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3D Animation Terminology You Need to Know

3D animation looks incredibly appealing. To make beautiful things happen, it demands a lot of effort. Quite similar is the case as well about 3D animation. It’s highly tricky and technologically astounding as well. In fact, there are terms those might just bounce over your head. No wonder if you are coming across with such words for the first time. However, looking at the growing hype for the 3D animations, these terms are like must knows for anyone concerned with related affairs. Listed below are a few of such interesting terms. Check those out about how many you are aware of.


If animation is literature, then Keyframe is like its alphabet. A keyframe is crucial regarding holding progress within stipulated while. Your PC gets notified about the point you want the change in progress, once the Keyframe is formed. One needs a couple of keyframes for a system to get notified about the alterations to be made.

Line of Action

It’s a fantastic concept. Basically, Line of Action is an undetectable line that can be stretched through a protagonist’s gesture in a scene. In general, there remains some primary lines for a gesture, like ‘C’ shape from orientations and an ‘S’ shape. While forming a protagonist, anyone would wish to make sure about a line of action that fits with any of the above-mentioned shape to come out with the liveliest one.


Axis is an imaginary straight course through which anything can be turned. This is the path through which an object can be reflected.


This is the term that talks about the way a character or something else in your video shifts from one position to the other. Breakdown brings that specification in terms of position. The concerned change in position, as per your desired way are added within breakdown

Camera Mapping

Camera Mapping is a concept through which orientations resembling the construction and outlook of a thing displayed within a constant snap are patterned. The primary pictures then trapped back to those points.


This is one of the most baffling terms to understand in animation. Inbetween is something that completes in what is going on among the breakdowns between the poses. Mostly, these inbetweens are formed by the concerned PC only. Not just 3D in between is an important term to know for 2D animation as well.


CG basically means Computer Graphics. It is also known as Computer Generated Imagery or CGI. This is primarily a picture or the pictures formed and tweaked with the help of a PC.


This is a structuring method through which a 2D sketch is replicated exteriorly through a straight way, and the collection of replicated outlines is linked to form a constant 2D surface.


The timeline is the term associated with displaying the frame counts within an instant. It can be tweaked with any frame extent as well, according to your need. It also lets you enjoy the privilege to have the hands on with your animation straight in the 3D app.

Lighting and Camera Techniques

It’s quite literal to be understood. However, it is primarily referred with adding creative effects. The terms are also used with lightening and its changes as per the demand of the sequence. All sorts of focus also do fall within the category.

Moving Holds

Moving Hold in animation primarily refers to the minimal movement a character makes in a particular shape, at the specific position you have set. The primary function of Moving Holds is to assist in crumbling the progress. It is also crucial in terms of incorporating moods within the character that it is trying to display. However, one should be very expertise about understanding the functionalities of Moving Holds or the perfect ways of playing with it.

Breaking Joints

Breaking Joints in general points to the revolving junctions in a contradictory path of its original bending. These are associated with all those unrealistic movements you witness in the world of animation. Breaking joints make the shapes and movements of the characters in your film comparatively a lot more bendable. These are mostly used with cartoon animations. The timing has to be really perfect while shifting through the joints.

Group / Grouping

A compilation of associated stuff of a structure for a particular sequence that functions as one unit is termed as Group/Grouping in animation world. However, this can be divided as per your wish or the demand of the sequence.

Ray Tracing

This is a portrait concept that detects the course of each light ray from its origin. It keeps on detecting when the effect of light gets ignorable or when the sequence is completed.


The term is associated with the compilation of a picture. In other words, it is the term related to describing an image regarding its shape. Primarily, resolutions are defined regarding width and length.

The Rise of the Explainer Video

Do you know, what are the Explainer videos? If you do own a company and deal with any services or products, then these explainer videos can be very much helpful to you in creating a brand of your company in the market.

These Explainer videos are short line videos that are used for marketing by featuring the detail explanation of your company, its product or services. These explainer videos are most often placed on the landing page of the company’s website’s homepage. This explanation video can also be placed on a prominent product page.

Explainer Videos and Its Impacts on the Business

These explainer videos have indeed become very popular. Some companies even claim that the conversation rate with their clients has hiked up incredibly just after including an explainer video on their website. These explainer videos are regarded as one of the most incredible assets for any business as it raises the business turnover as well as response magnificently.

These explainer videos are even called as Interactive Videos. As the Explainer videos are regarded as the key to unlocking success, there is a huge rise of the explainer video usage marked almost in all fields.

4 Types of Explainer Videos

1. Live Action Explainer Videos

2. Animated Explainer Videos

3. Whiteboard Explainer Videos

4. Kickstarter Explainer Videos

What Has Hiked The Popularity Of The Explainer Videos?

With the rising technical tendency all around the world, a significant number of companies rely on the explanation videos that are posted on their homepage. There are overabundance of the companies those are dedicated to serving the video needs of the tech community. Companies like Google and Facebook even use the overview videos as their integral part of the entire marketing strategy.

• The explainer video content helps in increasing stickiness and even improves the conversion rates and makes the users inspired to purchase your products.

• The main reason behind this is, people are finding on several types of solution to reduce effort and get effective results.

• This fact can be defined with a simple example, most people don’t have ample of time or don’t prefer to wade through the text pages of the services or product’s specs for figuring out the product or service of the business. When a compelling video can get the work is done and sell it better and all in around 60 seconds then why would not they prefer for it.

• Many companies do the A/B testing of the specific types of videos on their business home page.

• The effectiveness of the videos in the retail space and the e-commerce is well documented.

• These videos even help to promote the websites and the apps apart from selling the products.

Some More Facts about the Explainer Videos That Are Gainful For the Businesses

The explainer videos are highly gainful for the business entities, some other reasons for including these are featured below.

• These videos increases press coverage. Not only you would get covered, your words that are included in your video would be covered. The coverage wouldn’t be just being an author interpretation of your business website.

• This video would be helpful for your fans to evangelize the product or service. The video is the alone promotional tool that can be shared on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter in an easier format.

• This video even improves the SEO of your business website. This happens incredibly because of increase in numbers of the accessing persons. For this SEO work, you would have paid extra expenses to any SEO service provider but with this single work you need not pay any extra charges.

• These extraordinary videos can even be used for repurpose elsewhere. These videos may be included as email signatures or at the start off VC pitches or anywhere else that is beyond the business homepage.

• These videos can save much of your time as well as time. A good marketing strategy kills a bad product and makes it good. This can be implied with the explainer videos. This video can give the users an insight about the product which would allow getting it that would be used more effectively with the help of the videos to understand the theme with a larger vision.

All Of The Factors Incredibly Hold The Responsible Reason Of Hiking The Rise Of The Explainer Video.

What are the rules to keep in mind while making explainer videos?

• If you want to create explainer videos then follow the rules effectively that are mentioned down.

