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10 Tips to Effectively Use Videos in eLearning

Videos are going to be the next big thing in the world of web. In fact, the process has already started. Starting from the Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to many other prominent bloggers, all would agree with the above. If, the videos can be effective enough for the challenging promotional aspects, …

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India’s Animation Industry Has Seen Unprecedented Growth’

Animation is a niche in India, which doesn’t need to be proved especially after the envious success of ‘The Jungle Movie’ in the nation. Well, not just the movie, animation is something extremely attention dragging for Indians currently in the whole media and advertising arena as well. In fact, India …

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How to Boost Cyber Week ROI with Video and GIF Marketing

Cyber has gone viral platform for marketing with the boosting features. So what is your planning for this Cyber Week? The best ROI services are deployed by Cyber. Intending for Video and GIF Marketing in the Cyber Week you can boost up your business in an incredible manner. You can’t …

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15 Reasons to Use Animation in Content Marketing

Being a business person you must be aware that marketing is the imperative strategy to grow your business! The commonly used buzzwords by the marketers are “Content Marketing”, “Online Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing”. The brands which are capable of sourcing rich contents have established themselves in the market. The online …

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How to Succeed As a Voiceover Artist in the Digital Age

Learning digital arts and acting will create a wide array of professional opportunities. Entering into the industry as a voiceover artist can be a remarkable way to make your name prominent. The problem is that the opportunities are uncertain for the voiceover artists. Plus, it’s not always clear what offers …

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Storyboarding 101: Turning Concepts into Visual Forms

What the Storyboarding generally is? People also often search for this question today. Storyboarding is nothing but a series of pictures captured in separate frames for outlining ideas of storytelling with creative descriptions about anything. Pictures speak louder than words and storyboarding has proved it true. Stories can be told …

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Expert Tips for an Amazing Video Resume

Video resume is certainly one of the most bankable ideas currently to rise above the mediocre and come up with something distinguishing. However, it is equally important at the same time to furnish it in the right fashion. Everyone loves to present him/her with something different fashion. Video CVs are …

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How to Make a Commercial Video for Your Business?

Marketing Mix is essential for every business’ growth and commercial video contents are giving high visibility to the audience. Though commercial video contents are a little higher compared to the print advertisements, it can give your business a Supreme growth. For producing commercial videos for your business, you need an organization as well as effective planning for the production. Planning is must as it will help organizing the requirements of commercial video contents creation.

Making a well-toned and good commercial video is all about formulating a message that could speak to audience on behalf of your business. Therefore, crafting a production plan is crucial and should remain within the limits of your video skills. With the help of appropriate planning and effective production, everyone can produce a commercial video that can win over your market audiences.

Commercial video contents are one of the finest forms of mass communication ideal for online media. Use of commercial video in business can drive most of the benefits towards your online operating business. It doesn’t matter how big or small is your business; consumers always demand a better idea to understand your business and commercial video is suitable to satisfy these needs. With commercial video, you can educate people regarding your process with which your business operates. Moreover, you can let them know about your working details. Without proper planning and production of commercial video, contents would not create easiness in making the people understand what you do or what your business does online. Without keen understanding of the ways to create a commercial video for your business, you will face some complexities.

Thus, you need to have effective guidelines through which you can make a successful commercial video content for your online business. A commercial video has the proficiency in telling a convincing story regarding your business to the audiences in just some couple of minutes. But before you think of including explanations and animation into a commercial video, it is highly imperative that you should implement each and everything that you know and have to develop a killer commercial video content. An engaging, well-written commercial video script will act as a base foundation for your commercial video. Thus, without the right and suitable video script, your creation process will be in vain. So, how to make a commercial video fruitful for your business is the tough question for some people, but there are also many who know the exact and precise way of commercial video creation.

Methods to Make a Successful Commercial Video for Your Business:

  • Target the market:
    • While planning for creating commercial video contents, it is imperative not only to identify the target audience but the target market also. All the prepared commercial video should inform visitors about your products or services and also your name with them. Besides, make the commercial video be your professional tone to give satisfactory description about your online business. It should prepare with care so that it can give attractiveness to your target audience.
  • Set the budget:
    • Setting up budget for your commercial video production is crucial. Lack of this knowledge might be harmful to your business as the more you spend on it, the better you get the results. But you must have to define how much you can afford otherwise you may spend lots of money on creating it. Setting the budget would let you know in which areas you have to spend more and in which you have to spend less. Budgeting will also help you prioritizing the things and dig out those areas where you can do the work yourself for saving some dollars.
  • Think the message that you want to deliver:
    • Every commercial video for businesses has some hidden message to deliver audiences. It is the think-tank team of the organization who will think the right message for commercial video content. It is the most important step to be carried out positively while creating a commercial video for the business. Make the video content small and to-the-point so that you can better focus on the message that you want to deliver audiences. Instead of putting all the things in a commercial video, you can make a series of commercial videos. But each video content should have different focus otherwise the whole video content will just have the taste of failure.
  • What’s the story behind your commercial video:
    • This section is entirely depending on the creative minds of the business. This is a challenging task to complete while developing commercial video contents for your business. So, make your story short, crisp, memorable and importantly make them engaging. If you can include some humor to surprise your audience, then it’s well and good. But above all, you have to make your commercial video crystal clear and easy-to-understand so that getting your story across would be easier than ever. The finest way to come up with story ideas is to gaze at other commercial video contents of the companies. Observe the TV advertisements closely and think about how they are fabricated. Keen understanding of how effectively they are made would help you in developing your ideas and helps you in making your own commercial video.
  • Script your commercial video:
    • Once you are done with getting story ideas, you have to transform them into script. If you have prepared the commercial video for TV channels, then you will need to be precise about the timing so that no contents get cut off from the line. At this particular moment, you will find the essentiality of script.
  • Don’t go for direct production, record first:
    • After finalizing the script for your commercial video, you are absolutely ready to shoot commercial video. If you want to gain high production value, then follow the commercial video recording tips before starting the shoot. Above all, it is vital to record good quality audio and implements sufficient lighting texture in your video content as well. These two things are the keys to make your commercial video show its charm to the audience.
  • Editing is as necessary as other things:
    • The presence of glitches is sure while shooting for any commercial video. It can be of any form or shape. Thus, editing the recorded commercial video is essential to remove these glitches out of the video contents. In the editing section, you have to take care of other things such as copyright violations, picture quality, pixels and so on. Thus, editing is the must have attribute while producing any commercial video content for your business.
  • Make them publicized:
    • Once you are done with the process of commercial video content creation, you should make them available to the public. There are numbers of ways to make them seen to your target market and audience. You can also make them available on YouTube- the largest video sharing domain.
  • Hire a professional:
    • if you are far away from the knowledge of commercial video production: Hiring professionals is the appropriate way to develop commercial video for your business if you don’t know the process of commercial video creation rightfully. No doubt you’ll be charged for their service, but you will get the highly engaged and pro-touch commercial video for your business.

Now, that you have gathered ample knowledge regarding how to make commercial video; what are you waiting for? Go and start the process to take your business to the next-level of excellence.

18 Ways to Use Humour in Your Next Video

Forget about those hefty claims; if you want people to see, listen, or just to spend some time with you or your product, then it has to be amusing. The rule is perfectly applied no matter it’s an explainer video or a movie. And, there is nothing more difficult than to amuse someone, especially in a stressful lifestyle of present days. Well, the following compilations of tips are obvious to make things look away lot simpler in comparison. It’s especially handy for those are up for preparing an explainer video.

Don’t Take It For Granted:

Remember, one who is not happy is impossible to make anyone else. Hence, the aim of adding humour within the video should not be a burden. Just prepare the contents you want to convey and think how you would talk about it while being in the happiest phase of mind. Definitely you are going to get a way.

Mistakes Are Your Treasures:

Take any movie of humour genre. What they do? They just present someone in trouble in a funnier fashion. Someone getting slipped on the floor if not gets too hurt is funny for others. Similarly, remember about the silly mistakes you made while preparing the video; it will give some idea.


When you get clueless, fight remains the only option. This idea can work excellently for your aim of making a video amusing. It can be even more humorous to present the fight scene in slow motion. Preparing the script is not so difficult as well; you can simply talk about how people/ two people are fighting among each other and at the same time the features should be conveyed.


This is a straightforward option for those like explainer videos. In fact, often the explainer videos are preferred to be prepared as the animated explanatory videos. Pick a funny animated character and scratch your brain a bit about how it could poke fun on your products. Certain good ideas will pop-up.

What If This Was That:

It’s such a compliant idea of producing fun! How would President Obama be looking with Michale Jackson hairstyle? What if Mark Henry does a cat walk wearing gown and high heels or would look in bikini? What if Donald Trump does a belly dance? Think something like this for your product; viewers can’t stop laughing.


This is a common trick used by the commercials. A deodorant spray hardly seduces a girl, or saving a lonely girl has anything to do with someone’s underwear. But, these explanations work, and people buy the product, simply because it’ amusing. Think about something that can be relevant to your product; it will work.

Gender Bender:

This is a great trick. Pick a person who is a very good actor with these tricks. If your product is more appropriate for a boy, imagine how it would have appeared with a girl. Dress a guy as a girl; it would rather be more humorous than a girl itself.

Candid Dance:

Is there anything more amusing than a candid untrained dance? Why don’t pick the same for your purpose? Prepare the content as someone is very happy with your product and is dancing in joy. The best part, you would have to put less stress on content this way, and no need to think about the choreography as well.


An explainer video is generally of a couple of minutes unless a special case appears. One or two punch lines in the script for such a little length can be enough. Look for the humor/meme on the product of your video through Google; it will shower you with ideas. However, just revamp a bit or present it your way to be authentic.

Think What If The Product Was Not There:

Imagine a case when no public toilet is there, and someone feels the pressure. You don’t be that someone; let it be the funniest guy in your gang. How would he have reacted? Simply bone tickling; isn’t it? Similarly, just take you product and imagine how the same funny guy would miss it. You got what you want.

Let The Critics Go Gaga And You Shameless:

The best part of being shameless is that the criticisms appear like the funds. Be that shameless for a moment, ask your biggest foe and let him make the harshest fun on the product you are going to prepare the video for. You will shortlist some absolutely authentic punches.

Make It Flop:

Imagine how it would be if the concerned product you are preparing gets flopped. Imagine the technique you applied is presented in a flawed fashion. This will not only give you an idea of finding the humour quotient but will help in preparing the whole content itself.


