifted to the edges.

The effect of 360-degree video modification has extended to the precise stitching of videos captured from different cameras. This feature allows the video a sense of continuity but has an adverse effect on the visual appeal of the video.

Not For the Common Man…

360-degree videos are not the cup of tea for casual photographers and the common mobile user. The cameras required for shooting a 360-degree video are quite expensive and come in the price range of $200-$500. Any normal person wouldn’t opt for this kind of expenditure just to watch a video panning according to the position of a mobile screen or a mouse.

This factor will pose a serious threat to the prospects of this feature’s expansion. With such enormous expenditure involved, it is impossible for 2 billion smartphone users around the world to appreciate the 360-degree video service from YouTube.

Bandwidth Gets Slaughtered…

Your bandwidth and data usage fall prey to 360-degree videos. The amount of data in each video cannot be viewed at once. While seeing one part of the video you cannot see the other part. But the bandwidth and data used for watching the video will be calculated by taking the total size of the file.

According to Anjali Wheeler, the project lead for YouTube’s 360 degrees and 3D video playback, the approximate bandwidth usage of a 360-degree video is four to five times more than conventional YouTube videos. You don’t have to worry about this factor unless you have Wi-Fi or else you may end up sucking on the total data available in your phone which could have lasted a month just by watching a single video.

Furthermore, a user needs to have high-end system specifications and a lightning fast internet connection to watch 360-degree videos without harming devices. Alternatively, Apple’s Live Photos are a pragmatic option as they do not levy burdensome data and bandwidth limitations on users.

No Respect for the End-User…

The makers might have focused their attention on providing fluidity and dynamics to videos. On the other hand, they forgot to take the needs of mobile users into consideration. The 360-degree video promised users with a ‘different’ experience. But the reception of every user is different from the other which reduces the credibility of the service.

Moreover, a user has to spend ample bandwidth as well as substantial amount of time to view a 360-degree video completely. In present times, mobile users are accustomed to using other applications while watching a video. In the case of a 360-degree video, the above said cannot be realized, and the user has to engage completely in viewing the video and leave out the rest. This process tends to malign the experience and users start to lose interest after a few videos.

Killing the Art in Videos…

The concept behind the 360-degree video is not influential for artistic purposes. The service has been designed in a generic fashion which doesn’t allow any scope for creativity on the part of the artist.

Shooting a 360-degree video requires positioning the camera and let it do its work. This damages the inherent fabric of filmmaking and thus the 360-degree video is bound to be rebuffed by many artists.

As we have learned in this article, there are many loopholes in the primitive design of 360-degree videos. Let us see whether these shortcomings take a back seat and allow the technology to prosper.

Customizing Homepage Videos to Perfection For Marketing

The homepage of a website is the flag bearer of the organization. Its purpose apart from garnering web traffic is to represent the business in good light. A homepage deserves a lot of attention not only because they serve as the mascot of business.

Among other numerous benefits of a homepage, its capability to express the organization’s objectives and product overviews is the topmost. Your homepage shall be able to describe your business within the minimum time possible so that your potential customers tend to browse your website further. The most probable and convenient solution to do this is to include a video on the homepage of your website.

Videos: The New Text

The gain in popularity of video content has increased due to the increase in some mobile phones. Mobile friendly content can be best expressed in the form of audiovisual content as no one would bother to read huge chunks of textual content on a mobile phone. Furthermore, surveys have suggested that a website has approximately 10 seconds to direct the attention of a user to their website. If the website fails to do so in 10 seconds, then chances of the user returning are almost zero.

Besides making a homepage engaging, videos are also essential tools to convey information comprehensively. If a homepage is spectacular with videos and a user accesses your website but doesn’t find any reliable information then conversion rates can go down drastically.

Textual description of products and services involve a lot of reading time. Adding to the woes of internet users, textual content is repetitive and tends to bore a person easily.

When We Have Videos, Why Do We Need To Worry?

Let us see what more can we do with videos to make the homepage of your website appreciated by all visitors to your website.

• Frame An Objective:

The basis of your business is your objective. The objective defines your organization and hence it should be the primary element in your video.

The video shall depict your purpose as fluently and grip as possible. People relate to what an organization does for them rather than what it can do for them. Try to express what facilities consumers can get by using your products or services. Keep it abstract and convey your message on a universal note without any bias.

• Narratives To Build Yourself A Story:

You don’t need to turn into a full-fledged script writer to design a plotline for your video. Use a storyboard and frame a story which would help users relate to your vision. Try to include elements in the story which will not disturb the natural fabric of your video. Examples of other individuals using your products or describing situations in which your product can benefit users can be apt additions to a video on your homepage.

Relating to the product on a personal level will help the customer to associate with the product for a long time. Other than this, a homepage video can be anything like an advertisement or a short film depicting actors using the products of business. Real-time surveys and product reviews from the public can also be included in the video. Don’t stuff the narrative with superfluous elements and always try to keep the message simple.