• Avoid making viral videos. This is because virally is unpredictable.

• Avoid making the video just a product walkthrough because they are effective after the user understands about the product what is it about. It is advisable to avoid making a product demo.

• The message must be prioritized and must be kept short which would be tempting indeed.

• Including a call to action at the end would be gainful for you.

• You must consider featuring the video prominently.

• Remember one thing that the quality matters, so you need to make the video with a good design, clear visuals and high-quality audio and concise script.

Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates By 20%

Digital marketing is a crazy thing. It’s like an open platform that doesn’t mind any attempt if it’s returning well. This is the reason there are so many ways available these days for product promotions. In fact, there are highest numbers of tools available for internet marketing to make things in a playful way. However, keeping all those baffling tricks and technologies aside, explainer videos are presently the darling options of enjoying better conversion.

Explainer Videos: The Impression Makers

Irrespective of the business, it’s the impression that matters the most. The demand of conveying things quicker or dragging those impressions faster makes things even more challenging. A first impression is the everlasting one. The impression is created when the presentations become appealing, hence believable for the audience. And, the explainer videos have been found to be thoroughly impressive than the other methods.

Easy, Budget-Friendly, Appealing and Productive:

Perhaps explainer videos are the first concepts those have managed to rock the online arena without involving high-end technological needs or some heft budgets. In a way, you can say the simplicity involved is the key behind the remarkable success.

Basically, these explainer videos are the precise video preparations talking about all the distinguishing parts about your company, product, etc. The most inspiring part here is that these videos are bendable keeping your needs in sight. Storyboard involved can be animated, human presentation types, image presentations, sketches, graphics, etc, according to your business mood and need.

Statistics Claim It’s More Engaging:

Statistics have proven it many times that an addition of explainer video to the homepage of a site can enhance the conversion rate by twenty percent. Making things more interesting, the statistics also say that the chances of viewing a video or spending some more times on a website increases by thirty percent more, when it’s an explainer video. In fact, half of the total visitors go through the videos completely.

Now, it’s quite needless is to mention that the all these symptoms are adequate regarding your product getting sold in a much quicker fashion.

Leap High Through Your Site With A Home Page Video:

Video marketing being one of the most favourable marketing ways for the giants like Facebook or Google is not a secret these days. However, the encouraging part here is to mention that the strategies have been quite exciting for the start-ups as well. In fact, there are many start-ups those have defined their landing page (home page) as a video (or the videos) only. The strategy has delivered quite well.

Starting from the number of viewers, subscriptions, to return, everything has proven to be increasing through the strategy. Reports say a single video on a home page can hike the conversion rate by ten percent and the subscriptions. More significant is the page view count that increases by more than seventy-five percent going with the strategy.

The strategic dig:

The explainer videos might be appearing quite simpler as an aspect, but technically these are quite a lot strategic. According to the studies, the time span or rate of viewing is much higher for the videos of smaller lengths than those of higher tenures. Especially, the small videos have been found to be game changing in case of promotional purpose. The outcome is even encouraging when it is appearing over the home page.

Gets Viewed And Clicked Higher:

Rate of complete viewing is about thirty percent higher for an explainer video of a couple or three minutes length than any conventional methods of higher length videos or contents. Lengths getting limited allow only the relevant words. It becomes much more amusing through the process, and at the same time, those like keyword or other search engine strategies become easier to execute.

Often the explainer videos are more fruitful when it is of one or a couple of minute’s length. Naturally, a precise duration as of above makes things more specific while expressing. Scope of presenting through voice or animated characters make it more engaging. Above all, the subscription key or sharing options appear in a much intriguing fashion with a greater chance of getting shared.

Huge Scope:

The scope of the animated explainer videos is quite large. It’s not only the home page contents, those like e-commerce, social media marketing, product demo, brand promotion, promoting the exclusive offers, etc. find the method prolific. A more interesting statistics say that the views of explainer videos have increased by more than 50% for the tutorials or any learning purpose, than the audio, pictorial or content methods.

Finally, going through the whole compilation both statistically and analytically, it’s quite evident that the explainer videos are the next big things in the online industries. Ease of preparation and the budgets at the least side offers every reason you should try this now.

Seven Points To Create The Perfect Corporate Video For A Business

Corporate video production is a simple yet demanding task. Basic video designing skills and corporate information helps in picking up the best elements to be added in a corporate video. When there are several options available in the field of video making why do we need to rely on extensive pieces of text for promoting a website?

The simplest way to describe the services and products of a company is through videos since humans tend to look at moving objects. Moving objects and that too, on a screen has amazed us for years in the form of cinema and entertainment videos.

Now it’s time to buckle up and start preparing for producing a corporate video which can succeed on all fronts. So now let us look at some tips for producing a spectacular corporate video for your enterprise.


• The abstract representation of the concept and editing of the video is known as the script.

• The script depicts the visual and audio elements to be added to a particular video.

• This acts as the foundation for your video and as a proficient marketer it is better to spend some more on the script so that there is no mistake in the initial stages.

• The script determines the length of the video. Corporate videos are 2 to 3 minutes in length and thus the necessity for clarity, conciseness, and a gripping plot is clearly evident.

• If you are facing problems with providing information in a detailed manner within the limited duration of the video, then you can clip off details to furbish in another web page or a fact sheet.


• Never underestimate the power of the audience in marketing.

• The target of marketing is the audience, and the first task of marketing is to identify the target market.

• Without narrowing the customer base, it is impossible to run a guided market campaign.

• A corporate video must focus on attending to customer needs and describe them some basic benefits of purchasing a particular product or service.

• Every entity in a corporate video must indicate the methods in which a corporate video would help in gaining influence over the target audience.

• Once an enterprise understands the needs of the customers better than emphasizing on their achievements, product quality and performance then there is no stopping the business from thriving.


• Many marketing personnel commit the trivial mistake of not thinking about marketing platforms.

• People can only think of YouTube to market a corporate video.

• On the contrary, there are a plethora of platforms which can be used to promote videos.

• Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other platforms such as Vimeo have been considered as viable means to circulate corporate videos and attain maximum viewership.

• You can also post links to your video in documents, press releases, articles, and e-mails.

• A corporate video’s link can also be embedded in the client’s website.

• International distribution of video is also another important factor in gaining viewership.

• Translation features can help you in achieving this feat with least trouble.

 Making the Video:

• You can’t trust a bunch of amateur designers to craft a corporate video for your organization.

• The success of a corporate video greatly depends on the quality and relevancy of the video to the concerned business.

• Before proceeding with making a corporate video, you need to look at some of the best TV commercials and corporate videos of successful firms.

• Make sure that your designer team doesn’t simply reiterate the video you liked on YouTube.

• Maintain a considerable contrast from the videos of competitors or else you face the risk of losing your credibility.

• On the other hand, you can also try some genuine innovations such as designing a video montage of various customers offering their views on the concerned enterprise.