It’s matter of a couple of minutes at maximum. Nothing really to get surprised if someone feels it difficult to find the right humour content for such a stiff length. The best idea hence would be to incorporate funny sound clips. The laughing meme for example; talk about how the product’s absence you felt in a funny way and accompany the audio with it. It appears much more humorous this way.

Make It Intuitive:

Talk about the product in a humorous fashion with just anyone, no matter how bad you are about making humours. Definitely, the person in front will comment something about it, and maximum possibilities hold of it being a perfectly humorous content.

A Funny Man:

If you are a good actor or know someone who is good in acting, your job is half done. Pick any funny character like Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, etc., and present the key specs of your product the way they would have presented it. It’s going to be absolutely funny once he script is prepared in a compliant fashion.


This is another cool idea. Let a dog get dressed in formal suits, a cat in gown and both converse about product.

It might be a bit expensive to prepare such videos, but will be much amusing once upon being prepared in a flawless fashion.

Make It News:

Present it like your product is all hype and you are the news anchor talking about it. Now, you know how exaggerated and sensational fashion, with a lot of flashes the news these days are being prepared. Just pick the format, write an overwhelming script for your product and the job is done.

However, a bit special care has to be taken with the scripts while preparing these contents.

Finger Action:

This is a cool idea. Dressing the nails in various forms, like a shoe, a face, making the fingers dance are already the rocking ideas among the ad makers; nothing wrong to apply the same trick in your case as well. You have to be a little more creative, though.

Hand signs with background audio are also one of the cool ideas of making a video amusing. And, this is one of the simplest one to perform. All you need is preparing a few slides and a script to be talked in background.

Introducing New Fonts for Global Video Communication

Things are sweeter being conveyed in native language. It’s just impossible to be creative about an aspect unless and until someone realizes it in his/her on own language. But, it’s a fact at the same time that you never know great talent remains within the shades forever, just because of language barrier.

Anyway, technology sees no discrimination; it’s the same around the globe for people of all languages. It’s a fact to be admitted that technology has played a great role in breaking the fences of languages by making key technological concepts available in multiple languages. On this context, good news is that this time technology has come up with yet another revolutionary idea. More interestingly, it is concerned with one of the most hyped marketing ways of contemporary times, the animated explanatory videos. In straight words, now it is possible to prepare the explanatory animated videos in any language (not just English).

Thanks to Noto Language Fonts:

It clearly reveals about the rampant growth and acceptance of the explanatory video ideas. Thanks to the globalized scenario for font market that has enabled video production possible in all prominent languages of the world.

Being specific about the topic, most of the video production houses these days primarily move with Noto language fonts. However, the process of trial with many other languages has also surfaced (apart from Noto) and some are in pipeline. It is here to mention that Noto font family is a fresh development from Google that is intended of encouraging all languages in a significant fashion. Especially, it has turned out to be impactful with all other languages outside the Latin language category.

What Makes These Videos Are Absolutely User-Friendly?

  • The ease of preparing a video as of such has encouraged many video producers to go for it. As the primary aim behind the idea is to prepare a video for any language other than English, the initial task is simply to pick the respective Noto font.
  • No need to worry about the video players as these video production houses prepare the videos those can be able in playing with any video player format. Most of these video production houses prepare the player that supports the alphabets in languages other than Latin category. In maximum cases, these players support alphabets in Arial font.
  • Anyway, the languages those resemble with English up to some extent can also be used with pre-existing fonts (Though it’s a fact that the noteworthy point is that the Arial font is not supported by the latest HTML5 player).

Interestingly these have broken barriers of multiple symbols, signs, letters, etc. (especially in Asian languages)

The most interesting part, this time, is to mark that the video production houses are focusing higher on producing fonts in Asian languages. Among the prominent Asian languages, the Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu and Bengali are on a roll being available with its font. The production of videos in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai are obviously exciting. But, the most interesting part to mark here is that the production of videos in middle-east Arabic languages has increased in an enchanting fashion. The efforts of these production houses are definitely commendable the way they have arranged things for Korean languages, which is having a greater number of characters than the other languages. Undoubtedly they have confronted the challenge in a laudable fashion and have made the good works evident. On a whole, the production has always been inspiring in all Latin and English languages.

Signalling the Growth in Whole Industry of Explanatory Videos:

The momentous acceptance of the explanatory animated videos and their productive knack is obviously evident. Entrepreneurs have realised the need of producing the promotional stuff in native languages. Though it won’t be exact to call it a need, they have realised that the business can be prolonged a lot upon making it available for people those prefer things in their own language. Whatsoever, one thing is clear that the explanatory animated videos have enjoyed a great acceptance.

In case your language doesn’t support a particular format:

There is still a way even if any concerned language is not supported by the format. Most of these video production houses are coming up with the subscription system that lets the users in having a file for their font, of their language. This font file is just of 15 MB though.

The producers let the users to upload the snaps of text in desired format as props. Above all, these people love to receive the queries or feedbacks from the users. They welcome the idea through which the video production can be enhanced in local languages and also let the same people know about what they can expect in near future about the particular aspect.

Advantages These Video Makers Offer:

  • Upon taking a closer dig, it becomes evident that most of the video producers are primarily the cloud based. It enables them to connect with eclectic languages over the globe, solving their queries, or working on their feedbacks.
  • These houses are enriched with a plethora of props, characters, symbols, etc. for preparing animated explanatory videos in multiple languages and forms.
  • Moreover, they make things absolutely user-friendly enabling the users to prepare their own videos in a drag and drop way.
  • Some make the facility available for free, and some demand fairly minimal price. Some other allows a free trial for some days and charge later once the user is convinced.
  • Interestingly, to make the outcome evident in a customized fashion, these video makers enable the users to bring in their own score, pictures, slides or flash files through certain very handy tools.
  • In short, an animated explanatory video preparation is possible to be made from scratch with certain very simple steps in a pick-and-put fashion.

Make It Revolutionary:

As mentioned above, anyone interested in witnessing any particular modifications with the fonts used by these video makers should definitely mail the concerned video maker mentioning the wished changes. The whole process could be a way lot revolutionized this way. It’s not just about improving the experience of a particular user group or language; rather, it should be viewed as the growth of the entire animated explanatory video industry. In other way, it can be cited as a way to connect some more millions through the web.

How to pick a compliant video maker?

Though the number of video makers as of mentioned above are not in plethora, still it is advised to check the profiles of each of them thoroughly, prior selecting one. Especially, one should definitely take a close dig about the availabilities of the special characters, letters, symbol, props, etc. At the same time, the aspects of conventional explanatory video making like the animations, background music, graphics, etc. should be thoroughly examined as well.


Finally, it can be claimed that the Video producers have rubbished the perception of preparing a professional animated explanatory video for business perspective expensive. Not just in terms of making things cost-effective, these video makers have made it evident that preparing a quality video content is not necessarily a time-consuming aspect as well.

How to Use Video across Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Shopping over the web is the most trending term presently. Pin to pen drive, everything can be availed over the web. However, be it for a pen or pen drive, thousands of shopping sites can be evident by making a simple search. But, only a few of those are successful, and many are moderate.

The reason is simple; one explains about its products/services well, and the other doesn’t. Managing to drive a customer from the conventional offline shopping site to an online platform is not sufficient. The visitor will turn in to purchaser only when he/she spends the same amount of time as of the offline store. And, the videos can be absolutely compliant on his matter.

How A Video Becomes Relevant On A Shopping Site?

Primarily, it’s a matter of keeping the visitor busy with the site. Longer the spent time, more is the interest indicated. Videos can fuel the same interest more significantly than anything else. However, it is important as well to ensure the video is being used in a smarter fashion.

The very first parameter that determines the smarter use of a video is its positioning. For example, an explainer video at the home page of a site is much worthy than plethora of those at other different positions. Well, it doesn’t mean the videos at other pages are cast-off. The point is that the timing of it needs to be intuitive enough.

Take the case of home page explainer video again; it becomes relevant as it conveys perfectly about the aspects that the whole site is going to deliver. Similarly, the video of a shopping site should convince well about the usage to the customer/visitor.

Let The Video Encourage Him/ Her To Spend Some More Time:

Any strategy for the videos over a shopping site should first aim of making it long termed. In other words, the strategy needs to be having the perfect roadmap. This enables the visitor to cling on with the site for different ranges of products. It’s necessary that the product is not up to the mark if someone simply takes a dig at it and jumps over to another. He may not be interested in the time being as well. But, once the video has impressed him/her in the desired fashion, every possibility persists for him/her to check the other videos as well. The process encourages him/her to come back again and again.

Videos Turning the Visitor from a Mere Viewer to a Buyer:

Competition associated with the online shopping might be up to the neck, but, it’s a fact at the same time that there are a very few only those actually prepare the video/product video in a fine-tuned fashion, to be industry worthy. As mentioned above, these people fail to make it worthy on a longer term usage.

A blunder that most of the ordinary online shopping sites commit with their videos is that they just jump on the viewer to make him/her convince about buying the product straightaway, like a desperate sales person dying to meet his/her target. Remember, there are a very few those ascertain the product to buy from the concerned site. In ninety-nine percent of the cases, people feel the necessity of a product and look for the best solution of it over multiple sites. Here comes the role of the video. A compliant video plays that crucial part of amusing the viewer to making him convinced about buying it.

The Idea of Preparing the Video:

As mentioned above, the videos should not be screechy straightaway. Some make it so mawkish that sometimes it becomes annoying and hilarious for the visitor. The approach should be to educate the viewer first. It needs to be able in explaining the features in a technical and significant from business point of view fashion. And, the brand name has to be made stapled in between in a smarter fashion.

First, Make The Buyer Love The Video:

The nicest way to get the tip would be to watch a conventional ad. The common thing about all successful ads is that they all tell a story. The story creates an impression that makes the ad memorable for the viewer. It is a matter of experience to realize that one doesn’t get convince about the product’s functionality unless and until he gets hands-on with it. Rather, it’s the amusement factor of the content that explains the product what for.

Mistakes Should Not Be Repeated:

  • If the above video is divided into two parts, the major one should be for storytelling. In the conclusion part only, you should recommend the product mentioning its features.
  • Things get wrong as people focus on creating the content that elaborates more about the features without being amusing. Here it’s like the above case where you are simply asking him to buy the product now.
  • In short, the features should be mentioned, not the whole explanation of it. In spite, these explanations should be presented in a creative fashion earlier throughout the video.
  • As a result, while talking a dig at the product’s features, the whole amusing video pops-up in the mind of him/her. Now this is something called the impression that provokes the person to try.