• Urge Your Customers:

Whatever you do, it is impossible to succeed without the participation of customers. Every marketing effort comprises of an urgent call for action which strengthens the final phase of marketing. The primary purpose of marketing is to convert potential customers into actual buyers. Making your homepage appealing to users can involve developing storyboards or placing captivating videos on the homepage.

However, the measure of user involvement can only be found through feedback of visitors. Hence asking visitors to give feedback; buy a product or a trial offer or simply fill up a survey or registration form would ensure that the visitor has watched the video. The larger benefit of this action is that we can get a rough prediction of conversion rate.

• Show Them Your Value:

Visitors can apprehend the investment in videos on your homepage from the quality of the videos. Understanding the various sectors of business wouldn’t help you as much as paying attention as well as finance to your homepage video. The majority of web designers make visually splendid websites, but you need to decide whether you want the glitz or just a blatant account of your organization.

Many website owners are skeptical about video designing costs. However, the costs of making a video are nothing more than the losses which you can incur by losing potential buyers. Users who access your website relate your production value to the quality of your homepage video and hence you should concentrate on quality and finesse in your videos. After all, a high-definition video doesn’t cost a fortune.

Seven Important Facts That You Should Know About 360 Degree Video

The 360-degree video is quite simple literally though it is a bit challenging for some to accomplish it technically. In simple words, a 360-degree video is something that can let you enjoy the coverage from all rotations of the site. However, it is even more interesting than just this. On this context, here we present seven most fascinating facts about the latest video making idea.

Number of Cameras Not Necessarily To Offer the Best Quality:

Key to develop the most enhanced 360-degree video is certainly reliant on a perfect combination. Going with the GoPro shooters is a nice idea, but to maintain the quality of the captures, it is important to limit the number of these cameras not more than 7-8. This makes it feasible to cover each angle, and yet delivering the best possible outcome.

It’s Not A Big Camera That Can Capture Huge Angle:

It has been seen on many occasions for people to be paying additional credits to the pinpoint lenses of a professional camera for delivering the utmost complacency. However, things are a bit different in the case of the GoPro camera. It’s the smaller frame of the device, and the bigger angle it generates is the key to the camera being suitable for preparing 360-degree videos.

Devices Divided By Body, Unite While Working:

Despite performing all at once, these cameras are quite distinct regarding hardware from each other. Each one consumes its juice, hence needs to be charged separately. However, any one not performing well is going to turn the whole coverage flawed; in fact, these snappers need to start functioning all at once. The best suggestion is, therefore, to ensure each one of these is perfectly functioning prior being assembled.

Facts You Should Know About the VR Headsets

Needless is to mention that one needs a nice piece of VR headset to enjoy the captures made by the 360-degree camera. There are many companies those are offering the VR headsets. Good news is that these headsets have now started functioning through an application being loaded over the mobile, and later connected with the 360-degree device.

It might be VR headset by name. But, there are options available so that you can enjoy a video despite having a headset.

The whole content can be downloaded through the app as mentioned above, and can be enjoyed over the mobile. In fact, some of these apps offer you the options being specific with our device. Through the process, the ultimate video downloaded meets the format by your device.

A Lens Is More Compliant Than The Whole Shell:

One can prepare a 360 camera for his/her own. Everything that is needed in this regard is the lens that can wrap the whole angle. Well, the conventional method of preparing a shell through which many cameras can be fitted at different angles might be logically sounding right. But, it’s certainly something baffling to practice.

You need a lot of effort post production. Hence, going for the best lens is the most appropriate option you can have in this regard. Again, these lenses are available being specific with various camera types.

Having The Same File Is Not Enough To View:

It’s a fact that the 360 videos function with the same file as of the regular cases. However, to view these videos you need the applications from the particular camera. Interestingly, despite having a similar file format, one can’t watch these videos without having the desired application.

The best part about the 360 videos is that these can be tweaked nicely in many ways, starting with colour adjustment, putting fusion effects, changing background score, etc. And, there is a good number of software available in this regard.

Least Efforts:

360 videos allow the techies to play with the video and the music at the same time. The videos produced by these cameras allow you to incorporate a particular portion of it along your chosen music. In general, production houses first shoot the video and later do the extra effort of stitching the background score or music with it.

In short, the 360-degree videos offer a great leeway to fine-tune the shoot, and more importantly to reduce the efforts of going for the shoots again and again. Hence, it is always a better idea to prepare the complete blueprint of the video, the way you want prior going to accomplish it.

It’s Advancing Quickly!

360-degree videos have been interesting certainly with the Social Medias. However, good news is that the prominent social media platforms are all set to make it device specific. Earlier, it was even much difficult for a 360 video to be uploaded even over YouTube.

One needed to be very smart with the scripts on this regard. Writing the baffling Python codes are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is now going to be available in an automated way that demands mere installation of the app within your mobile.