• The testimonials can be accompanied by publicity photos which would add value to the video.

Modify It As Necessary:

• A corporate video is designed by taking many elements into consideration.

• But most of the time, one of the many elements can get unnoticed.

• Animations can add a sense of familiarization with customers.

• Close-up shots are favorable in a corporate video since the majority of internet users access the web through smartphones, and close-up shots appear more convincing on a small screen rather than wide shots.

Inform Everyone:

• Take necessary steps to circulate the news in local media as well as the press.

• Make a copy of the corporate video and send it to local news houses.

• This will help in gaining a head start in the corporate race for success.

 Be Careful What You Say:

• The enterprise abides certain rules, procedures and limitations.

• Hence, these factors should be considered while designing a corporate video or else customers may be fooled and consequently turn away from a business.

• Always promise what you can deliver!

5 Motivating Examples of Exploring the Capabilities of Corporate Video

Audiovisual content appears amiable to human eyes as we have a special penchant for moving objects. There is no anomaly to blame for this. On the contrary, we are bound to the limits of our brain which forces us to pay attention to moving objects. Hence, videos appeal us better than images or any other media.

Nowadays, marketing has also started including videos. This fact can clearly describe that videos are the next big thing to market any business. In this article, we shall be describing some distinct ways in which videos can be tried to improve sales and simultaneously hone your marketing skills.

Corporate Video and The Evolution Of Marketing:

Before we proceed towards exploring the various aspects of corporate video, we need to know some basics about the corporate video and elements in them which can promote a business. The inclusion of corporate videos in marketing has increased conversion rates by ample margins. Videos are favorable for including extensive information within a nutshell.

Furthermore, videos offer an elevation in creativity applied for creation of content. The scope, as well as platform available for videos in the domain of marketing, suggests the inclusion of numerous ideas and distinct innovations. These factors make visual content appealing and convenient to the audience.

Any marketing personnel must be acquainted with the above facets of corporate video marketing. Hence, we won’t waste any more time. Let us jump directly to methods through which corporate videos can be used to garner traffic. We will be focusing on some unconventional practices which are not commonly followed but have been tested and proven to deliver fantastic results.

• Hubspot:

Hubspot is one of the favorites of marketing professionals. The plethora of marketing tips available on the website has helped and is still helping marketers gain a broad impression of the corporate world. Hubspot has depicted its capability to deliver services to customers while following a casual approach to marketing. Marketing geeks like to talk social media trends and conversion rates over a dinner but what can help them is to offer a relaxing medium which offers knowledge with a tinge of comedy. As an audience, it becomes easier to connect with the website due to such an amiable approach. Thus corporate videos can be light-hearted and humorous to inculcate curiosity in a visitor regarding what next will be on the cards.

• Groupon:

This company made an extraordinary move by introducing an unsubscribe video. You would be amazed and may laugh as well on the interesting concept brought forward by the video designing team of Groupon. The primary purpose of the unsubscribe video is to reengage users through inviting them for subscribing again. The unsubscribe video depicts Derrick who has sent an irrelevant email to you and you have the option to ‘punish’ him. If you decide to ‘punish’ him, then all you have to do is click on the ‘punish’ button.

As soon as you do so, another man comes into the picture and throws water on his face after a round of yelling. In the end, users are liable to subscribe again owing to pity on Derrick. Rather an unconventional method to regain lost users, this method can be one of the new solutions in corporate videos.

• Warby Parker:

Warby Parker’s Social Media Manager, Jen Rubio has found an ingenious idea to use Twitter to enhance standards of marketing efforts. Twitter is assumed to be a texting platform which can be used to convey information only through text replies, images and links to relevant pages with answers to queries of customers.

However, video responses on Twitter as used by Warby Parker tend to be more appealing to consumers. The use of video responses can be an immediate answer to skepticism of potential buyers as they can find practical applications of products and answers to their doubts in a video. Followers of your business can ask many questions and replying to them individually is obviously an uphill task. Video responses are engaging as well as lenient on your budget.

• Sharefile:

Sharefile was included in the list of top file sending services on the web in October 2011. The reason behind this was the use of targeted client testimonials in videos. Corporate videos are single and depict the objectives of the organization.

Testimonial videos cover the simple testimonials from consumers and do not offer a sense of uniformity. This setback can be modified by including testimonial videos for each specific service page. Sharefile has used this technique to land more users than ever.

• Whiteboard Animations:

The use of whiteboard animations is suited for overlong videos which contain crucial information throughout the length of the video. You don’t have to sacrifice the intricate details in a corporate video while ensuring that the audience remains engaged throughout the duration of the video. SmartShoot platform will help you in making whiteboard animation but at a price of $2000 for a one minute video.

Video Marketing Tips & Strategy for Success in 2016

Video Marketing is no doubt the buzz part of the digital platform at present. The number of viewers here is just immense. There is every reason for the concept to be incredibly successful, starting from intuitiveness, conversion rate, and the adaptability.

However, in such a faster-growing scenario, it is obvious for the platform to witness extensive changes in strategies. On this context, here we present the key strategies for the year 2016 about video marketing.

Go Through the Packages Well; Pick the Best One That Suits You

The best part about contemporary video marketing is that it is incredibly flexible about the budget. Forecasts of return on this aspect are getting almost exact. Hence, it is important at the same time from the investor point of view to know the right worth to be invested. Good news is that the contemporary video marketing platforms are coming up with the options in accordance.

For example, the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter come up multiple packages for advertising aiming both the big investors as well as the mid-range. Hence, the best can be dragged once you are very sure about your budget that makes it easier for you to pick the right package.

Confirm About The Timing Of The Video:

Getting certain about the timing can solve many aspects for you. Once you know the tenure of your ad, it makes things easier for preparing the script. If it’s going to be a video of few seconds, then you would always love the script to be prepared in a way so that the highlighting parts get blended at the earlier positions. Staying sure about the time helps in proper business managements as well.

Hire An Expert Storyteller:

This is the most important part of the line-up. You should not commit the mistake of employing just anyone about preparing the script. Rather, you should look for someone who holds the knowledge about the niche or understands the trending market scenario about the same.

Often it has been seen that people ask the same agency preparing videos to prepare the script as well, without checking the awareness of the writer about the niche. The unsatisfying outcome is obvious in such cases. Hence, the best idea would be to pick two different people for script preparations and the video shoots. This will make things organised.

It Should Feel Own:

Any return for your investment can become possible only when the viewer finds the video engaging or watches it completely. Hence, it holds a lot of importance for the video to be prepared in an intuitive manner. The viewer must find the video of his/her very own.

The best examples of such videos are the animated videos or the animated explainer videos. These are the videos in which the conveyer is often one of your favourite animated characters. If not a character presentation, a great blend of animation can be witnessed through the videos with those like the texts, product demonstrations, pop-ups, etc. These forms of videos are often also referred as the animated explainer videos as well.