Preparing an Explainer Video:

  • Explainer videos are like the must; no matter it’s a shopping site or a complete informative one. And, the explainer videos are different from the product description video.
  • The most important part to take care of an explainer video is its length. A video of couple of minute length is considered the most appropriate for an explainer category. Little lesser than two minutes may work, but it should not be too lengthy.
  • Good news is that one doesn’t have to meander a lot about an idea. There are already plenty, starting from the animated ones to the presentation by a person himself.
  • Being strict about the length, it is highly desired for the explainer video to follow the right order. It should talk about the matter of interest straightaway, rather than any filmy way to showcase, but in a creative fashion. The best way would be to talk about the commonly found issues that your product fixes smartly.
  • In the next part, you can talk about the available ways to fix it, next is to how the particular focuses the way, and finally talk about the ways to be hands-on with it.
  • Explainer videos of the above kinds have been found to be improving the conversion rate by more than seventy percent.

Putting a Company Video:

Some companies love to put a video of their quest. The most recommended way of preparing these videos is using the pictorial presentation method. You can pop-up the sizzling snap of each major achievements of the company with a nice quote accompanying it. A soothing instrumental background score would be fine.

A Case Study/Testimony Video:

Among the videos luring the visitors to buy the product, the study case videos come on the top. Obviously, it has to be in a storytelling fashion. You may let him talk straightaway in his voice, or you may go with the slide show idea chaining the pictures of the person in a way to explain how he/she convinced about using your product.


The tutorial videos are also considered influential on an online shopping site. It’s quite obvious for a person to look for the usage ways post being convinced about the applicability of a product. These tutorial videos are something he looks for. Especially, the tutorial videos are like a must if the product is a technology based, like a smartphone.

Tips for Making a Mobile-Friendly Video for Your Business

Videos over the smartphones are a big thing these days from business point of view. Statistics say that the videos eat about fifty-five percent of total data. More interestingly, more than ninety percent of the users love to share the videos over smartphones. More interestingly, about at least one and half an hour a day is spent watching the videos by the above groups of people. In short, preparing a video (especially a business video) being specific for the smartphones is obvious to get higher interest.

Preparing the Most Lucid Audio Quality:

What makes the videos over the smartphones such cool is that there is nothing called a barrier with the combination. One can watch a video over the mobiles at any place as he wishes. No matter its travel through the train, about killing times at platform or taking a cool break in office, the videos have been enchanting through the mobiles.

  • Closed Captions:
    • One thing is sure from the above-mentioned cases that there is no guarantee of a pin drop silence surround. In fact, all the mentioned places are quite fussy. Hence, the first recommendation while preparing a mobile-friendly video is to shoot in an enclosed chamber. The best idea would be to have the term closed captions in mind. Closed captions have been enchanting for the Facebook users as the auto-play is sound less unless the user puts a click on it.
  • Using Best Quality Speakers:
    • The taste of a video gets ruined once the audio quality is not up to the mark. It is important on this aspect to have the enhanced piece of speakers for a transparent audio quality. The cheap speaker sets are simply annoying to go through in noisy zones.

Optimizing the Quality Of The Video:

To exist in a scenario of growing competition or growing user base, it is highly desired for the video players to be optimized perfectly for the smartphones. Though the free platforms like You Tube make the videos fitting for the smartphones automatically, still, it is important to prepare in an optimized fashion to meet the competition.

  • Smartphone Friendly Thumbnail:
    • The appearance of the video matters the most on mobile platforms. Hence, it is advised to have the thumbnail that is smartphone friendly. It needs to be attractive as the one that looks good gets clicked first.
  • Bandwidth:
    • Knowing the right bandwidth plays a crucial role for a quality video being prepared. The bandwidths say it clearly about the video download or buffering speed. At least, one should prepare the videos according to the responsive video platforms like You Tube. This is so as these platforms tweak the bandwidth accord to the device type. Naturally, this is also handy regarding reducing the lag time and hence to offer the audience a much better quality.
  • Not All Videos Are Same:
    • Well, not all users watch videos for amusement. It can be meant for leaning purpose as well. In such cases, the texts and special effects are needed to be put in the desire fashion. Especially, in the scenarios of growing demands for explanatory videos, the clarity of the objects in the video has to be absolutely translucent.
  • Keeping the Size in Mind:
    • The compilation of a video matters the most while preparing it for a specific device. One has to take care of all aspects, starting from the pixel counts to video lengths. These are all crucial in terms of user experience. Naturally, the text on a video will not appear the same way on a five inches device as it will on a thirty-five. If pixel counts, dimensions, etc. are too baffling for someone, the simplest recommendation would be to keep the text sizes at comparatively larger size.

Keeping the Right Length:

The video lengths need to be taken care properly. Everyone knows the exaggerated videos don’t work if it doesn’t fit well with the subject. Experts believe the videos of shorter lengths are comparatively more raging over the social media. Shorter videos have been found to be getting higher number of shares as well.

In short, the content has to be of up notch. For the same to accomplish, it is crucial to understand the purpose of the video to be prepared and moreover, to understand the targeted audience. Especially, one needs to be very sure about the length and contents while going for the animated explanatory videos, as these are visually much enriched. Care must be taken to ensure the real purpose of the video is not missed with an intention of making it catchy.

Making It Engaging:

Learning the art of splits can actually make the video more relevant for the audience. Even if it’s a tutorial video, making it too lengthy is never recommended. Rather, it’s a better idea to split it into parts or chapters to keep thing refreshing and engaging for the viewer.

Too lengthy videos create issues while buffering and downloading as well. Above all, as the intention is to prepare the video for mobiles watching videos for too long hours is not a convenient idea through which, the shorter videos are more favourable than the longer one.

Preparing a Compliant Promotional Video for Mobiles:

Special care must be taken for the promotional videos. If the purpose is to promote a product, the timings of the video sequences also need to be arranged in a smarter fashion. Post an impressive introduction, the crucial details like the brand name, key features, important URLs, comparative analysis of how it is a greater option than the competitors, etc., needs to be conveyed in an intuitive fashion.

The point of saying intuitive means the video should not be simply popping the information; neither the focus should be exclusively on making it amusing. Maintaining the perfect combination of amusement ingredients and information makes the right flow maintained.

Very Important Splash Screen

The splash screen is the key component that needs to be taken special care of while preparing a video in contemporary times. Things are even trickier for splash screens in the desired fashion while being prepared for the smartphones. The splash screen is something that appears as the cover picture of a video prior being clicked.

Naturally, a catchy splash screen provokes the viewer more to put a click on it. Hence, it needs to be prepared in a professional fashion. The best recommendation is to snap your own splash screen instead of lifting it from any other source. On the simplest note, it should be prepared in a visually appealing way with bold and highlighting colour combinations.

Advantages of Going with a Video Production House:

Budget is definitely an issue. Preparing video for the mobiles of your own, taking care of the above points is definitely a smarter idea. However, if the video is meant for the professional or promotional cause, targeting the special groups of users, then it is highly recommended to take the help of a professional service provider.

These production houses are technically enriched to prepare a video that can be prolific for the particular device; be it the smartphone, television, slates, and even for the PCs. The best part, they make you available with the desired tools or talk about the ways through which a video can be easily convertible from one device type to the other. They take care of the optimization part as well; hence, prepare it being very specific about the targeted audience.

Humanizing Your Brand with Corporate Animation

With the growing competition, several companies are facing crisis in the modern era. The trust of the consumers on the bran is an imperative factor but with the growing competition people aren’t any more trusting on the brands. The corporations are seen as faceless profit makers by the consumers because of the sentimental tales of corruption that happens in the big industries.

Any message with the advertisements from the corporate brand is investigated and examined with extra effort. With such fact, the companies need a straightforward solution. Consumers trust the people more than the brands which reflect the fact for the brands to humanize the concept as well as the brand.

Several Misconceptions Have Been Developed By Entrepreneurs Related With Animated Videos

There are several misconceptions that real people are required for the videos to make it live action as the product is human based. Some even argue that with the intension of making an emotional video we need to avoid any sort of animation. The clients who are intending to avoid animation for the business videos employ such facts.

These facts may not be denied straight away, but this indeed is a misconception because they are unaware of what the animations can achieve. But the secret behind the achievement is it must be used properly and precisely for the corporate videos.

Why Opt For One-Go-Style?

It is recommended for the businesses not to opt for the one go style video formats as because there are so many factors that determine the video to be the right one for the corporate platform. The growing clients are sometimes misguided and are often defined in a wrong way what the animated videos intend to achieve and how affluently could it work out for maximum projects than the expectations.

There are few misconceptions about the animations and why those go inaccurate that are developed by the brands ping for humanizing the advertisements.

If Focused On Creating the Animated Videos Then It Can Be Sensible and Emotional

Animations are not able to appeal the mature audiences that are more experienced and older to accept the idea of cartoons, are the thought that is developed. This doesn’t mean that the animated videos are not capable enough to do the trick.

The sound design of the animated video if is bit focused on the matter of fact and the design is precisely done with mature look then the animated videos are able to catch the attention of the people and keep them really engaged on the seriously concerned topics.

The Misconceptions That Are Generally Developed

• Animated Contents Are Unable To Create Emotional Connection

The viewers certainly get connected with the facial expressions and the body language which create a real impression of strong emotional connections. The illustrated characters can even be able to express similar level of sadness, disdain, joy, etc. but it can be configured with manipulation of few key frames.

As these animated videos are made on computer that really doesn’t mean that the videos can’t be made sensible and emotional. The persons who have seen the animations are aware that even animations can create lots of emotions.

  • Animated Videos Can’t Be Made Funny
    • Many entrepreneurs consider that the animated videos are cute and elements of fun but deny the fact that they can be funny. This fact can’t be denied by any one aware about the video production that the humor sense comes from the script and concept of the storyboard. The style of the video isn’t imperative for generating laugh. The real feature is that any animated video with an attempt of making it humorous if fails is confirmed to be less disastrous than the live action videos with humorous elements when fails.
  • The Animated Video Must Feature the Gorgeousness of the Product
    • Including the product image is certainly imperative for any trade, if not this sounds to be very unappealing. The effort concentrated in making the product with its eye-catchy design, user interface, etc. needs to be featured in the real life indeed. The exciting lies with the animated videos that would keep the visitors engaged in your content. With aesthetic creations, the visitors or the viewers would focus on the content certainly.
  • The Audiences with Specific Demographic When Targeted
    • The companies having knowledge of the specific audiences that are to be targeted set their mind for one track that is live action videos. The fact of true self would certainly work out. For an example we can say, the teachers love their kids and featuring a teacher interacting with the kids would work feasibly. But after the teachers are back to their home they would prefer for some adult interaction. So such video may not be appealing and especially through the animated videos.
  • Not Able To Stand Out With Animation
    • The animated videos are a commonplace accessed by the businesses. There are many designers you can choose from who present new styles of illustration which gets developed over time. Let it be the character design, slick transitions, color palette or the use of lights creatively, all of these when precisely used a memorable video is created.