Animation Studio vs. In-House Agency for Explainer Video: 6 Reasons to Explain

Corporate videos have multiplexed the marketing efforts of many organizations and are continuing to do so. However, the recent trend of corporate videos has forced companies to think of in-house agencies and designers to make corporate videos. This has been taken in a bad light by animation studios and there are many reasons for them to do so.

The debate on whether choosing an in-house video agency or a designer will benefit an organization has been running for quite a long time. The effects of this new trend can topple the core purpose of corporate videos i.e. attracting customers and there are adequate reasons for such an incident. Let us take a look at some of the negative effects of going in-house for corporate explainer videos.


• Many enterprises look for in-house explainer video solutions rather than opting for an animation house to minimize expenses.

• However, the concept turns out to be bleak and does not hold any prominent significance.

• An in-house designer would ask monthly remunerations which would amount to a colossal paycheck at the end of the designer’s term.

• An explainer video is a onetime affair. Hence there is no need to keep an individual employed for a task which can be completed by an animation studio within comparatively lesser time.

• Animation studios generally undertake projects with conditions for specifically priced packages depending on client’s needs.


• Animation studios will take every necessary research into consideration while designing a corporate explainer video.

• They understand the significance of research in the design of an explainer video.

• Without appropriate research, there is limited scope for making an enterprise video appealing to customers.

• An in-house designer wouldn’t bother too much about researching on the subject other than the material provided to them by the company.

• Since an in-house designer is paid to make a video, they do not pay attention to other procedures which may make the video more captivating.


• You will find many creative souls in an animation studio that can provide just the right elements to make your corporate video stand out of the herd.

• On the other hand, an in-house designer would not be capable of delivering maximum creativity owing to the pressure of creating a video singlehandedly.

• In most of the cases, companies hire in-house designers for making explainer videos based on previous acquaintance and relationships.

• This gives way to incompetency, and thus, the final result is a botched up video which doesn’t even serve the basic purpose of a corporate video i.e. attract consumers.

• Animation studios can be trusted for providing novel ideas and fresh perspectives to a corporate video which can help a website or company to achieve the desired marketing plan.


• The process of designing a corporate video encompasses communication between the participants.

• Client and designer interaction make the process more flexible and open to suggestions.

• In the case of an in-house designer, this factor gets minimized.

• In-house designers get reserved and prefer to mind their work and aim at completing it rather than communicating with relevant personnel.

• Subordination or fear of rejection can be the major factors which cause such an anomaly.

• On the contrary, animation studios convey information to clients on regular intervals and ask for feedback on the proposed designs.

• This helps in preparing the video according to requirements of the enterprise.


• The involvement of animation studios in the profession for a long period definitely puts them at a better place as compared to an in-house designer.

• Animation studios have sophisticated tools for video creation and editing.

• They have comprehensive knowledge of software and equipment needed to make a corporate video compatible with client requirements.

• Animation studios also pay attention to the needs of the audience while coping with client demands.

• On the other hand, an in-house designer doesn’t have any other tools to make an impactful corporate video.

• Hardware limitations are also another roadblock for in-house video creators and can also demand a substantial budget to include expensive hardware.


• Animation studios are known brands in the domain of video designing and editing.

• The services of animation studios abide regulations and terms of contracts.

• Hence, there is no reason to worry for non-fulfillment of criteria set by you.

• Once you sign a contract with an animation studio for making a corporate explainer video, you can be sure that you won’t be losing your money.

• If the studio fails to complete the project in time or according to your requirements, then they are liable to be penalized through non-payment.

• On the contrary, an in-house designer’s commitment and credibility are intangible.

• There is no exact description of when the in-house designer will leave the company.

• Chances of the in-house designer’s negligence can also be taken into consideration while comparing with an animation studio.

• You won’t want your valuable money to be running away with an incompetent in-house designer.

YouTube 360 Degree Video: A Quick & Handy How-to Guide

You Tube being accessible with the 360-degree video has made it even more interesting. The specialty of the videos in this way is that these deliver a fresh angle that makes it even more fascinating. Fans have been waiting for this to come since January last year. Well, the time has finally come to encourage you about preparing your 360 degree video.

You Can Prepare It Anyway; Budget Not As Big As an Issue

Undoubtedly, the handiest stuff needed for preparation of a 360-degree video is a perfectly attuned camera. According to YouTube, the cameras those can fit the bill is, Kodak SP360, Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, and Giroptic 360cam.

However, it is understandable that affording the tags associated with these cameras is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, fret not about this. You can engineer one for you of equivalent efficiency. The best way would be utilising each shooter you are having; if needed, you can go for borrowing from your buddies as well. Collect those cameras and combine in a smart way for your task; simple as that.