Let The Audience Respond:

What makes the video marketing different from the others is that the customer can connect with the company straightaway. In short, there always remains the option of a direct subscription. You should believe in the same way as well and incorporate action buttons in this regard. Not only the subscription, the options like comments, emoticons, share, etc. should be made available right on the video as well.

Know The Right Destination:

It’s certainly a tricky affair. Though most of the platforms promise to be coming up with best algorithms for finding the targeted audience, it holds a lot of importance that you know the destinations for your audience very well. Don’t get provoked by the free upload options. Rather, look for the convenience of the option according to your product, affordable time span, etc.

SEO Still Matters:

No matter how much the platforms talk about the excellence with their algorithm, but its fact that SEO is a must for any video marketing. The reason is simple; after all, the video is going to direct the customer to a targeted destination or landing page. Hence, starting from the keywords to the design, everything needs to be of up to the mark quality.

The Best Arrangement for Performance Analysis:

The first thing that comes to the minds about analytics is to incorporate certain expensive tools. Or, people depend on the platform completely. But, the latest strategy says you need to make arrangements that would make the video intuitive as well as the exact report can be enjoyed. You can go with the SEO strategies like tags, blending the ad with a relevant guest post on a popular blog, network marketing, etc. These strategies help in financial management as well.

Video Marketing Statistics – Powerful Stuff for 2016

Statistics are always considered the best ways of analysing the facts. Especially, these analytic ways have been handy for the people involved with marketing or similar activities. Video marketing dragging the highest attentions these days is natural to be putting a higher emphasis on the analytic numbers.

Sticking with the numbers of those statistics is not the big part. Rather, analysis of of such is important to make decisions about the platforms where one should be investing and where not. Especially, much clearer pictures about the forecasts can be expected from a technical aspect like digital marketing.

On this context, here we come up with some game-changing statistical facts for the year those can be a lot handier for your business. Check it out!

• Forrester Research claims enjoying the top most ranking on Google through the video marketing strategy is fifty times easier than the conventional options.

• Believing Implix, the chances of getting clicked increases by 96% when a video is incorporated with an introducing email.

• The sole purpose of any marketing is the response from the customer end. On this aspect, Online publisher association claims about 46% of the audience respond through any action post going through a video marketing ad on it.

• According to the popular platform Forbes, 59% of the professionals love going through a video than reading text promotions.

• Anything amusing is obvious to get better attention. This is pretty evident through the claims of Unruly. According to it, amusement factors of video ads hike purchase level by 97% and brand association by a huge 139%.

• It’s not only the character of a human, but its brain also loves the videos than the texts. According to the statistics by Zabisco and 3M Corporations, 90% of data that the brain receives are visuals. More interestingly, these visuals get channelled at a rate sixty thousand times faster in the brain than those in text forms.

• Videos getting blended with the articles or blogs get three times inbound links in comparison with the posts those miss a video. The statistics is given by SEOmoz.

• According to the statistics by Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report, videos over the web now count about half of the total traffic over the entire mobiles, and the traffic jumps to 69% on specific networks.

• The smartphone and tablet owners are three times more likely to go through a video than the laptop and PC users, according to NPD.

• YouTube enjoys audience more than 1 billion every month; those stay for more than 4 billion hours here watching the videos.

• Step 2 Company observed that purchasers going through a video took the possibility to 174% higher to purchase, in comparison with those who didn’t view it. This is information by Retail Touchpoints.

• According to Mist Media, videos drag 88% more times of a common audience at the website than the other stuff.

• Mist Media also claims that the click-through rate gets hiked by more than 90% for video marketing and email marketing.

• A website becomes 53% more prominent to appear on the top page of Google search with a video on the home page of it. This is information by Mist Media.

• According to Invodo, 52% of the customers feel more satisfactory about a product to purchase online after watching the video demonstration.

• A video gets shared by 92 percent viewers on mobiles, data according to Invodo.

• The conversion rate for a video on the landing page jumps to 800% in comparison to a landing page without any video. The statistics are given by Orion21.

• One picture is said to be worth millions of words. However, a video conveys multimillion words. According to the information by Brainshark, information grabbed for a video of one minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words if it is written in texts.

• A video drives attentions of two to three times number of monthly visitors according to MarketingSherpa. The same source also claims that the time spent on the site also gets doubled by these increased numbers of viewers.

• People drain so much of sweats; try various optimisation techniques to drive traffic. However, the statistic by MarketingSherpa says Organic traffic from the search engines hike by 157% those have a video at their landing page, in comparison to those who don’t have anything such.

The whole compilation of statistics given above clearly conveys the fact that having a video on your website increases the chance of a video to generate the desired output to many extents. This makes it evident as well about the reason that video marketing is such raving these days. Hence, if there is not a Department of video production for your site/blog, then make it fast!

Five Common Myths about 360 Degree Video

The best way to know something is trending is when myths start appearing about it. Something like this is going on currently for 360-degree videos courtesy all those vibes it is getting. The 360-degree video has been revolutionary in many aspects for many industries.

Hence, the myths are also quite natural to appear from numerous arenas. All it can be said on this aspect is that these myths are created by the groups of people those who haven’t ever tried it.

You Need To Change The Operating System Of Your Device For 360-Degree Video:

It would be rather better to claim that the contrast is true. You don’t need to change anything about your device. In fact, you have to change the 360-degree video format to meet with your system. For this, you need to select tools according to your system; not that you have to buy a whole new system for the 360 videos. Talking about uploading as well, you have to pick the specific product for a specific platform.

For example, if you are aiming at uploading over You Tube, then you have to pick the recommended cameras like Richo Theta, Giroptic 360 Cam, etc. for the best outcome. Coming to the combining aspects, in this case, as well it depends on the format at which you want your final output to be.

There are various software’s available those are great for combining the 360-degree videos. However, you should be picking the one that fits your device and the supported format. If its smartphone and the desired format is mp3, then you can’t go with one that delivers output in mp4 format.

360 Degree Videos Has To Compromise Quality:

First, it has to be kept in mind that something that compromises quality anyway is impossible to survive in a competitive scenario. Needless is to mention about the overwhelming success that the 360-degree videos are getting these days.

Technically as well, it’s rubbishing to claim that the 360-degree cameras are not so good qualitatively. The quality depends upon the camera. If you are simply tying various no so impressive cameras from all angle, and call it a 360-degree camera, and then the output is simply not going to be accomplishing.

The quality is not going to be compromised as well while combining the prepared videos. If someone doubts the whole process of combining the videos, then the cameras like Nokia OZO, V.360 should be picked, as these are quite automatic at their way. In short, going with the best Go-Pro cameras is crucial; doesn’t matter you prepare automatic or manually.