Utilize the Art Form For Advertisement- It Is More Appealing

It is indeed an old form of advertising the realm of beauty that gets focused on the product, the trendy and current form of advertising is utilizing the art form and several new technologies to create new appreciable that creates a bridge between the brands and the consumers.

It is a fact that if the consumers lose interest in the message that is tried to deliver by the brand, then they would feel they are being ditched with aggressive tactics for sales. Here the fact rises that the brands must give priority to the organic conversations with the current and potential customers.

Why Animation?

The animation is considered as the product where visual designs meet with the technology which in result ties the brand beautifully in conveying the message. With the aesthetic and lifestyle of messaging in current advertising strategy, animation has created a distinctive and uniqueness with the market demand. The animation is considered to be limitless and can execute scenes that are difficult or rather we can say impossible to shoot. This certainly saves the demand of physical requirements of the shooting in reality.

Animated Videos Work Wonderfully For Campaigns of the Brands

The illustrations through the animations give emphasize on the sense of styles and glamorous which works wonderfully for the videos and campaigns of the brand. Compiled with savvy videos and animation the brands can use these videos for enhancing the image of the company that makes the company’s profile or personality come onto life. Creation of the animated videos cleverly and with playful manner for showcasing further that who your brand would humanize your company.

What to Decide Live Action Videos or Animated Videos?

The animation videos allow you to include maximum amount of content and information within small allotted time limit. As people would process around 90% of the provided information, the intension of visual communication is configured.

You must remember that with incorporating animation, the created video for the brand would not only merit the tech-savvy capabilities but would also allow more flexibility that is configured within the company’s message within the video. It is not denied that the live action projects are appreciable and attractive, but the misconception that many entrepreneurs have developed is completely wrong which can be well defined in the above-stated description. It is upon you what path you would choose, whether live action videos or the animated videos for humanizing your brand.

Why You Can (and Should) Spend More Money on Your Explainer Video?

Have you ever tried to explain something in an influencing way? Were you able to keep your audiences engaged? What pattern of explanation did you follow? For any business, these questions are very imperative to get acquainted with. With the changing pattern of business, every business needs to take a part in the innovative technology that would make a way out for the business to the higher limits at the top level.

So, are you able to give the answers to the questions inquired about? Is it satisfying and did it prove to be beneficial for your business improvement? Certainly there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered for the businesses that can be highly beneficial for you and your business.

Why Explainer Videos?

Have you ever gone through the explainer videos? Explainer videos are the descriptive format of producing any information related with the product or services of the company to the customers. Rather we can say that an explainer video is an informative, short and funny video that contains the information of any product or services.

Being funny, light and entertaining these explainer videos captures and retains the attention of the viewers in an amazing and effective way. These are more interesting than the boring texts or even the lengthy real characterized videos.

What Is The Impact And Influence Of Explainer Videos For The Businesses?

These explainer videos are very much helpful in generating increased interest for the businesses that clarifies the objectives of any of the product or services of the business. These also enhance in increasing web traffic and conversion rates on the online platform in favor of the business website.

Videos indeed are recommended as a great medium which is able to share and explain the product or idea. The explainer videos can be expensive but there are several of good reasons that would define the aspects, requirements and valuable impacts of spending more money on explainer videos.

The specific reasons that features the goodness in investing/spending more money for producing explainer videos!

Preparing Quality Certainly Takes Time

It’s a fact that more than hundreds of hours are invested for producing an explainer video of 1-2 minutes length. The maximum time consumption is done at the time of pre-production. This time consumption is for getting to know the company, understanding the industry and in developing the right concept of story with messaging. The production of these explainer videos includes animations, designs, and voiceovers.

This certainly reduces the expenses in locations, artists, shooting and editing that are imperative in the live action videos. With such cluttered and chaotic schedule of works these are not exactly meant to be completed within couple of weeks and within a cheap budget. But with the animated explainer videos the cost as well as time of producing an explainer videos is reduced.

Saving Money Expenses for A Long-Term Is Imperative

With the concern to produce the right explainer video you also mean to end it up with money saving. Many businesses have known the influence of the explainer videos and to get the job done in a right way. Higher investment is required for the explainer videos; this fact has been realized by the businesses.

Picking the right explainer video creator is the smart and imperative decision you need to make. With the production of influencing animated explainer videos they would ultimately save you lots of money and the feedbacks as well as the returns would be unexpectedly higher.

Identifies Your Company Or Trademark Or Brand

The explainer videos when done in the right way and does what it is intended for, that is explaining your brand’s product or service in a clear, compelling, short and snappy way it would likely make the video visible on the webpage. This would definitely be shared by the sales representative, featured at the conferences or any tradeshows.

This would certainly take a lead in gaining attention of the potential customers by attracting them and let them know about your company. This is the best way to put your foot forward and grab attention in the right and admiring way. It is advised for the businesses to remember that if the created video doesn’t fit your brand and reflect the product’s quality or the quality of the services, the accurate presentation of the businesses may not be a successful piece and be the reason of turning out the potential customers.

Longer Ridge Life

It is obvious for any business person to get worried in regards to the high investment and make sure that the investment lasts for longer time with valuable returns. Spending high amount of money on producing a corporate video and for few months is certainly a worsened case. As the video would get irrelevant within few months, the expected results would get worsened.

The fact is an explainer video must be produced with timeless factor and must be communicative with the core message along with the unique format of selling which would resist for longer time with the changing time. The visuals of the video must be clean, clear and trendy supporting the message by avoiding the distractions. Avoiding redesigning the videos or creating a new video is the best decision that can be concluded with such unique format.

Unique and Customizable Videos Must Be Given Priority

On several of platforms you can find thousands of explainer videos, but to gain attention of the potential customers you need to create the videos uniquely to set apart your market. Creating a unique content that would be memorable for your brand. You need to create a customizable video with the freshness and uniqueness that would be contemporary to your brand.

Little Things Matters Much

The smaller appearing things may sometimes skip away from your site. But while creating a promotional animated explainer video you need to give a deep focus on the smaller appearing things. The smaller things like sound designing, music selection, art department etc. hold very imperative part in making a video more appreciable.

The smaller things when effectively managed in a precise form these together makes the video a good one. In order to produce an outstanding video, you need to make some few expenses in more that would differentiate the video from others with the selection of right and exclusive patterns.

Assign With a Long-Term Partner

With the imperativeness of producing an explainer video, you need to choose a video partner who would help you in producing effective videos. For the growing needs of videos, this point must be taken into consideration in a justified way. Hiring an efficient team of producing explainer videos would usually hike up your expenses.

The charges for producing the video is for the experience and capabilities of the team who would help you in developing a high defined strategy of producing more video content with the overall and high defined requirements. The video creating company would understand the requirements of the company, the message and the visual style which makes the only sense of creating a video that would leverage the market needs. As the marketing goals would fit with the existing knowledge and trendy option the produced video would create a high impact.


All of these aspects in together reflect the fact of investing high on the explainer videos. You need to believe that the high investment on producing explainer videos or spending more money on the explainer videos would be an appreciable decision.

You can know this with the feedbacks and outcomes for the unique and incomparable videos. So, don’t develop a second thought and get confused for spending extra money on creating the explainer videos.

Best Practices for Using Video in e-Learning

Interest for e-learning was always there and so the attempts of making these available in the best fashion over the web. Things are more encouraging about these in present times with the World Wide Web showing growing favour towards the videos. Needless is to mention that the videos are the most preferred ways for e-learning.

Anyway, it’s a fact at the same time that going with the same conventional ideas of preparing the e-learning videos may not be convenient in present scenario. It needs to be primed in a smart and prolific way, especially focussing for the e-learning.

For A Better Data Presentation:

Talking about the revamps needed for the e-learning videos, the aspects like improving the video quality, sound quality and so the right ways of data interpretation appear at the top. Techniques like the animated explanations, slide show presentations, pop-up images, etc., have emerged to be making the video e-learning process more enjoyable, in terms of information presentation. However, the best of the ways mentioned above can be dragged only when the video quality is of top-notch quality.

Set The Classroom Mood:

Most of the video e-learning attempts fail as these don’t set the right environments around. Preparing the e-learning shoot at a casual surrounding is obvious to deliver a not-so-impressive video quality.

The simplest and most effective idea would be to set an environment that is absolutely in accordance with a classroom. Discriminations like the classroom for an e-learning video as the virtual classroom and a conventional as the real classroom are responsible for neglected surroundings, and hence the poor picture quality, in case of the former.

An Interactive Video Is Preferable:

It would be evident upon taking a close observation on the e-learning videos that the videos with a casual surrounding are never much interactive. On the other hand, the contemporary demand for the e-learning video prioritizes on making the process absolutely intuitive. It is important to understand that all audiences of the e-learning videos are not necessarily the ones looking for the very rudiments. Be it the beginners as well, someone really interested in learning through your video is obvious to be coming cross with multiple questions. In short, the success of an e-learning video depends upon how well someone incorporates the interactive section.

There are many ways of making the process intuitive. Especially, the following ones can be absolutely significant.

  • Intuitiveness with the e-Learning can be live and through comments. The live interaction is no doubt the most expressive ways, but, it’s a fact at the same time that the concerned person needs to be absolutely confident and experienced about the topic. Starting from the connectivity, audio quality to the visuals, everything needs to be of optimum level.
  • However, these live interactions are applied only when both the conveyer and the audience are equally experienced. This is so as a comparatively beginner would love a video for e-learning to be visually appealing, presenting the points in a catchy fashion, through flow-charts, statistics, images, animations, even the live demos; rather than preparing it like a mere question answer session.
  • Again, a live interaction is not a very suitable option as well when it comes about explaining the step-by-step procedures. These steps become more enjoyable upon being presented in action modes.
  • One of the advantages of the back-end interaction or through the question answers is that it is effective in terms of avoiding the unwanted questions. The learner gets a chance to go through the videos well to understand the aspect, rather than putting the questions straightaway.
  • Most of the e-Learning fans are the professionals. Live demo is not really a suitable option to address these groups of people as it’s not possible at all to match their times and of yours. Instead, they would love to have these videos through subscriptions, over their mails. Hence, it is important to make sure there is a download option available.