Revamping the Video:

Once you are done with above, then to merge each file you can easily have various video tools. However, it is important to make sure that the software is supported by YouTube. Once the video is ready supporting YouTube, you have to fine-tune it through the 360 apps easily available through Google support.

Watch The 360 Videos On Desktops And Smartphones:

You can always enhance the experience of watching 360 videos at You Tube for your audience through the simple feature available over the Google Cardboard virtual reality set. It is well set for Chrome and Android and expected soon for the Apple users.

To watch the 360-degree video on the big screens, the same can be enjoyed simply hitting the pan key. No surprise, 360 video is best to be enjoyed over the Android devices. The interesting part is that the video follows every shift you make. The best view is ensured irrespective of your position change.

It’s For Playing:

Watching a 360 video makes the whole process more captivating and intuitive. The best part is that it can still offer you a better experience even if you don’t like the content. It’s moreover like playing with the video rather than mere viewing.

360 video makes the process interesting to test the effects as well. You can twist it, roll it, scroll it to enjoy and experience each lightening effect that is produced. It lets you find the most convenient ways of discovering the video’s best form. Naturally, you get one of the most suitable ways to convey your intention.

It’s An Awesome Marketing Kit:

Its evident going through so far is that the 360 video is a treat for the techies or those who love to play with the cameras. At the same time, the idea holds a commercial angle as well. Anything presentable is always a fantastic marketing stuff. It (360 videos) makes things easier to convey each characteristic of your product.

Especially, if it is something meant to be showcased, then 360 video is like a gift. Being more specific, it is a fantastic option for the old goods buyer or sellers and the platforms involved with these activities. One video is sufficient to take a dig at each angle for the product.

Discover The Person:

If you are a party person, then Video 360 can be a delightful option for you to discover some unseen characteristics of certain people those who present themselves pretty different in the real world. As it makes things easier for you to view or get viewed, one can easily capture someone’s candid moment (the most expressive one) during a special occasion, at his/her ignorance.

The same could have tough to attain through the conventional ways, as you would have to look for the most suitable position to capture. Gain, this involves the chances of spoiling the whole of your secret shoot.

Presenting It Well:

360 video is impressive for the presentations. Finding the incredible angles can solve the worries of viewing in a clumsy room, for a viewer sitting in an awkward position. As the shoot finds the best way of getting captured, it’s natural for the viewers to enjoy it as well.

Finally, Making YouTube the Great:

360 Video is certainly going to take YouTube to a new high. It makes the video sharing platform a quality video watching platform. It’s not a secret about how lucrative it is to make money through YouTube.

Now, 360 Video makes you more deserving of this regard. Above all, it creates an opportunity and a testing platform in other words to push the creativity button of all video makers. In short, it’s a loyal idea to make YouTube the best platform to witness the genuine and qualitatively best videos.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Animatics

Animatic is an interesting concept. These are one of the best ways of storytelling at present, through the perfect blend of animation. The best part about animatics is that it is very specific for whatever platform it is being used. However, the concept has become a well known term in contemporary marketing industries.

Animatics for Animated Explainer Videos:

The animated videos being much buzzed among the digital marketing professionals, animatics have become a well known term for them. Animated video for a product/service promotion is a pretty simple yet compliant option.

An animated character presenting a beautifully written script about a product/service has managed to be delivering exactly what the audience looks for. And, the blend of animatics has taken the same to a new level.

Animatic’s Favourite Zones:

Not only the animated explainer videos, animatics are like a gift for the television commercial and movie industries as well. The concept is being increasingly used to test the tricky scenes of television (and online) advertises and the movies. In concurrence, the concept is quite viral among the gaming freaks as well. You can call it a big factor behind the much fine-tuned gaming products we are witnessing these days.

A Lot Enhanced These Days:

Good news is that animatics have gone much improved these days. These are now available in both two dimensional and three dimensional forms. The production rate has also hiked to a great extent.

Mating the superior quality visual effects, (those once thought to be only possible with big budget flicks), is now available for any marketing video content. Especially, 3D animatics have taken things to a new level. The imaginary characters you see performing live is something possible due to the best efforts of 3D animatics.

Perfectly Within Budget:

The most interesting and encouraging part about animatics is here to mention that these are absolutely within your budget.

Being specific, it has become one of the perfectly affordable options for the small scale industries. This is the reason you can say is responsible for the boom of animated digital videos. However, it is important at the same time that you visit an experienced digital video maker for the same.

Well Within Budget, And Prolific:

Animatic no doubt takes your video quality to the next level. Well, it doesn’t mean that animatic is a timid process making you afford a lot of time. Again, to ensure things to be accomplished within prescribed hours, you have to pick an experienced centre. Especially, someone depending upon the free tools for animatics should never be believed.

Some people might have the perception that being a revamped thing, it might be demanding extraneous budget. However, it is moreover a myth to be honest. If a video preparing agency is enriched with adequate resources, and if it is professional, then it will not take much time for you to realise that the ultimate profit you got is much more than the expense you made.