360 Degree Videos Needs Professional Camera Man:

The fact that 360-degree videos are being increasingly used by the bloggers itself is enough to junk out the above claim. A blogger is not necessary a techie; forget about a completely irrelevant profession like camera man. The groups of people making these sort of claims are the ones those are not aware of the functionalities of the 360-degree video cameras in contemporary times. It is quite user-friendly for someone demonstrating about a certain feature of a device, sharing tutorials, etc.

These groups of people don’t love to afford a camera man always. Again, someone captures the mesmerizing shots while scuba diving would never really find it easy to come along a cameraman. These GoPro cameras are a quite pro to need a person to handle post installation; in fact, those like OZO just demand nothing from you except the right positions.

Preparing A 360 Degree Video Is Too Expensive:

Again, if it were the case, then the budding bloggers would not be aiming at playing with it. Anyway, it’s a fact that there are extremely high-end cameras available those costs big. But, it all depends upon your purpose. If uploading the funny activity of your pet cat inside the home is all you wish, then there is no need of going through the expensive options like OZO 360.

You can prepare a 360-degree camera by yourself simply collecting the GoPro cameras, (or the cameras within your budget) and combining those using the rigs. You can combine these videos later through the free to download tools. If the purpose is big, then you should not hesitate actually. Rather, going with the best cameras will ensure you the desired outcome.

Preparing 360 Degree Is Illegal:

This is one of the most bizarre claims even as a myth. Technology can never be illegal until and unless it violates the state/country rules. Similarly, the 360-degree video is a technical advancement simply to take the ease of communication a step further. There is no way it can be termed illegal or something like that. It’s a fact that 360-degree video shoots the objects from the behind.

However, if there is something sensitive, or something happening sensitive behind the camera that is illegal, then the best option would be to deactivate the shooter facing that particular direction. A general camera can also shoot something offensive. In such cases, the technology is not accused; rather a person is.

The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production

Business is competitive in nature. Any business thrives only by outrivaling competition. This factor has led to numerous innovations to promote business and stay ahead of the competition. The corporate sector is getting complex with each passing day.

There are many policies, regulations, ethics established every day and what we have been organizations beating the hell out of the other to stay at the top. In such times, we have explainer videos at hand for better chances of corporate success. Though these elements are new to the market, they have to potential to change the manifestation of a business environment.

Animated Explainer Video:

There are many alternatives to choose for marketing business. However corporate videos are the first thing you should go for. Let us explain something about an animated explainer video. An explainer video is not alike your traditional music video. The explainer video contains images or clippings arranged sequentially with appealing visual effects so that the intended message is conveyed to the audience.

Proficient video designing skills could give you a potent tool for invading the corporate competition. Explainer videos are the next big thing in digital marketing after SEO, though the former is still included in the domain of the latter. Explainer videos can attend to a certain group of the audience which aids in rounding up the target market. So now that you have apprehended the necessity and application of an animated explainer video, we shall show you five rules which shall be followed for making a corporate explainer video.

Find Your Target Audience:

• The corporate sector relies heavily on marketing.

• Subsequently, marketing also deals with conveying specific information to a particular audience.

• It is common knowledge that a single product won’t appease everyone.

• So marketing a product through an explainer video is possible only if the video is crafted by taking the concerns of the specific audience into consideration.

• Many marketing specialists wouldn’t approve of this because the substance in the video may get reduced.

• However, if you convey quality instead of quantity in a corporate video the chances of success are higher.

• You don’t have to risk anything by reducing your corporate video by a few seconds, but if you don’t, then you can face the threat of losing everything.

Establishing Connects With The Audience:

• As we have discussed above, a corporate video must suit your audience’s aspirations.

• An important aspect of the human brain is that it judges emotionally from the conscious mind, and it appears that we are making a logical decision.

• Whatever we purchase is dependent on advertisements which made us connect with the product emotionally.

• Thus, a corporate video should target individual preferences of a specific group of audience to gain admiration on an emotional level.

• On the contrary, examples of corporate videos with facts, benefits and features bore the audience and as a result, the concerned product barely stands a chance in the stiff competition.

• Your video needs to keep the audience engrossed till the end and only then you will have a successful corporate video campaign.

Don’t just tell, SHOW it!

• Audiovisual content has by far surpassed all other forms of marketing.

• Though written content is still viable, people are gradually turning towards videos to find about products.

• People are no longer interested in the whims of writers and designers.

• They want to see something special in a product so that they can spend their hard earned money on it.

• Video content is capable of engaging the audience and could also help you in providing a description of the usage of benefits of the product.

• Imagine people looking at a perfume ad and wondering why they should buy it.

• The assurance of the perfume keeping you scented all day long is an intangible aspect of the product i.e. the perfume which will sell the perfume.

The Customer Is God!

• The target of marketing in business is the customer.

• The corporate sector derives success from the conversion of potential customers into actual buyers.

• Thus, a corporate explainer video must be by the customer’s requirements.

• The video must answer the customer’s problems and how your product is going to solve their problems.

• Many corporate videos commit the silly mistake of glorifying their history, achievements and processes which the audience doesn’t care about.

• Before starting the process of creating a corporate video, think from a client’s perspective.

Convey your vision and not just the mission!

• A corporate video should be a fiery embodiment of an organization’s beliefs.

• People are looking for transparency in every strata of business.

• Every organization needs to understand that there will be downs in the buying cycle for them.

• The thing is core beliefs should never be shunned and should be depicted clearly in a corporate video.

You can make your corporate video as interesting as possible with interesting additions such as an invitation for action or implementing SEO to promote the video across several platforms.

How to Make an Animatic (Making an Animated Movie)

The first thing here is to mention that animatic is different from the term animation. The simplest definition in this regard would be to understand that animatic is video storyboard, in the form of a slide presentation you can say, nicely blended with the voice over.

No doubt, the sound impacts play a big part in these videos than the conventional animations. However, the other crucial parts about these stuff are to prepare the right editing, maintaining the right time and flow of the storyboard.

Expediency of These Concepts:

Digital, video marketing concepts, getting rampant is one of the prime factors behind making animatic much more hyped. Needless is to mention about the importance that the animated videos or the animated explainer videos are enjoying these days.

For the marketers, their products being presented through a renowned animated character is one of the prime reasons behind these concepts getting successful in an envy making fashion.

Animatics have made the production process a way lot systematic offering a prior dig at the films prepared. It offers you a better picture of the way a video is going to be displayed. Hence, all synchronisation and timing get perfectly maintained. Animatic is one of the most crucial steps as well to be followed prior taking a video to the 3D level.

Tools Must Be Ready With:

Being a technical aspect, animatic demands the right tools to be available. Hence, make sure the following tools are available to you. Especially, these tools are crucial about manipulating the sketches meant for the incorporation.

One should be having the tools ready for the export of various formats or codes as well. Most importantly, the tools for incorporation of essentials into display screen have to be there with you for a desirable output. Adobe after Effects is one of the finest recommendations that one should go with on this aspect.