Video Tutorials Those Exemplify Well:

Examples work with all. The rule is perfectly applied perfectly in case of the e-learning videos as well. Explaining the examples in many occasions have been found to be not so impressive.

These feel like pretty much the same thing as of a theoretical presentation. However, the examples with an e-Learning video are much appealing through the live presentations, pictorial presentations or the case studies.

E-Learning Videos for Promotional Activities:

Video tutorials for promotional activities are considered one of the biddable ways in present scenarios. Those like explaining the functionality of the features of a smartphone, talking about the usability of a new product, the steps to download or installation of a new app, etc. fall under the category.

There can’t be any better option than the e-Learning videos to deal with these aspects. The best part, one doesn’t need those extra visual effects or animations to explain about these things. All you need is a perfect place to shoot these videos and the flawless video and audio quality.

Best to Talk about the Tips:

E-learning videos have emerged as one of the favourite ways to talk about the social media tips and tweaks. Similarly, it has turned out to be one of the fulfilling options for the bloggers as well to talk about the blogging tips.

In fact, having a video on the home page of a site/blog is currently one of the most trending ways of optimization. Preparing these videos doesn’t involve hefty expenses apart from the flawless communication skills.

Objects Making the E-Learning Videos More Interesting:

An e-learning video would demand the right stuff for the right activities. Upon having these amenities ready, the e-learning videos can be prepared in a qualitatively enhanced fashion.

The best part of explaining things through the objects is that it makes things visually appealing as well as technically gettable. For example, if certain texts have to be displayed, rather than using the same white boards or papers as of the antique days, the slides or the animation ways could be an enchanting option to go with. From a learner’s point of view, these slides become more convenient to sort the important points out, rather than going through the long unwanted explanations.

E-Learning Videos in Series:

The e-learning videos with easy download option, and free subscriptions are preferred more than the others. Similarly, the e-learning videos those come in a series are more effective than the one-timer. These videos coming in a series have been enthusiastic for the learners. Those coming in parts come in an ideal length; hence, let the learner a better scope for understanding.

How to Play With The Quality And Connectivity:

One of the interesting facts about the e-learning videos is that the video makers often prefer these to be available over the free platforms, rather than the paid ones. It’s the huge audience what they want the most, and the free platforms, of course, can fulfil the same in the best way. On this context, the videos quality depends upon the connectivity and the purpose of the video.

For example, if the connectivity is slower, a little-compromised quality can also do the job for an e-learning video as these don’t include the minute objects those need to be viewed clearly. On the other hand, if the video has to be visually enhanced, the connectivity has to be taken care of.

10 Tips to Effectively Use Videos in eLearning

Videos are going to be the next big thing in the world of web. In fact, the process has already started. Starting from the Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to many other prominent bloggers, all would agree with the above. If, the videos can be effective enough for the challenging promotional aspects, needless is to say these can be absolutely prolific for a comparatively straightforward aspect, like eLearning. Videos have been obviously making things more convincing when it comes to explaining the tutorials. However, for an effective eLearning that can be up to the mark in a contemporary scenario, it is highly essential that these are prepared with absolute excellence. The following points can be handy on this aspect.

1. Understanding the Purpose Of Videos In eLearning:

Modern day people want flexibility about all aspects, be it the job or academics. This is the reason that the idea of eLearning is growing extensively. Videos have been the most favoured ways of learning something through web, especially since the arrival of You Tube. However, the fact that has been like a setback about the videos for eLearning is that here the chance of intuitiveness is pretty low. Naturally, this particular aspect being targeted in an efficacious fashion can prepare a video in a biddable fashion to be acquiescent for eLearning.

2. Make It Intuitive:

Discussions, doubt clearings, questions, etc. have been the ideal ways of any effective learning process. Hence, opening the scope of the above aspects could definitely make the eLearning process enchanting through a Video. Primarily, the following points should be taken as the referral points for preparing an acquiescent video for eLearning.

  • It should be open for discussion and should make the platform ready for it.
  • It must encourage the viewer/learner to be analytical and express his/her thoughts.
  • The video should be available to be watched time and again.
  • It needs to be prepared in a precise, crisp fashion that would make it amusing and informative at the same time.
  • A fact that makes the videos of earlier days not so exciting for eLearning is because these are/were dull. Hence, it is recommended to make things catchy through the incorporation of images, statistical analytics, tag lines, etc. It would be even better if you can add a few referral links for a better convenience.

3. How To Effectively Use Videos In eLearning

Videos can be very significant regarding making a video interesting. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that eLearning is all about presenting information through a video. What more important is that there should be a nice equilibrium between the video and information. In other words, the balance between a video narration and information presentation has to be flawless. You can say the information should be in concomitant with the analysis or tutorial presented. It would be better if the information is presented as the derivatives or the conclusions.

Well, the following set of tips could be handy in terms of maintaining a nice combination between the videos and the information.

  • The videos should not be exaggerated. Rather, it is advised the scripts to be prepared in an interesting fashion blending the information in an interesting fashion.
  • It is advised not to compromise anyway with the quality; not even it is suggested to compress it anyway. This is important as a compromised/compressed quality of a video doesn’t convey the analysis points in the desired fashion. Hence, the overall eLearning strategy gets ruined.
  • Videos have been attention dragging parts about any eLeaning tutorial/project. But, extraneous blending of videos or too less of these doesn’t make things interesting enough as it should be. Hence, the proportion is important to keep things engaging.

4. Which Parts Of The eLearning have to Be Presented through Video?

As mentioned above, the right use of the video is the key to success of an eLearning program. Hence, it is also important to know the key points those need to be talked through the video. On this context, the following points are given below.

  • The best way a video can be used with eLearning is to explain the steps of a tutorial article. It’s obvious for the confusions to appear upon trying the points mentioned in the above articles. This is where the videos can be handy. One can definitely get it better on how to try the particular step upon watching the video.
  • In other way, you can also explain about the common mistakes people commit while practicing anything through a video or a slide.
  • If there is any special comment that demands to talk about the steps, you can put a video for the same as well.

5. Budget to Be Look After:

Be it eLearning or video blogging, there remains a certain intention of economic output behind preparing anything. Hence, the investment has to be made in a smarter fashion. Especially, the following points should not be ignored regarding budget.

  • Make sure the sound and picture quality is good enough. At least, it should be perfectly visible and audible. You can’t compromise in terms of budget of the shooter on this matter.
  • If budget is not an issue, you may hire a professional to convey the points. It’s important that the points you talk about be absolutely correct. The communication skill of the conveyer needs to be perfect.
  • Graphics and special effects offer the extra nod to your budget. Hence, don’t mind a little extra expense on this matter.

6. Make It An Anytime Thing:

As talked above, being eLearning stuff it might need to be referred by the audience again and again. Hence, it is important to ensure that the videos you pick should involve no chance of getting blocked or restricted anyway. You should not put anything from a closed group or something that holds copyright issue. The best idea would be to prepare the video for You Tube so that anyone can watch it anytime. Similarly, a social media open group can be a good idea as well.

7. Knowing The Right Position Of A Video:

The right combination of videos and the information is important. However, there is absolutely no strict rule available regarding the position of a video. One can incorporate it at any place; it can be at the beginning, in the middle, and also at the end. What more important is to ensure whether it is in accordance with the attempt to talk about the information above or not. You don’t really need anything necessary for introduction; it can be literal. However, those like about explaining the steps, advantages, disadvantages, etc. are better to be presented through videos.

8. Let It Be Bagged:

It’s disappointing for a viewer of not being able in downloading a video despite liking. And, this is definitely not something you would love. Hence, it is recommended to put the videos those can be downloaded. This is the reason that putting something of open source like You Tube is a better recommendation to let it is downloaded easily.

9. Make It Distinguishing:

One would never wish of his/her videos to be monotonous kind, like someone simply talking in front of a boring background, something like of earlier days. In fact, it needs to be distinguishing enough to be inimitable among the competitors. Hence, it is important to be creative. The presentation matters the most. You can try different camera position, lightening, music, graphic, animation, etc., to make it catchy, something that forces to get clicked.

10. Keep It Simple:

The purpose of mentioning, in the end, is because it is very important. You can be a bit funky or cool, but don’t use very hefty words or the terms of Ph.D. level. It’s important to understand that the purpose is to make someone learn, not to discuss with experts. Hence, keeping it simple, packed with examples is most recommended.

India’s Animation Industry Has Seen Unprecedented Growth’

Animation is a niche in India, which doesn’t need to be proved especially after the envious success of ‘The Jungle Movie’ in the nation. Well, not just the movie, animation is something extremely attention dragging for Indians currently in the whole media and advertising arena as well. In fact, India is now being considered one of the biggest creativity hubs for animation.

One of the most encouraging parts here is to witness the interest shown among the millions of Indians in a quite knee-jerk fashion; without much of advertisements or the workshops. The talent and interest here has been already appreciated by many renowned animators over the globe, those have worked for premium production houses.

Technology Is Definitely Not The Only Factor:

One might argue that through the growing technological advancements in the nation, and considering the fact that children these days are playing comparatively much more with such devices, those have a greater interest on animations, is a reason behind animation finding a place in India. However, this can’t be the only fact considering the ‘unprecedented’ growth that India has grabbed with animation in recent times. According to the statistics shown by a prominent animation expert-

  • India’s animation industry has raked the revenue to a whooping high of more than 50 billion INR in 2015 itself.
  • The revenue presented above talks about the growth rate that is close to 14 percent, which is just unbelievable.
  • The numbers as presented above has been achieved, and more importantly, many international animation studios have been established here in India. They find India as one of the finest talent destinations, especially about animation.

And, credit for all these can’t solely be given to the kids or the technological devices.

Interest from the Business World:

Taking an insight over the so-called unprecedented growth of animation in India, it would be evident that some of the hugely celebrated names in the business world of India have greatly encouraged the concept. Especially, Reliance production’s effort is no doubt commendable on this matter. One has to pay equal credit for Tata as well. These brand names have shown encouraging interest with the market through raising the investment hands with the producers of Indian film industries. Especially, they have been paying higher emphasis on enhancing the animation that could hit a mass.