Why it’s So Important?

In a start-up crazy era, especially among people with stiff budget, they would obviously question about the relevance of animatics for their digital video promotion. First, animatics dragging minimal budget is pretty evident in above paragraphs. Talking about the relevance, it is handy in terms of dragging the attention of a potential audience among the thousands of your competitors. It makes your video distinguishing, and the most distinguished one only gets clicked first.

Now, needless is to mention about the importance of being unique looking. Talking about the big budget projects, like the movies or commercials of any known brand, they don’t seek any reason to go with animatics; it’s like an integral part for their job. It makes their project disciplined, even before production starts. Of course, there is no rule book to go with animatics. But, if you are someone who believes in seeing things at its best form, then animatics is a gift for you.

It’s A Creative Thing; but You Don’t Worry:

Animatic is certainly a creative thing. People have a mindset that creativity and technicality are different. However, animatics are like a gift for any creative personality. It’s a fact you can say that creative team and animatics go shoulder to shoulder in industries.

That’s the reason for the outcome to be incredible. No worries if you don’t have a creative team right now. Most of the animatic houses do have their permanent creative teams, separately for photography, content, or any other fine-tune works.


Some, those who need to produce digital videos frequently for their promotional works, might think about setting an exclusive animatics department. However, it is advised not to practice these things yourself, until and unless you are too adept. Animatics are both technical and artistic. Hence, it demands absolute experience from the person prior final execution.

How Animated Videos Can Make Great Impression?

No doubt, it’s always more preferable to watch things live than to listen to it from someone else. Be it an academic presentation, business showcase or any tutorial, the best impression is delivered through a compliant video than anything else. However, the significance of these videos has become viral in a revamped form with the name ‘Animated Explainer video’.

Characteristics of an Animated Explainer Video

Being unbelievably appealing has been the prime reason for Animated Explainer videos being such rampant. It’s evident as well, about the success these videos offer in the form of returns. In simple words, these animated explainer videos are the business videos in which your product/service is showcased in the catchiest fashion through interesting animated characters. These are technical, optimized for any online marketing strategy, and more importantly qualitatively catchy.

How to Put the Ultimate Tinge?

Convey Being Specific:

There is every reason behind the videos to grab envy making attentions. But, it is crucial at the same time that the video maintains the qualitative quotients well. On this context, the aspect that can be a game changer is certainly the script. In fact, these video forms of marketing are much effective than the others, due to its intuitive scripts being presented in an attractive fashion.

The biggest advantage of these scripts is absolutely simple. Simplicity is the reason that these videos become specific and easy to get prepared. And, the impact on the viewers is also not compromised powered by a flawless presentation. Rather, it has been seen that a script with simplicity to be much favourable to be presented.

Selecting the Right Station:

The next important aspect of any successful animated video is the platform through which you are releasing it. It means you have to make sure whether the platform you have chosen for making the video appear, is efficient enough in driving the targeted audience or not. An explainer video for a gadget is certainly different from a sports niche, simply because both enjoy different audiences. The probability of both these groups of the audience being found is also different for different places. And, you have to pick the best zones only.

The Right Format:

It is great to be specific about the platforms, definitely not the devices. You would always love to make the video available for all devices. In another way, it is like to say that your video has to be concomitant to be of a format that can be played irrespective of the devices. Most people suffer on this aspect, though. They prepare the video through any freely available tool, or by downloading a free template and editing it.

There comes the issue as chances remain at the peak for these videos not to get played on all devices. It’s not only the operating system about which your video format has to be versatile. The video needs to fit well with each display size as well. In fact, the challenges in this regard have become rigorous these days since the arrival of smartphones. Not only have the smartphones, audiences been categorized for the tablets/slates as well. However, being a marketer, you can’t see any discrimination between these devices.

The Best Compilation:

Simply preparing a video of a certain format that fits all devices is not going to finish your duty. The real challenge appears when it comes to maintaining the right resolution and graphical parts. On a professional level, one gets a very narrow margin to commit a mistake. Hence, along with the above technical aspects, one need to be experienced enough about the small but crucial aspects, like placing the ‘subscribe’ button perfect, putting the right links, etc. In other words, he/she needs to know the right moment to ask the audience to become a potential customer.

Driving Presentation:

Above all, the video marketing is not being an orthodox aspect desperately demands things to be the creative best. Especially, the animated character needs to be absolutely by the mood of the video. No matters you present a live character for the video or put it in the background, the presentation have to be commendable.

How Can A Professional Make You Achieve All You Need?

To accomplish all the above-mentioned points for a top notch animated video, the best thing you can do is to employ a professional video maker for the purpose. Starting from the technical to creative aspect, these centres know the best way for the things to be achieved. Here we mention below the biggest advantages of going with a professional video maker.

• They employ professional writer having years of professional experience about your niche.

• There remains a special team for the graphical aspects or the animated characters.