Preparing the Storyboards

The success of an animatic depends quite a lot on the preparation of a compelling storyboard. While preparing a storyboard, the utmost importance should be given on the intuitiveness. Though the manual methods of using pencil sketches are still on, the options like 3D images and other forms of photography have taken it to a new level.

For the utmost complacency, it is advised to prepare the storyboard in the presence of the script writer. It’s not only the digital platforms or video marketing; the storyboards are quite popular among television media as well.

As the storyboards are crucial for animatic, it is always suggested to prepare these before your animatic production.

Animatic Production: Step by Step

Animatic production is one of the most interesting aspects on the earth. These are intuitive, creative, amusing and productive at the same time. Here we present the detail of animatic production that can be accomplished simply having a PC/laptop with the desired tools.

• It’s always recommended to be having the fundamental art forms ready to explain the symphony, and most importantly to make things easier about deciding the elements essential.

• The next step is about preparing the storyboard that is explained above. You can tweak the above images and prepare these for the purpose as well.

• Once the draws are ready, it’s about converting these into the digital forms. Though taking the scans of the paper sketches and using those works, the options of drawing itself on the system is also quite frequent.

• Now go for putting colours and designing. Those who consider the scanning images for their purpose are recommended to go through an additional step of clearing the blurs or preparing the image in a clearer form. However, any paper sketch should be without any colour effects. In other words, the colour effects should be put through the system itself. This is important regarding making things quicker and system-friendly.

• Once the images are ready with digitized forms, the challenge remains about going for the animation steps. Having an animator makes things easier on this aspect. On a digital platform, the challenges are primarily about assigning the initial and final points. Primarily, the point is to ensure that each point is filled.

• Make sure the audio track is already prepared by the time. The most important part to ensure on this aspect is whether the track is prepared in concurrence with the set timing or not. Add care must be taken if there remains the need of blending the music. It’s recommended to accomplish all these aspects in a specialised chamber. In general, the musical blends are preferred to be made in the end.

Once each step is accomplished in the desired fashion as mentioned above, all that remains is to take it and upload at the desired platform. However, don’t forget to take a preview of the whole preparation prior final upload.

The Problems Encountered in Creating Your First Marketing Video

Marketing has changed in definition as well as procedures over the years. The traditional methods of the door to door sales have faded away. We are flourishing a generation which has technology at the behest of humans. Internet and computers have changed the face of marketing and innovative marketing methods have been sprouting up in the event of increasing competition.

Videos are being used as a prime source for marketing everywhere nowadays. Major corporate players prefer videos for marketing products as well as in business presentations. In this article, we will be reviewing some problems with making a marketing video and tips to prevent them.

You must have heard of cartoons. They seem like drawings which have come to life. Cartoons are simply numerous drawings of a particular scene played in a sequence which renders the feel of continuity in a video. Animated explainer videos have made their mark in this world and the explicit benefits they offer to any marketing schedule are beyond imagination.

Though the design of traditional PowerPoint presentations is not banal, they tended to feel a bit clichéd and regimented in appearance. Thus, explainer videos with animated text and clippings invoke easy acclaim owing to the flexibility in design and visual magnificence.

Here we come to the main part of our discussion i.e. problems with making a marketing video. We have enlisted some problems in a different manner so that readers can find their mistakes and simultaneously improvise on them.

1. Round Up Your Market…

• Until and unless you know about your target market, it is imprudent to start with your video making process.
• Scout the target audience and then you will be able to decide on what you shall include and exclude from your video.
• This research helps you in rounding up on some basic points which shall be integrated with the theme of your video.

2. Check The Videos Of Others…

• Many marketing personnel employ videos in their marketing schedules. Videos are enriched with audiovisual content and hence are more appealing.
• You can take a look at the videos made by different marketers which would help you in obtaining an abstract idea about the video you are about to make.
• Notice the twists in the storylines of the videos. Look out for any additional yet eye catching points used in other videos.
• Now that we have cited some preliminary issues with video creation for marketing, it is the time we focused on the issues which are incorporated in the video itself.

3. Video Length

• Many designers face the common issue of video length.
• This can be assumed to be the resultant of the improper project idea.
• If a designer doesn’t have a clear impression of the requirements of the marketer, then the video length can be a setback.
• Explainer videos used for marketing must be short and crisp and not long and boring.
• Surveys have indicated that the preferred video length for a marketing video must be around 2 minutes for the desktop version and a little more for mobiles.

4. Information In Video

• Most marketing videos fail due to the deficit of quality information.
• Who would like to watch a two-minute video stuffed with graphics and no information at all?
• If the explainer video doesn’t speak of your marketing efforts, then it is better to opt for the door to door marketing.
• At least in the latter case, there will be no hefty expenses.
• Ensure that your marketing video is equipped with tactical information on your business and is capable of engaging users.

5. User-Friendly Videos

• The user is king. Yes, without the appreciation or feedback from users, a marketing video is nothing more than wastage of bandwidth and space.
• Try to keep the video simple and visually attractive at the same time.
• Excess effects and animations can bore the viewer hence, a designer shall focus on presenting facts rather than filling the video with catchy phrases and glittery graphics.

6. Storyboards

• Amateur designers often commit the flaw of jumping into the process of video making directly.
• Visual storyboards are efficient resources to design spectacular videos with attention to every element of marketing.
• Product must be depicted in front of consumers in the form of a story so that they are attached to the brand.
• This would ensure a successful marketing campaign.

7. Don’t Overlook Tiny Details…

• Many marketing videos suffer the brunt of improper designing not only because the designers were not up to it but also for the flaws in various elements such as white balance, red spots, contrast, and brightness, lighting fluctuations and post production.
• Many designers forget to clean up the video properly before setting it live.
• Storyboard elements may creep up in the final design which would hamper the look of the video.

Hence, if you are up for your first marketing video, then be sure to deal with all the above said problems and you will have an impressive marketing video at hand.

Disrupting the Narrative: Telling Stories with 360-Degree Video

The 360-degree video is one of the amazing ideas, especially regarding its productiveness. It has been already proved to be significant in the case of online marketing arena, presenting a tutorial or during product demonstrations. The awesomeness of the idea is also evident while preparing a party video or for entertainment purpose. At the same time, it looks promising for the world of media as well.

360-degree video and the contemporary reporting

Offering multiple angles to the viewer while shooting, the concept has enabled the journalists to convey their thoughts or messages with it. At the same time, capturing the multiple sections of the same video offers added scopes to analyse the content and to investigate it in numerous ways. The best part of the whole aspect is that you can’t just impose any thought or idea on the audience mind. The viewer accepts it the way he/she has to.

It’s quite obvious for the 360-degree videos to be prolific regarding conducting the news room debates. The experience offers with a VR headset simply takes the whole analysis process to a new level. It’s like offering the needful flexibility to conduct the all-out breakdown with a greater ease, focussing each part of any incident in multiple ways.