  • Being more specific, techniques have been fine-tuned for the Indian audiences in following ways-
  • Instead of going with the stereotypic animations those are primarily Hollywood kinds, strategies are being made to prepare these in a way that can fit the local audiences as well.
  • Scripts and characters are being blended in a way creative fashion to lure the Indian audience.
  • Apart from the mainstream entertainments, like movies, TV-series, emphasis is given for animated web-series, video promotions, advertisements, social media ads, etc.
  • Number of animation games being developed has also increased remarkably. The prime contenders of these games have been the popular Indian characters.

The Web Impact:

Strategic approach no doubt has played a big part in the growth of animation in India. In concurrence, the technological augmentation has been estimable as well. It’s not just the growth in the number of studios, but the improvements with visual effects have taken the world of animation to the next level.

Upon taking a close look, it would be evident that the web has a crucial part in all these. Starting from the video marketing, to game publishing/selling, even the free playing sites, and the web has given a mammoth platform for the growth of animation in the nation.

Being Preferred As a Career Option:

As mentioned above, the foreign studios have found India as one of the exciting talent hubs for animation. Not just the words, their claim are numerically proven as well. More than 1.5 million hiring have increased in past year, which is simply amazing and reveals well about the growth in production rate. Above all, an animation study doesn’t involve huge expense as of other technological studies. Rather, it promises the students with much brighter career option.


It’s a fact that animation still isn’t as frequent to be a category in Bollywood. However, it has to be agreed that the extent of technological lend has increased much in comparison.

  • Exclusive animation movies (full-length) have increased and the number is expected to be growing even further in coming future
  • Especially emphasis is being given to prepare animated scripts those are not just completely the super natural ones, rather those which can fit in to the mainstream Indian movies. Bahubali can be taken one of the finest examples on this matter.
  • In short, efforts are on by the creative brains to reflect the Indian traditions, ways, or simply the Indian preferences in a better way through the animation. More importantly, the idea has worked, as it has been evident with above cases.
  • Animation’s higher presence with regional movies is certainly something improvising, which is expected to be growing further.

A Stronger Fundamental for A Better Outcome:

Be it animation or something else, the growth of any industry depends hugely on how solid is it’s fundamental. The encouraging fact about the growth in animation in India is that the nation has witnessed a huge hike in the number of academic centres for animation. Many institutions are already having animation as one of their mainstream study program. Moreover, the online tutorial platforms have increased significantly.

This certainly indicates the excitement that the nation has gathered in terms of animation. Talking about one of the very distinguishing employment of animation, and so its expansion is certainly the blogging. This is evident through the growing number of bloggers finding animated explanatory videos as the best ways of promoting their blog or article. It is getting both cost-effective and productive as well this way.

Documentaries And Regional Growth Has Been Enchanting:

Apart from the mainstream movies or televisions, the number of documentary projects increasing its number is also a great sign for animation industry. Especially, the historic documentaries have been encouraging for the animation. The historic characters being portrayed in animation has been found to be more suitable than the conventional ways of being played by a person, especially with the documentaries.

Among others, the cartoon industries have also witnessed a significant growth in past years with which the animation has played a great part. The number of regional animation channels is also one of the stirring facts for the animation fans. Again, you can credit the creativity in terms of scripts, characters and technologically with the visual effects is one of the prime reasons behind such increase.

Final Words:

According to a top professional in a renowned animation production house, animation will go to a new high in India the day Indians start relating themselves with the animation. He is excited as the process has already kicked started. Technology, creativity and art have to go shoulder to shoulder for the same to be achieved. More the kids would be given the chance to play on this matter; more the development could be witnessed. In short, the efforts have been initiated from all dimensions and it’s going the right ways.

How to Boost Cyber Week ROI with Video and GIF Marketing

Cyber has gone viral platform for marketing with the boosting features. So what is your planning for this Cyber Week? The best ROI services are deployed by Cyber. Intending for Video and GIF Marketing in the Cyber Week you can boost up your business in an incredible manner. You can’t deny the fact that images are more powerful than the words.

The images have the capability to attract and hold and capture attention. The images convey the emotion which the words can’t. Video indeed is the powerhouse, but the animated GIF’s popularity is incredibly rising.

Animated Videos And GIF Images Have Gone Viral On Social Medias!

The animated GIF images are dominating the Cyber world as they have gone viral across the Social Medias and the blogs. The marketers have indeed turned these into a new tool for marketing. These animated GIF are the series of still image frames that are coded into a single file.

These animated GIFs can be Photographs or graphics, Short series of frames that tend to be short. These tend into a loop and can be used to tell a story. So as said, what is the planning for boosting the Cyber Week ROI with the video and GIF marketing?

Boosting Cyber Week ROI Can Easily Be Done With Animated Videos And GIF Contents!

The time has arrived for Thanksgiving that would reflect what you are thankful for. The consumers are indeed interested to buy, but the audiences get bombarded with the emails and other types of deal based marketing. It is certainly tedious to stand out with the limited budgets, resources and time; ROI is certainly required for the businesses. The answers to such confusions are the animated videos and GIF contents.

Why The Videos And GIF Contents Are To Be Preferred?

The Reason behind This Is

  • Around 60% of the senior executives would opt to watch the videos then hanging on for a long time in the texts.
  • More than 80% marketers have admitted that video marketing has a positive impact on business.
  • The rate of conversation can be hiked up to 80% more by the landing pages with video in comparison to the pages without video.

What Are The Best Ideas For Improving The Bottom Line Of The Videos?

  1. 1. The GIFs are easy to create with any gif creation web application, with any web application account you can quickly create the GIFs. These are the perfect way to grabbing attention of the potential consumers with the delicate movement in the email campaigns, social media, and website
  2. 2. You need to craft a Call-to-action button for which you need to make it easier for the prospects that would turn them into customers. Adding an effective call-to-action to the content would guide the viewers easily and effectively to the next step. Remember that any video wouldn’t source such results, for this, you need to create an actionable video. Below factors would enlighten you how to create an actionable video.
    • You need to create an effective call to action video but without being aware about the action, you can’t do it. You need to craft the CTA According to define the campaign successfully.
    • You need to know what the CTA would be before creating the video. The CTA would inform you how to graph the structure of the video and what information must be included. You need to create the script, video, and voiceover with CTA in mind.
    • You need to add a clickable link to the video and turn it towards your website. The viewers would perform the intended action when they find the linked video. The link can be placed at the video’s end or can appear throughout.
    • As in the texts the languages must be made actionable and concise same rule is applied for the CTAs in the videos. You must design the button so that it stands apart and appears as clickable. You need to test the language of the CTA for finding the works that would be best for the intended audiences.
    • You need to add the text below the video that appears with a clear CTA as well as link. The provided text blurb under the video must sum of the main message and also clear CTA and link.
  3. The Business to Business prospects may get interested or may not get interested in the cyber week deals which completely depend on the targeted audiences. In spite this, the Business-to-Business revenue is driven by the humans and the likes of the humans for feeling appreciated. For this major reason, it is advised to send and animated ‘Thank you’ or ‘Holiday Wishes’ to your valuable customers. With the power of thank you, you can remind your customers that you exist, and you are working on with high effort for the business growth and customer satisfaction. With this valuable step and effort, you can see some get direct ROI.
  4. Being an E-Commerce site, you need to let your users know about your effort. Using the videos and GIFs, you can remind them that they need not go to your store for participating in the sale. You may not be offering any deals but are offering the top scoring personalized services. Sending email campaign would remind them to spend some time in holidays with their family. You can get also advise them to be nice to each other, and whenever they needed they can get back to you.
  5. Updating the product demos and the explainers you can run a campaign of deal for the cyber week. Along this demo videos and tutorials can be magnificent. This would enhance the connection between you and your valuable customer.
  6. The videos are loved by the cyber space, and the videos that moves fast are even liked more by the audiences. There may not be any competition with the leading e-commerce services like Walmart for the same customers, but you can make some note from their marketing playbook. For grabbing more customer attention and access, you need to add the videos and GIFs content in all of your social media channels.

Delivering The Best-Animated Videos You Can Gather Leads Towards Your Business!

There are several companies that develop a thought that the videos are just branding exercises. But with the high maturity levels the videos are powerful sales and marketing tools. The precise call-to-action videos have the potentiality for gathering the leads that move the customers towards the sales funnel and increase the conversions rate. While developing a video, you need to develop a strategic thought of delivering the best-animated videos and the GIF contents for the customers present in multiple channels.

Grabbing Attention Of Potential Customers Is Easy With The Thanksgiving Email!

With the approaching holiday season, you can attract potential customers and boost the cyber week ROI with video and GIF marketing. Once you source the animated videos and GIFs content on your social media channels and website, you can get the spectacular reviews and access. Remember one thing that the Thanksgiving option is upon us and the time has arrived for reflecting, what you are thankful for. As per the prediction of the Adobe Digital Index, there is a hike of 11% every year in the Cyber sales. In order to grab the potential customer’s attention and intention, you need to feature the best animated videos and GIF contents so that you could increase your business access.

15 Reasons to Use Animation in Content Marketing

Being a business person you must be aware that marketing is the imperative strategy to grow your business! The commonly used buzzwords by the marketers are “Content Marketing”, “Online Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing”. The brands which are capable of sourcing rich contents have established themselves in the market.

The online marketing strategy fails when the brand fails to create effective contents. You need to make the content likable that would get the audiences glued on your content. This can effectively be done by creating video contents as these have the capability for delivering the max within short period.

What Is The Proficiency Of The Animated Videos In Content Marketing?

The animated videos have gone widely popular with its advent of easy use. The animated videos, when created with proper understanding of the related objective, would result in engaging large audiences. There are several benefits that the animated videos provide the businesses.

  • The animated videos are created with simple lines, exciting colors and constant movements that make it eye-catchy and attention grabbing. This makes the viewer’s attention glued on the content.
  • As the animation videos are created in a simple manner, it clearly reflects the objective intended to be shared. With the included charts and graphs the verbal explanation would even get more comprehensive.
  • The animations don’t have any real age, nationality or race like the real actors. The animated videos would be appealing for people of all types on the internet as it has become the global market place.
  • The animated videos can be used for any product, services, and topic and it reduces the complexity of the topic and makes it accessible and interesting.
  • In the animated videos, you can incorporate the brand logo, various color schemes and the images that excellently work for brand marketing.
  • Being professional the animated videos have replaced the old homemade movies that would indicate reliability.
  • These animated videos are compatible to be used in any platform like your business website, social media and YouTube.