• The background sound is recorded in a perfect soundproof environment and blended later to the perfection.

• They employ professional photographers for capturing snaps.

• Your videos are perfectly optimized to be able in grabbing maximum online attention.

• They develop your video with the best format to be playing with all devices and display size.

• They are highly experienced groups of professionals and know it the best about the most traffic driving destinations for your targeted audience.

Seen Or Not Seen – Do You Make This Deadly Mistake With Your Web Videos?

Someone from the inception era of the digital videos would unarguably agree that the videos over the same platform in the present era have gone par excellence. Digital video marketing not being a viral marketing way, as of today, can be cited a reason behind the above.

The good news is that there are so many resources available for preparing a nice quality digital video these days. At the same time, the unfortunate part is that some people commit such blunders, while video making, about which they are not even aware of. The article has taken a dig absolutely about such mistakes. Have a look!

Is It Reaching The Targeted Devices?

Some people have a tendency to go with a platform that offers them easiest and free ways of video preparation. It’s not that these platforms deliver videos of a qualitatively lesser kind. However, such videos don’t offer what you mean.

It is important here to make sure, is this video I am preparing good enough to be placed on the platform I wish? The video should maintain the same quality at your desired operating system as well, without compromising its resolution.

Such problems have become quite frequent in an era of increasing smartphone usage. If your maximum targeted users belong to the smartphones, then you should be preparing the video format for the same (and for the others as well). However, emphasize should be given on preparing videos those can be viewed at both smaller as well as larger devices. On this context being specific, it is always recommended to go with still the best MP4 video format.

The Following Points Make It Special.

• The format is hugely practiced, as it is not only great from the qualitative point of view, but also from the user-friendly and adaptability point of views as well.

• This video format is quite bendable. It fits with most of the renowned device kinds, especially among the devices.

• At the same time, one can tweak it in their way, for their respective devices.

They Don’t Understand The Right Way:

The biggest mistake people do is that they over-emphasize the technical or attractive parts, without even understanding the type of video it is. It means you cannot prepare the same kind of video, meant for a web entertainment series and any service advertising. The fact here is to mention that people click a video link without having any prior information about it.

Hence, the presentation way needs to be exact to let these viewers continue till the end of your video. The same kind of script/content should not be used for an entertainment video and a presentation kind.

Following the Orthodox Way of Youtube:

YouTube no doubt is still the biggest video sharing platform. No doubt people still think about YouTube when it comes to video sharing and all those, however, sticking only with YouTube holds the chance of taking you some five-six years back. In fact, if you belong to a developed nation like the United States, then it might push you even back.

The reason is simple. Any business with a global sight is preferred to be having an exclusive app. You depending upon YouTube can’t simply be an apt answer in this regard. YouTube is not a native/free option in various devices as well. Hence, depending upon the need of meeting each device kind, it is better options rather have YouTube, as well as your exclusive platform.

Picking Anything Free:

Well, using MP4 format or something that can meet with all devices is not a secret for many. Still, these groups of people commit a mistake. Again, being smart, without analysing the either parts of an attempt is something that puts them in trouble.

These groups of people often prepare any random video, and then try to convert it to MP4 or any other similar options. Primarily, they go with any online converter or use free software available on the market. The result, however, is not accomplishing in many occasions.

What’s The Way? Professional Video Makers Know The Optimized:

As far as the basic kinds, like the power point, videos are concerned; these above free platforms might be fine. But, no free platform or tool can ever be able in delivering the utmost accomplishment, if you start looking for a video of camera capture quality.

Many things have to be compromised from a qualitative point of view in this way. Yes, you can try such tools/sites from the passion or learning point of view. But, for professional output, you should prefer to go with a professional digital video maker. There remains the worry of authentication as well going with the free platforms, which is never thereupon going with a professional.

In fact, it is recommended to go and consult the expert digital video makers prior initiating with the very primary steps. They know the right ways of preparing a video that can be optimized well from marketing point o view. And, most of they are too sweet not to demand anything for any mere consult.

The Art of Creating an Explainer Video

Quality over Substances; the Modern Way of Marketing Known as Explainer Video Production

With the commencement of new generation technology and highly creative ideas, videos have become obsolete thinking. So, people have more inclined towards innovative ideas that show in-depth explanation about a specific subject matter. It doesn’t depend whether the topic is based on dishes or the political events. Explainer videos can give a clear-cut explanation about the fundamentals of the theme as well as these videos can also reflect the future direction and latest technological impact on that particular topic or idea. The main motive of prominent explainers present in the world is to create a firm understanding between the visionaries and the common public through interactive communicational approaches.

Now, Regarding Business Perspective, How An Explainer Video Can Be Delineated?

Explainer Video

In simple words, an explainer video is more like a conscientious design. As per the business giants, it is the most successful modern online marketing tool which is being quite admired by top business executives of illustrious organizations. The explainer video is utilized by top business enterprises which can be watched in their official websites.

