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Tips for Making a Mobile-Friendly Video for Your Business

Videos over the smartphones are a big thing these days from business point of view. Statistics say that the videos eat about fifty-five percent of total data. More interestingly, more than ninety percent of the users love to share the videos over smartphones. More interestingly, about at least one and half an hour a day is spent watching the videos by the above groups of people. In short, preparing a video (especially a business video) being specific for the smartphones is obvious to get higher interest.

Preparing the Most Lucid Audio Quality:

What makes the videos over the smartphones such cool is that there is nothing called a barrier with the combination. One can watch a video over the mobiles at any place as he wishes. No matter its travel through the train, about killing times at platform or taking a cool break in office, the videos have been enchanting through the mobiles.

  • Closed Captions:
    • One thing is sure from the above-mentioned cases that there is no guarantee of a pin drop silence surround. In fact, all the mentioned places are quite fussy. Hence, the first recommendation while preparing a mobile-friendly video is to shoot in an enclosed chamber. The best idea would be to have the term closed captions in mind. Closed captions have been enchanting for the Facebook users as the auto-play is sound less unless the user puts a click on it.
  • Using Best Quality Speakers:
    • The taste of a video gets ruined once the audio quality is not up to the mark. It is important on this aspect to have the enhanced piece of speakers for a transparent audio quality. The cheap speaker sets are simply annoying to go through in noisy zones.

Optimizing the Quality Of The Video:

To exist in a scenario of growing competition or growing user base, it is highly desired for the video players to be optimized perfectly for the smartphones. Though the free platforms like You Tube make the videos fitting for the smartphones automatically, still, it is important to prepare in an optimized fashion to meet the competition.

  • Smartphone Friendly Thumbnail:
    • The appearance of the video matters the most on mobile platforms. Hence, it is advised to have the thumbnail that is smartphone friendly. It needs to be attractive as the one that looks good gets clicked first.
  • Bandwidth:
    • Knowing the right bandwidth plays a crucial role for a quality video being prepared. The bandwidths say it clearly about the video download or buffering speed. At least, one should prepare the videos according to the responsive video platforms like You Tube. This is so as these platforms tweak the bandwidth accord to the device type. Naturally, this is also handy regarding reducing the lag time and hence to offer the audience a much better quality.
  • Not All Videos Are Same:
    • Well, not all users watch videos for amusement. It can be meant for leaning purpose as well. In such cases, the texts and special effects are needed to be put in the desire fashion. Especially, in the scenarios of growing demands for explanatory videos, the clarity of the objects in the video has to be absolutely translucent.
  • Keeping the Size in Mind:
    • The compilation of a video matters the most while preparing it for a specific device. One has to take care of all aspects, starting from the pixel counts to video lengths. These are all crucial in terms of user experience. Naturally, the text on a video will not appear the same way on a five inches device as it will on a thirty-five. If pixel counts, dimensions, etc. are too baffling for someone, the simplest recommendation would be to keep the text sizes at comparatively larger size.

Keeping the Right Length:

The video lengths need to be taken care properly. Everyone knows the exaggerated videos don’t work if it doesn’t fit well with the subject. Experts believe the videos of shorter lengths are comparatively more raging over the social media. Shorter videos have been found to be getting higher number of shares as well.

In short, the content has to be of up notch. For the same to accomplish, it is crucial to understand the purpose of the video to be prepared and moreover, to understand the targeted audience. Especially, one needs to be very sure about the length and contents while going for the animated explanatory videos, as these are visually much enriched. Care must be taken to ensure the real purpose of the video is not missed with an intention of making it catchy.

Making It Engaging:

Learning the art of splits can actually make the video more relevant for the audience. Even if it’s a tutorial video, making it too lengthy is never recommended. Rather, it’s a better idea to split it into parts or chapters to keep thing refreshing and engaging for the viewer.

Too lengthy videos create issues while buffering and downloading as well. Above all, as the intention is to prepare the video for mobiles watching videos for too long hours is not a convenient idea through which, the shorter videos are more favourable than the longer one.

Preparing a Compliant Promotional Video for Mobiles:

Special care must be taken for the promotional videos. If the purpose is to promote a product, the timings of the video sequences also need to be arranged in a smarter fashion. Post an impressive introduction, the crucial details like the brand name, key features, important URLs, comparative analysis of how it is a greater option than the competitors, etc., needs to be conveyed in an intuitive fashion.

The point of saying intuitive means the video should not be simply popping the information; neither the focus should be exclusively on making it amusing. Maintaining the perfect combination of amusement ingredients and information makes the right flow maintained.

Very Important Splash Screen

The splash screen is the key component that needs to be taken special care of while preparing a video in contemporary times. Things are even trickier for splash screens in the desired fashion while being prepared for the smartphones. The splash screen is something that appears as the cover picture of a video prior being clicked.

Naturally, a catchy splash screen provokes the viewer more to put a click on it. Hence, it needs to be prepared in a professional fashion. The best recommendation is to snap your own splash screen instead of lifting it from any other source. On the simplest note, it should be prepared in a visually appealing way with bold and highlighting colour combinations.

Advantages of Going with a Video Production House:

Budget is definitely an issue. Preparing video for the mobiles of your own, taking care of the above points is definitely a smarter idea. However, if the video is meant for the professional or promotional cause, targeting the special groups of users, then it is highly recommended to take the help of a professional service provider.

These production houses are technically enriched to prepare a video that can be prolific for the particular device; be it the smartphone, television, slates, and even for the PCs. The best part, they make you available with the desired tools or talk about the ways through which a video can be easily convertible from one device type to the other. They take care of the optimization part as well; hence, prepare it being very specific about the targeted audience.

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