15 Reasons to Use Animation in Content Marketing!

  1. Creating an animated video is very cost effective as it avoids the difficulties and expenses of shooting, cast, and crew along with the equipment.
  2. The animated videos are limitless that makes it possible for moving anywhere. Unlike the live action videos the animated videos have no boundaries thus, this gives it space for transformation of new ideas before the product moves into production.
  3. The spokesmen in the animated videos never grow old that states that these are ever green and everlasting.
  4. With the funny instances, the animated videos are highly engaging that impacts to attract the attention of large audiences.
  5. Being flexible, the animated videos can be used in any sector like banking, insurance and real estate and many other sectors that intend to come across a friendly and warm environment.
  6. The animated videos transform the complex ideas and processes to easy and digestible format. The fun and graphic formats used in the animated videos makes these boring stats to an interesting piece.
  7. The animated videos are responsible for bringing life to the objects or the ideas that create an emotional connection.
  8. The animated videos are very helpful in avoiding you to speak out your intentions directly and facing the cameras.
  9. The enhanced styles of the animated videos are responsible for giving a refreshing look to any product. Adding modern and high-tech elements, the tired images used in the video can dynamically improve.
  10. The animated videos being user engaging contents are highly relevant for increasing the search engine value. The more time spent on watching the engaging animated videos the search engine rankings gets higher.
  11. The animated videos build a relationship of trust which is most important function of content marketing. Attracting the users, you can build up relationship with your existing and potential customers.
  12. Content marketing is a great way for introducing the brand which can efficiently be done with the help of animated videos.
  13. The animated videos are fully entertaining both as visually and orally.
  14. The animated videos are visual and emotional stimulating motion graphics.
  15. The animated videos are responsible for increase in conversion rates. The animated videos on the landing page would save the time of the visitors that is mostly invested in clicking the pages and reading the contents.

What Is The Relevance Of Animated Videos?

The animated videos being mixture of pictures, motions, graphics, text, voice, sound effects and music within a short amount of time condenses the information in wide form of media. The animated videos even save time as the creation of the videos avoids preparing PowerPoint presentations. These videos can effectively use in offline mode. The animation video can enhance the presentations and pitches by the explanations that would help in promoting business.

How Is An Effective Animated Video To Be Created?

The animated videos use symbolism and metaphor for communicating their messages. The animated videos are great example of making a complex and dry subject explained in an engaging and enjoyable animation. These animated videos get straight to the point which allows the customers what they need to know. Among the video media, the animated videos are referred to be universal. Traversing age, languages, and education levels, the animated videos can be experienced either passively or actively.

Create A Unique Personality For Your Brand!

The businesses aiming to be successful in the online marketing business certainly know that they need to establish a unique personality of the company that would be truly committed towards the audiences. The animated videos must be informative and show the audiences empathy. This would let the audiences know that you care for their problems and through the video you need to define what you have done to solve the problems. This would help in raising trust for the brand and give you leverage. This even would make you different and better than your competitors. While creating the video, you must know the targeted audiences and create a buyer persona with the insightful information.

What Facts do you need To Remember for Creating Effective Animated Video?

Never forget about the colors as these are great branding elements which may not be overlooked. Choosing the right animated video style is imperative. Among the many styles like whiteboard animations, cartoons, and motion graphic videos, you need to use character animation. The character animation is considered to be a great resource that would help in developing the personal brand.

The animated video allows communicating easily with the story with enhanced visual quality. For creating the animated videos, you need not hire actors or filmmakers. Remember the animated video marketing would reveal the personality of your brand. If intending to create some humour in the video then you can use a character in the video.

Make The Animated Video User Oriented, Social And Simple!

Remember to create the video social. Giving emphasize on conducting social marketing strategy you need to craft the videos and make it appreciable. Indeed, a great effective animation starts with a good idea and a compelling story to tell. With a best-moving design, it is useless without a good product and service, so it is imperative to understand the need of the brand for targeting audience by the video creator.

The story in the animated video must inspire the actions ad desirably intake them. As the animated videos responsibly explain the complex subjects in an easier way by engaging the users, animation is widely used in content marketing by the business persons. So if you intend to create a wide enhancing business strategy, then you need to create an animated video.

How to Succeed As a Voiceover Artist in the Digital Age

Learning digital arts and acting will create a wide array of professional opportunities. Entering into the industry as a voiceover artist can be a remarkable way to make your name prominent. The problem is that the opportunities are uncertain for the voiceover artists. Plus, it’s not always clear what offers the talent the finest option at landing the job. So, it is stated that the art of a voiceover artist is the key ingredient to succeeding in the digital age.

While the works of voiceover have survived for years, newly emerged technologies have facilitated voiceover artist to record with value and excellence and to do so virtually in everyplace. For people, it doesn’t matter who is delivering the wordings behind the microphone, but they enjoy what they listen, is what matters the most. That’s true in the entertainment industries. The advancement in the technological field ensures that voiceover artists were moved to digital age for creating quality recordings in any place at their preference.

Most of us perhaps today in the digital age are taking many voiceovers for granted such as telephonic on-hold messages, videogame voices, dubbing video content voices, animation dialogue, audio book readings, web-seminar speaking, television voicing and documentary film narration like trailer, promo, radio and podcast narrations.

This rising demand for the work of a voiceover artist in the digital age alongside to the opportunities to work from everywhere turns this profession into a great and promising business for voiceover artists.

Role of Voiceover Artist in the Digital Age:

Though it doesn’t look to your eyes, still every day you are getting influenced by the work of voiceover artists in this digital age. The fact is that most of the people don’t express well, as a result people are eager to hire voiceover artists to describe books on tape, commercials, announcements and everything that comes in between. Radio and TV media people will outsource their works of voice over to the free-agents. You’ll be sourced for workings such as public announcements, documentaries, cartoons, trailers and commercials.

On the contrary, non-broadcast businesses will employ you for narrating phone recordings, training videos and for the occasional podcast. With the growing markets, programmers are nowadays working closely with the voiceover artists for generating characters voices. Realistically, if you have a well-polished voice, then there are endless working opportunities waiting for you in this digital age. You just have to identify the right one and grab them prior to time.

What Are The Tools Needed By People To Be A Professional Voiceover Artist?

If you ever have wished to be a professional voiceover artist, then settling on the equipment that you already have is a foolish thing. Factually, if you want to succeed as a voiceover artist in this digital age, then you should invest more in purchasing right equipment. This is suggested in general because customers will only look for the professional quality recordings before they hire any voiceover artist.

There is no need of a private home studio to produce professional, high-quality recordings, but you do need a decent microphone and a soundproof room for creating professional recordings. You can also download and install free audio recording and editing software for producing quality and pro-touch recordings with ease. As your proficiency increases, you’ll have to increase your recording setup with which you’ll get the lead to lure more profits for your investment.

What’s The Income of a Voiceover Artist?

The work of a voiceover artist is a freelance work, and the income of a voiceover artist completely depends upon the quality of work that he/she delivers to the industry. It is the entire responsibility of the voiceover artist to decide how much he/she will charge for his/her workings. It is said that, if you are a novice voiceover artist, then you might have to set your price lower compared to the price of the experienced voiceover professional artists.

The increment in your status, reputation and experience will help you raising your charges. In general, beginners charge $300 for almost five minutes of their recordings especially when the work is specific and focused. Hence, if you have any technical proficiency, promote yourself from the beginning and get high package for your talent. There are numbers of sites where you can advertise yourself and your recordings to succeed as a voiceover artist.

So, How To Get Started?

Finding connections and publishing demo of your work in the digital age are the first keys to getting started a career as a voiceover artist. To be a successful voiceover artist, your perspective to look should have to be unique just like your sound creation ability. Seeking professional help can satisfy your need graciously.

So, prepare your voiceover demo recording in simple MP3 format and publish it on the internet. This will help you opening the success door and lure great deals if your demo is one of its classes. The real problem lies with how to start; once you get over it, then automatically it opened up the gates for the ways to help you climbing the ladder of success.

New Day’s Equipment to Help You Succeed in the Digital Age:

  • A Fine Quality Home Studio: Though it’s not mandatory, but having one will be helpful. Having your own home studio will help you reducing lots of work and effort. Getting it installed in your home space or at the area you use more frequently is ideal.
  • Alternate Way Is Portable Studio: As a voiceover artist, you might have to travel frequently from one place to another. So, the best way is to keep a portable studio always ready. The portable studio will help you in preparing voiceover work at anyplace and any time. You can also travel here and there for your voiceover work along with the portable studio.
  • Try To Build A Voiceover Friendly Community: Making voiceover friendly community really help artists and the same you will also receive. Making friends in the voiceover world is really beneficial as you can seek for help whenever you want it.
  • Be Present At The Voiceover Conferences: As a voiceover artist, it should be your primary objective as several voiceover artists will be there at the conference room. You can meet them, and share your knowledge, accept their expert help and moreover you’ll get to know each other.
  • Keep Up The Training: Training is must to be a pro voiceover artist. So, train yourself properly from the beginning so that you will be a professional by the end of your training module.

The role of a narrator or voiceover artist is crucial to describe the things going on. Sometimes voiceover artists have to play the role of a character and at other times, they are just the storyteller. There is no special educational background needed to be a successful voiceover artist, but you should have a clear voice; that’s it! It is a growing career today in this digital age and people those are choosing voiceover artist as their career option are getting huge salary package than an average people. So, choose your career precisely, produce quality work and remain successful as a voiceover artist in the digital age. Seek the help of professionals at the time you want as you never know when the opportunity will knock your door.

Storyboarding 101: Turning Concepts into Visual Forms

What the Storyboarding generally is? People also often search for this question today. Storyboarding is nothing but a series of pictures captured in separate frames for outlining ideas of storytelling with creative descriptions about anything. Pictures speak louder than words and storyboarding has proved it true.

Stories can be told in many ways, but storyboarding is the superhighway of storytelling in today’s world as people are relying more today on the internet for collecting information, entertainment, and assistance. Storyboarding is one of the mostly overlooked concepts in the process of pre-production.

The arrangement of pre-production is crucial as the more fruitful planning one does before making the shoot, the less effort and time he/she will have to use at the time of the shoot. The time that storyboard saves will be the appropriate time for one to spend it in getting special shoots and ensuring that one will obtain the finest performance form their staffs.