These workings define the profundity of the genuineness of the explainers about a specific topic which they have to portray in a short video of sixty to ninety seconds duration. These videos are distinctively based on the concept of why a customer segment in the market should use a particular piece of product or service and what is so special about the corresponding brand.

Popularity behind the Explainer Videos

The time frame of attention has become quite short due to the busy lifestyles of the people, so the motive of these videos is to provide a message or exclusive and inimitable benefits the customers are going to get by the use of a product or a service. Another purpose of creating explainer video is that the eminent figureheads of multinational corporations want to convey imperative messages within a very short duration of time so that the consumers will never avert their eyes from their products.

Therefore, explainer video production is growing industriously as people think that in this competitive market, it is the best tool to hook the viewers and keep them interested towards the products without a chance of information overload. But, the real question here is, why one should need an explainer video for the business? The reasons come with multifaceted answers based on the popularity of an organization along with its substantive growth. Those reasons are given below.

·Increasing Conversion Rates

From the recent research surveys, it has been found that 85% of the customers purchase a product at once after watching an amazing explainer video. These videos help the business owners to continue the tally regarding potential customers from all the visitors. The products or services on which the customers seem more interested can be specified by explainer video displaying looking at the number of views.

· Clarification of the product objective

According to advertising and marketing experts, sometimes texts confuse the audience as there is a fair chance that text may be tricky. It is up to the viewers and their interpretation. But, with explainer videos, there is no chance of confusion or misinterpretation. This video facilitates a better connection between the brands and the potential consumers.

· Generating Increased Level Of Interests

A rationale for logical perspective gets reflected from these videos by which the customers find a base on the grounds of which they choose a particular product or service among all others. This particular media, therefore, is quite successful in generating interests among the people. After all, it is the age of the internet where more than 70% of the audience watch online videos.

· Better Ranking In The Google Search Engine

In line with giant businesses, the concept of higher ranking is directly proportional with the official websites of the companies that contain useful and informative explainer videos in it. Company websites with endless texts as well as images come at lower rankings than that of websites with wonderful and eye-catching explainer videos; it is because an average customer makes the decision about purchasing within just one minute.

· For Increasing Considerable Amount Of Web Traffic

Creating a video that will go viral overnight- it is not the objective in the case of an explainer video. It is not necessary that a viral video is a unique one that represents creativity. So, creativity and a clear-cut message are the core purpose making a nice explainer video that will work like a magnet to attract large numbers of web traffic. For instance- the Apple iOS 5 explainer video with more than two million views, Dove with more than fifteen million views and Old Spice with more than 42 million views.

· To Help The Audience Retaining Information For A Long Time

According to the study, customers only retain the 10% of s verbal communication, but extraordinarily 50% in case of visual information. So, this technologically advanced technique helps the customers to retain a major part of information about a certain product, and if they like it, they will share the video.

· Stimulating And Enlivening A Pitch

The paper pitch is dull, but on the other hand, a pitch presentation with explainer video sounds interesting to the viewers’ perspective. Let’s face it, the sophisticated style of PowerPoint Slides, flow charts, pamphlets and leaflets don’t attract the audience anymore, but the explainer videos do liven up the entire pitch presentation.

· Creating A Centre Of Attention That Can Grab The Interests Of The Audience

Many people still believe in the traditional style of marketing by conventional text messages, web content, pictures, and videos. But, it is a fact that with these approaches the boundary of the company performance gets constricted. With really cool ideas of explainer videos, a company can draw the attention of all the customers towards its brand name.

· The Explainer Videos Are Quite Easily Shareable

The specialty of the explainer videos is that they don’t stay confined within the company website. In this era of YouTube and Vimeo, you can use the advanced tools offered by these sites to upload the explainer videos and also attractive keywords can be attached to create attention. These sites are also Smartphone compatible quite the opposite of text webpage regarding sharing.

· Organizations or illustrious individuals can showcase their personalities, uniqueness, and mind-sets with this approach

A consumer becomes a repeat consumer, only when he finds the personality is great. Explainer videos create and strengthen the trust of the people with an organization because the video is the medium of sharing information quickly and astutely and it also advertises at the same time.

An Ideal Explainer Video Production

· Power of script more than video

According to the figureheads and marketing managers of famous enterprises, like- Crazy Egg, popular hosting organizations and even Dropbox, the script of an explainer means much more than that of the video presentation style and animation effects. Most of the people have a misconception that in the case of explainer video production, video quality is the major point of consideration. Well, they are wrong, and it is because the effectiveness of explainer video production relies on the script and innovativeness of the idea. You have a high-quality video, a low-quality video or mediocre style of video, it doesn’t matter. The script has to be way more than good so that it will convert well towards the viewpoints and mindsets of the consumers.