The challenge:

The enhanced multi-angled view of an incident has certainly appeared to be challenging for those who are used-to with the classic ways of journalism. The conventional journalism approaches used to be simple if you don’t try to make it upgraded. It’s like presenting things the way it appears and the way everyone sees it.

But, in contemporary cases, especially through the inception of the 360-degree videos, it’s moreover like convincing the audience about the whole aspect through the perfect blend of graphic works, using the right camera technology, etc.

The challenge is now about being best with storytelling through the inception of 360-degree videos, as you are already enjoying adequate assists on this regard starting from camera works to the graphics.

Everyone being the best, same way

Seeing the whole aspect the other way, it would be evident that though the usage of 360-degree video is rapidly growing, at the same time, it is also evident that not all have managed to present the best of it.

These days the reporting videos might have gone upgraded, but these are all quite equivalent regarding presentation. This happens as everyone finds the same definition of the best, presenting the same way. Again, the usage of VR headsets can’t be used too much as well. Hence, there is every chance of these videos to appear the same way, unless you don’t come up with something creative.

It differs from a known news centre and a rookie

360-degree videos are demanding the news houses to be extremely good regarding storytelling, camera work and narrative. In the case of the renowned journalism centres, people might accept the reporter conveying the whole happening (as they trust the person).

But, the case is quite different in the case of the general centres. And, 360-degree video is like a gift for them. However, it’s a fact at the same time that they should be very adept at playing with the concept in the most prolific ways.

In such cases, the emerging news houses need to be very specific about the technical aspects. Each aspect, starting from the camera positioning to the angle creation, all have to be very exact. Most important part here is that these organizations need to use specialized professional cameras for the cases when multiple lenses are being used.

Mistakes to avoid and the recommendation:

One of the common mistakes that have been found to be committed by the emerging media houses is when they try to blend the conventional video footages with the 360-degree videos. The intention might be to lure the audience through the fine-tuned presentation, but it doesn’t often produce the desired output from the technicalities point of views.

The best recommendation for these enthusiastic media houses is that they should make things very clear whether they want to showcase an incident in the form of conventional reporting or they wish it to be of a video narrative way; involving various characters, background score, graphics, etc.

In this way, it becomes simpler for them to prepare the content. It’s important to have it in mind that for a narrative video there should not be the blend of reporting in between, neither it should not be in a hurry to focus on the other topics.


Going through the whole abstract, it is evident that to drag the best of 360 videos, it is crucial for the whole filming to be prepared by the story telling. An approach according to the storytelling/presentation would make it easier for the whole aspects of camera positioning, sound, graphic, and other technicalities.

The Insider’s Guide to Motion Graphics Video

Motion Graphics is a revolutionary technology on a digital platform that blends images, texts with the ultimate video. The graphic combination has been effective both with both background audio and live score.

Well, it’s a high-tech concept having its applicability mostly in big budget flicks. Good news is that web videos also have discovered the biggest use of the idea in contemporary times. You can say the rampant growth of web arena has made it possible.

The Advantage Pack:

Blends with videos are not uncommon. However, Motion graphic is distinguishing regarding bringing all the key components of a successful video under one roof, those like animation, graphics, print patterns, filming, etc. Above all, such fine-tuned compilations are being managed to be done with minimal expense.

Best Example: The Animated Explainer Marketing Videos

The best examples of finding the above characteristic with a video are the animated explainer video. You can call these videos as the shorter editions of a motion graphic show-off over the web. The highest usage of these explainer videos has been found among the digital video marketing companies.

Presenting the best parts of a product in a story telling method is the key to the gripping popularity of these types of videos. The most challenging part of any explainer video, which is about dragging the attention of a customer has become incredibly sleeker through the presentation of your favourite animated character. Overall, the enhanced video quality plays a key role in ensuring that at least the viewer is not going to ignore your video.

Preparing an Up-To-The-Mark Motion Graphic Video:

Live action or the videos can do something that millions of words can’t manage to. This is the reason that the expressions are given higher emphasis in any video making. And, these motion graphics videos convey one’s expression in a much appealing way than ever.

Anyway, if you are aiming at preparing an animated GIF that can be prolific enough, then below-given tips can be handy for you.

Fix The Duration And Prepare Script:

As mentioned above, storytelling has been the key to remarkable success of the motion graphic videos. The first thing that has to be taken care of in this regard is to decide about the duration of the video. There are incredible examples available for the promotional videos those even vary in between 50 seconds to 2 minutes.

For the usage product demonstration, the length has to be certainly longer. What most important is that the length needs to be decided to be very specific that makes it easy for the script to be prepared. While writing the script, the points to be taken care of are the targeted audience, the mood of the video and the action (to comment, like a page, press subscribe button, etc.).

Decide The Presentation Way:

Motion Graphics video comes up with some ways of presenting something. You can present it through typography (with background voice), using the voice over that is performed by your favourite animated character on-screen, or presenting things live by anyone with an adorable personality.

If the video is quite short, and none of the above options is convenient for you, you can still move with a nice background tune presenting the popping typography.

Combining the Basics:

Once you are certain about the script, animation, graphics, typography, etc., then it is about finding the best location to shoot. You can go with a specialised studio or at a place you like. It depends upon the level of special effect you want to put.

Have Demo Prior Special Effects:

On a practical note, it’s almost impossible to fix a particular style or typography for a video straightaway. Starting from the contrast, shadow effect, colour category, all needs revision. Hence, don’t go for the fine shot immediately. Have adequate time on hand to try out various demo compilations.

Blending the Animation and Effects:

Once you are finished with basic shoots, the next thing is about deciding about the tinge of special effects or blending the animated characters. Needless is to mention that this is the most tricky and technical phase of the whole process. However, it is important to have it in mind that the success of this step is hugely reliant on the level at which the above steps are accomplished.

Ensuring The Effects Is In Order:

To ensure the right effect, it is important for the animated character to find the right position as well. Anyway, the crucial part of this aspect is to adjust the speed of the animation with the video. The actions made by these needs to be well by the movement and the background score.

If There Is A Need For Sound Effect:

A decent sound effect is something everyone wants. But, it’s important at the same time as well to have the purpose of the project in mind. The role of sound effects depends huge on it. If there is a need for any special sound effect, then the same has to be attained separately in a specialised studio only through experienced professionals.

How To Have A Fantastic 360 Degree Video With Minimal Spending

Capturing videos from all angles, editing those, and finally preparing the right compilation might be sounding a bit perplexing to perform. However, the arrivals of 360-degree videos have certainly changed the whole scenario. In this way, you don’t need the whole gang to prepare a video.

A single person is enough to prepare a video outstanding. Still it gets a little pricey for some, especially from a start-up or someone enthusiastic video maker point of view. To ensure these remains well within your comfort level, the following ideas can be handy. Check it out!