In presence of a storyboard, the crew members will get the required information for creating sequence of images that one wants for his/her next project. Effective preparation and thorough storyboards help staffs to go a long way. It also is a pro in helping preparing direct projects that you can able to show the world.

History of Storyboarding:

The process of storyboarding is much older than we generally think. The process might seem as intricate and tedious at that time. But today’s storyboarding concept is a developed one after Walt Disney comes with the revolution in early 1930s. After that, it doesn’t look back and keeps on evolving with advancement in technological field. One of the best advantages of storyboarding is its helping nature towards business and film industry wherein users continuously found in experimentation of bringing changes into storyline to evoke interest or reaction.

The process of creating visual forms and planning permits people to think, and gives easy way to place their ideas directly on storyboards. After which makers can make an award-wining storyboard on the wall. Dance and music have been with us since ancient times to till date. It seems the storyboarding concept was begun when civilization starts conveying messages with drum beats to tell stories with the help of several dance forms. It is anticipated that non-pictorial storyboarding concept has started in this era. However, pictorial form of storyboarding has been with civilization for as long as mankind held stick to sketching images in the walls or sand.

Storyboarding Basics:

For years, video and film makers have found that if they draw pictures of the scenes and transitions in their films before shooting them, they including the staffs and crews will have better and clear about their shooting sequences. Even the storyboard basics help directors to explain the movements and transitions between scenes.

At the time preparing storyboards, visual representations are made and included in each scene for depicting glamorous scenes. It even can break the scene down into the important dramatic elements. Technological advancements have revolutionized the earlier procedures of storyboarding creation, and new era has begun to turn ideas into visual forms.

Today, 3D animations are used to create storyboarding which looks like an animated video before the actual movie. For example, movies like Iron Man, Spiderman, Jurassic park, Sin-City, 300, etc. You can take them as the strong examples of storyboards. Though storyboarding is playing significant role in animation section, still it’s the important part of communication. The storyboarding concept is much older than we think, but today it’s evolving with new abilities to use verbal languages for communications.

What Should Be Included To Prepare A Good Storyboard?

The more complicated you make the script, the more action-oriented scenes, and sophisticated blockings as well as panels you have to include. In general, there are three types of primary images you should include into your storyboards which are action & re-action sequences in the scene, depictions of special transitions or effects and blocking diagrams for cameras and actors; you may wish to apply in your production.

Process of Pre-Production:

  • Frame a concept
  • Determine message, audience, and treatment
  • Create storyboards
  • Prepare script
  • Identify resources required to complete shoot
  • Types of shots
  • Variety of angles
  • Sound effects
  • Determine viewpoint
  • Editing

Storyboarding After Modernization:

Storyboarding today is receiving wider recognition among the businesses and movie industry because of its fruitful usability. It is said that storyboarding is a powerful communication tool and is great for:

  • Facilitating instant audience response
  • Turns ideas to receive visual presentation
  • Helps comprehensively describing endeavors, including sequence and timing
  • Incorporating different audience groupings
  • Helps removing the language and international barriers
  • Enabling audience to acknowledge ideas

As storyboarding carry on to develop to comprise flow charts, animated charts and other visual representations often employed by management executives, it’s successfully gaining wider recognition in the high-levels of corporate world.

However, the film industry is the greatest user of storyboarding and supporter as well as admirer of it. DVD movies are released containing bonus features including storyboards for successfully planning the events of the movie and the reactions of the characters to the events. These glimpses of behind-the-scenes depict how comprehensively and simply storyboards help to communicate with different aspects of scene to varied personnel who must work together to make sure planned events happen as envisioned.

The Art of Storyboarding:

Visual Storyboarding is one of wide used practices for capturing reports, discussions, unarranged questions and answers, expert presentations and poster sessions. It promotes cultural values of open communication, active sharing of ides and non-silo discussions. For preparing good storyboards today, make your vision as sophisticated as you can to put something relevant on the film. Seek the help from pre-production process as it helps to avoid the mistakes. Online portals are also available these days to help people creating good and responsive storyboards. Storyboard artists are the key investigators of the concept.

So, be one of them and begin to sketch your concepts that visualize a selected scene from a scripted narrative or making on-the-spot thumbnail sketches for the pre-production team. The storyboard artists not only electrify those involved but also realize that it is a creative, rewarding experience. Storyboarding artists noted the pleased expressions of the video/film and created them visually as the movie takes shape before their very eyes.

Different Roles of Storyboarding At Different Places:

  • In the advertisement section, storyboarding is used to create visual demonstration of what the TV commercial will look like. It helps in getting clients’ engagement to buy concepts. This can be workable either during an agency attempting to win over the customers’ business or after client mindset to go with the agency.
  • In film, storyboarding used at the front section of the project. Motion picture companies in the film industry use it to break the scripts’ scenes down and turn them into shots that can be further go for film creation. The progression gets ended under the esteem supervision of film makers to assure that his/her vision is attached with the creation from the day project starts.
  • In animation, storyboarding continues to be with the makers starting from the first day of production.

Animated storyboarding is the future of motion pictures playing an important role today in the industry. By their very nature, storyboards are active tools for film production so it can be stated as the sequential art of video creation.

Expert Tips for an Amazing Video Resume

Video resume is certainly one of the most bankable ideas currently to rise above the mediocre and come up with something distinguishing. However, it is equally important at the same time to furnish it in the right fashion. Everyone loves to present him/her with something different fashion. Video CVs are of course something refreshing as a concept in contemporary scenario. The best part, the Video CVs don’t rubbish the paper CVs completely. Rather, you can call it a fine-tuned option.

What Makes It Special?

Video CVs have been distinguishing in terms of convincing the employer about what exactly the student wants to convey. It is no doubt feels much more authentic, and the employer can check the confidence level of the candidate in a better fashion. Moreover, the video CVs are most likely to be clicked and gone through, in comparison with the genuine methods.

For whom it’s Like a Must?

Video CVs are not doubted the most buzzed ideas currently and can make your candidature appear comparatively more productive than the others. Video CVs are much looked-for currently for the profiles like sales representative, analyst, reviewer, front-end receptionist, team leaders, etc. Basically, the concept fits with the position that looks for a candidate with impressive personality. It can also be significant for the managerial positions where the candidate has to deal with extensive man-power handling.

It’s already a Hot Idea; Have No Doubt about Its Acceptance

Video CV as a concept is not currently an introductory term at all. Hence one should not be having absolutely any doubt in mind about whether the employer would accept or not. Rather, it is being suggested by many professional jobs providing sites. In fact, most of the students are asking the concerned sites to prepare one Video CV for them. According to a leading site for the jobseekers, they have already designed more than 10k video CVs for different positions on demand. In fact, the idea is getting more rampant in recent time.

How It Got So Hot So Quickly?

The widespread use of technology is said to be having a great role in making the concept of Video CV such popular. Internet connectivity and web camera options have gone too common presently. Hence, preparing a video CV is not appearing as a demanding idea. One of the interesting statistics here is to mention that the probability of a video CV to be clicked is about eight times higher than the conventional options.

The positive outcomes associated with the idea are of course plenty at the moment. But, being a professional aspect it needs to be prepared in the most professional fashion. On this context, here we present the handy tips recommended by experts to drag the most of your Video CV.

The Must Know Points For Preparing A Video CV:

  • When it comes about preparing a Video CV that can be termed up to the mark, the very first thing to have in mind is that there is absolutely no genuine rule available for it.
  • Talking about the most suitable length for a Video CV, it varying in between 2-3 minutes is considered a better option. Rather, if it’s a CV for fresher profile, a 1-2 minute video can also be a biddable option.
  • If it’s a video of 2-3 minutes, the introductory span can be accomplished in the best fashion within the first minute. Accordingly, you can stretch the span considering the length of the video.
  • The idea of initiating the process with the genuine information, like degrees achieved, passing year, etc have become old fashioned. Rather, you should introduce in a way to talk about the facts those make you distinguishing than the others. You have confined time on this aspect. Hence, make sure the presentation is crisp, to the point, and appealing.
  • It’s a formal presentation; hence, you should not repeat the mistake of concluding the presentation without a Thank You.
  • As mentioned above, the idea of video CV is for a better presentation. Hence, your gestures involve a higher importance. The most recommended suggestion on this aspect is to sit at a position from where the vision could be set straight on the camera. You should not look nervous or being too excited. A smiley and energetic appearance can be a better way.
  • Attires have been very crucial while being up for a professional interview. It is therefore advised to come up with nice formal attire for a truly professional appeal. You can wear blazers, but the casual get-ups are strictly not recommended. Above all, it should be comfortable enough.

Tips To Fine-Tune Your Video CV:

  • While preparing a video CV on which you can bank with, maintaining the right surrounding matters the most. Make sure the place you are sitting at is not too disturbing or noisy. It should be an enclosed chamber with a nice and simple background without posters or something like that.
  • Talk in a confident tone to let your points conveyed in the best fashion possible. On this context, it is always advised to have some practice prior the final shoot. Make the pronunciations flawless and check the functionality of the speaker for a better outcome.
  • Sometimes people feel too candid to miss the desired seriousness for an interview with a video CV being at their own place. This is where the confidence is mistaken. You must feel confident, but never really be over-confident.

Certain Blunders Must Be Avoided:

Video CVs are getting viral. However, the scenarios of these getting rejected is also pretty plenty. Especially, the following mistakes are quite common.

  • One of the very common scenarios for your candidature being rejected is the instance when you try to cover-up or say something that contradicts your paper CV.
  • People try to bluff the employer by pronouncing something in a befuddling way. It’s important to understand that the employers are even smarter to pick these tricks. This strategy is an absolute blunder no matter how crucial term it talks about.
  • One of the common mistakes seen to be committed to general is not putting a proper end to the video. These people often put higher emphasis while talking about their skills or qualifications, but ignore the aspect of maintaining the format in proper fashion. As a result, they miss the magnetism of the video.
  • It is important to have it in mind that the prime intention of a video CV is to lure the employer about your personality, as a paper CV could have also done the job of talking about the degrees. Hence, it holds a greater value to have proper initiation and ending to the video.


The idea of impressing through Video CV is not very new, though; it’s been there since past 4-5 years. Well, the most important point about a Video CV is to understand its purpose. It is crucial to realize that video CVs are meant to talk about that makes you something unique from others, and the uniqueness should be a matter of interest for the employers. Once you have sorted out this uniqueness, and presented in the desired fashion, your job is almost done. Next, you have to take care of the technical parts, like the shooters or speakers for the best outcome.