Top experts also recommend that an unknown company who create a video for your organization doesn’t know your company better than yourself. So, script writing for the explainer video is such a responsibility with serious magnitude and impact which should be given to the most capable and skilled member of the organization.

The goal of creating a robust script is based on the concerns of potential customers and it should be done by answering the questions of the consumers in a witty way. Most of the giant corporations have observed a sharp increase in the conversions after performing the above-mentioned course of action in a short video of 60-90 seconds.

· The Pre-Script Activities And Ground Work

Most of the renowned organizations follow survey practices to know their customers and the readers. Qualaroo is such as service by which survey questionnaire sets can be provided to the potential customers. The question format is like-

• How can our company help you?

• What would you like to see on our website pages?

• What are the valuable concerns of yours towards our products as well as services?

• What are elements that seem confusing for you on this page?

• What is the main reason that stops you from buying our product?

Once, you get all the answers of the aforementioned questionnaire set, a better knowledge, and understanding related to the customers’ expectations and choices regarding the products and services can be acquired. Sometimes, the customers don’t understand the ease, convenience and affordability of the product or service; in this case, a perfect explainer video based on these three objectives brings success. By following this particular roadmap, a better script with a focused vision can be made that helps a lot of companies to thrive in the competitive market.

· Script Writing For Explainer Video

After getting familiar with the expectations and product choices of the customers, writing a script comes to the surface. The script writers always put one thing in their minds which is about answering the questions related to the objections of the customers. Answering most of the questions within a very short period shows the level of effectiveness. While writing a script for an effective piece of explainer video, some points have to be kept in the mind, and that are-

· Introduction of the video should be about the operations, functions, and activities of the company

· Explaining the problem is the second point of concern

· Creation of a transition in which you answer about why your company deals with the product or the service

· Showing off the features

· Information regarding what is so special and why people should buy

· Utilization of proof elements so that the practice of “SEAL-THE-DEAL” can be implemented.

It is not a 100-meter sprint, writing a script takes time, and it is like a marathon. After many discussions and meetings, development of the script continues to grow.

· Explainer Video Creation; A Professional’s Cup Of Tea

Top multinational organizations suggest going for a professional video company that can create an amazing and a unique explainer video for you which will be only one of its kinds in the market. There are also experienced freelancers with commendable portfolios and previous work experiences specializing in this sector. They take one or at maximum two months to complete the project of explainer video for your company with a touch of creativity and at reasonable price charge.

In this last section of the article, the common mistakes while considering explainer videos along with the famous tools for explainer videos have been taken into account.

Some Common Mistakes

· Some companies start creating explainer videos without even knowing the targets they want to achieve. With this approach, they fail to measure the success through explainer video creation.

· Developing a story that is compelling enough as well as shows practicality reflects a very rare combination. The video should have a gripping effect that will establish an emotional connection with the viewers. However, many organizations create their explainer video without a shade of persuasive angle of narration.

· Many companies don’t believe that hiring professionals for a nice and exclusive video are necessary. It is a very common mistake, and they should know that there is a huge difference between professional look-alike video and a video created by an actual professional. So, why not taking an advantage of the skilfulness of the professional while creating an explainer video.

Tools for DIY Route of Explainer Video

Creating explainer video by picking the route of DIY is the modern way of marketing. With this approach, the options of explainer video type get widened from the boundary of live action videos to that of animated explainer, whiteboard explainer, and Kickstarter explainer videos. Camtasia, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Video Market FX, Powtoon, VideoScribe, etc. are some of the tools which will be useful for you to make your explainer video.

Other Aspects of Concern Regarding Incredible Explainer Videos

An explainer video becomes incredible with a unique script and an innovative idea of representation style. Apart from this, an effective video combines the effect of Live Action and Animation together with top-quality graphics, illustrations as well as animation with answers to WHO, WHAT, HOW, and WHY. An ideal style of explains video to influence the people to buy the products or use the services just the minute after they have seen the video. A nice video expresses all the thoughts and objectives behind the production of the video, and people find it unforgettable for a long period.

According to the specialists of the marketing industry, the best explainer video touches all the sections of requirements and expectations of a viewer regarding information, entertainment, emotion and connection. Besides all of these, the main thing behind a successful explainer video is that you have to take your time and complete the explainer video project with much more inclusive thoughts.

In case, you don’t have enough time for making an explainer video, then you should just sidestep and hire a professional with popularity and experienced so that you don’t have to feel disappointed in the future, and also it will be productive for your company from the marketing point of view. Don’t forget about the voiceovers, music and sound effects while thinking about the best explainer video for your company.

Nice sound effects are necessary for both live action explainer as well as animated explainer videos. One also have to measure the performance related to your developed explainer video by various tools available in the online market; and then only you will be able to enjoy the several advantages that are the outcomes of this marketing procedure. Remember, explaining a concept in an informative and modernistic way of explainer video has more positive impacts than the traditional way of texts and images.