Best positioning of the cameras:

If you are interested in preparing the camera of yourself, then going with the 360Heros can let you deal with about 8 cameras at a time to capture the shots from the very remote corner. The cameras in this way can be linked to each other by various means, primary of which are the wireless ways.

If affording the stands or the cases needed to place the cameras in the right position for capture is a bit more for you, then your height can come in to use. All you need to ensure is having the best quality Go Pro cameras.

You can put these cameras over the helmets, or can use the attached umbrellas. It gets even interesting if you love to capture under the water with Go Pro cameras being waterproof. You can attach these cameras with your diving costume. If it’s about capturing in broad daylight, then the White edition of the Go Pro cameras, at a budget well under $200 can also do the job.

Pick the right video combiner:

Editing the video, or preparing the right combination of the captures is often more price dragging than the normal video making. Hence, picking the right tool can certainly reduce your worries to a great extent. The most challenging part of the whole aspect is real to prepare the video in a device-friendly way.

Hence, it is advised that one should only go with right video combining software that can work with your device (desktop/smartphone well). You should also be careful about the desired file format. If the outcome is mp4 what you want, then the tool should not be delivering you a mp3 output. Kolor is a nice tool to prepare the mp4 files for you.

Take the shots first prior deciding the final output:

In many occasions, people often remain pre-decided about the shots they want. However, one can’t just guarantee about the outcome to come always in your way. This is the reason that having the all-out captures first is something you should go with first, prior deciding about the outcome.

Again, they try to edit things at the camera itself. However, if the final platform is a smartphone you are looking for, then editing it over the desktop certainly going to compromise the quality. Hence, the best procedure would be to prepare the shots first, take those to the desired platform, and later think about editing those there.

Platform attuned camera:

People suffer from additional expenses as they commit a mistake while selecting the camera. It’s always a safer idea to go with the cameras those are recommended by the renowned platforms, those are well attuned with the 360-degree videos, like You Tube. Random picks may not be delivering you the desired output.

Anyway, these You Tube attuned cameras can also be bagged at an expense of around two hundred to four hundred dollars. Visiting various sites can deliver these cameras at even lower price.

Being a little techie:

If cutting the extra expenses is your priority, then it’s always advised to avoid the expenses meant for just uploading. Buying the apps from any random store can make you go for some unwanted expense. The best recommendation in this regard would be to go with the applications meant for uploading available over Google Support.

Anyway, you need almost no expense being a master of playing with the codes. You can prepare your Python script to upload the video over You Tube. The best part is that there is adequate detail available for you to prepare these scripts through Google.

Understand the demand of the shoot:

The expense you make is often dependent upon the purpose of spending. Of course, a 360 video is all that you want. But, the quality of the camera or going for the expensive editions of should depend upon the toughness of captures you want to make.

You don’t need a high-end edition for preparing a 360-degree video around your home. Similarly, the device needs to be high-tech if the capture intended to be made challenging, like under sea shoots, while on a rollercoaster, etc. On this context, Easypano Panoweaver is a nice tool that can deliver you nice quality output at a price just within $400.

Seven Things You Should Know About Visual Storyboard

Videos amaze us till date and will continue to do so in the future. The numerous applications of videos have continued to provide us with some of the extraordinary services which have changed the face of mankind. The application of videos in many sectors including the corporate sector has rendered fruitful results.

Audiovisual assistance works well in the field of education too. Students can make the most out of lessons taught through animated videos. On the other hand, corporate meetings and presentations will get a new perspective with animated videos. In this discussion, we will be highlighting the definition of an explainer video and the necessary information about visual storyboards.

Explainer videos are in no way different than the conventional animation videos. An explainer video is just like a clipping from the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons. Such types of videos are suited for business presentations as well as teaching purposes. Making an explainer video is not the herculean task you imagine it to be. A free hand in designing and trivia about video making can land a splendid explainer video on your system.

However, depending on the significance of your purpose you can also choose to go for a professional video maker to craft an explainer video for you. The explainer video contains animated clips stitched together in an orderly fashion or else it can comprise of slides of information accompanied with transition effects and animations appearing in between.

Well, till now we have got to know about the necessity of animation videos and the application of explainer videos. Now we shall come to the soul of designing animated explainer videos. A video has a storyline and in the case of business presentations, the story needs to remain simple alongside explaining the intricate details.

The majorities of presentations appears generic and seem like lifeless manifestations of a lazy person’s intentions. Hence, a visual storyboard is imperative for making a video spectacular. Let us look at seven things about visual storyboards which you might have been missing till now.

1. Paving The Path…

• The purpose of a visual storyboard in the process of making an explainer video is to maintain uniformity in the flow of the video.
• Many designers often get confused regarding the order of information to be delivered in the video.
• A storyboard makes the designing process a joyride where you can feel the thrill of twists as well as preserve the basic concept of your presentation.
• The focus on story remains steady with a visual storyboard as the designer is not confused with the elements in the story.
• Working with a visual storyboard eases the process of video designing, and you form a great story as you proceed with the storyline.

2. What’s The Problem?

• Once you start with the video making process, you will encounter many obstacles down the road.
• We know that you can deal with the physical aspects such as hardware and necessary technical apparatus for making the video.
• However, creative issues can be a tough hurdle to cross in the process of video making.
• Hence, a visual storyboard helps you deal with creativity cliffhangers where you do not know what to do next.
• You can assess the progress of the video as well as monitor the changes made to the original concept.
• A designer can also prepare for adding fresh points to the storyline.

3. Time Is Money…

• Storyboards save time like nothing else.
• A perfect storyboard puts things in order and doesn’t allow the designer to stray away from the original theme of the video.
• Having all resources at hand won’t be helpful until and unless they are implemented in an orderly fashion.
• The storyboard helps keep track of the modifications and also preserve the idea of presenting the video.

4. Suit Yourself…

• A storyboard doesn’t impose any restrictions on the designer. Storyboards can be prepared to suit the planning style as required.
• Storyboard templates can be quick getaways to design an explainer video.
• However, you can also opt for designing storyboards on your own.

5. Monitor Your Progress…

• As we have said earlier, storyboards help in maintaining track of the additions and removals from the video.
• Storyboards act like to-do lists and can be used as a visual checklist.
• Reviewing your storyboard each time will remind you of missing elements and help you in making necessary adjustments.

6. Don’t Bore The Audience…

• A good storyboard helps you to ward off monotonous clippings from your video.
• On the other hand, a storyboard also prevents a video from being crammed up with dozens of random shots.
• Such elements could improve the substance in the video but can also bore the audience which is undesirable.

7. Practice Pays Off…

• We shouldn’t forget that storyboard designing is also an art which required practice.
• To master the orientation of clippings and shots in an explainer video, you need to keep practicing with self-designed storyboards and templates.