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Storyboarding 101: Turning Concepts into Visual Forms

What the Storyboarding generally is? People also often search for this question today. Storyboarding is nothing but a series of pictures captured in separate frames for outlining ideas of storytelling with creative descriptions about anything. Pictures speak louder than words and storyboarding has proved it true.

Stories can be told in many ways, but storyboarding is the superhighway of storytelling in today’s world as people are relying more today on the internet for collecting information, entertainment, and assistance. Storyboarding is one of the mostly overlooked concepts in the process of pre-production.

The arrangement of pre-production is crucial as the more fruitful planning one does before making the shoot, the less effort and time he/she will have to use at the time of the shoot. The time that storyboard saves will be the appropriate time for one to spend it in getting special shoots and ensuring that one will obtain the finest performance form their staffs.

In presence of a storyboard, the crew members will get the required information for creating sequence of images that one wants for his/her next project. Effective preparation and thorough storyboards help staffs to go a long way. It also is a pro in helping preparing direct projects that you can able to show the world.

History of Storyboarding:

The process of storyboarding is much older than we generally think. The process might seem as intricate and tedious at that time. But today’s storyboarding concept is a developed one after Walt Disney comes with the revolution in early 1930s. After that, it doesn’t look back and keeps on evolving with advancement in technological field. One of the best advantages of storyboarding is its helping nature towards business and film industry wherein users continuously found in experimentation of bringing changes into storyline to evoke interest or reaction.

The process of creating visual forms and planning permits people to think, and gives easy way to place their ideas directly on storyboards. After which makers can make an award-wining storyboard on the wall. Dance and music have been with us since ancient times to till date. It seems the storyboarding concept was begun when civilization starts conveying messages with drum beats to tell stories with the help of several dance forms. It is anticipated that non-pictorial storyboarding concept has started in this era. However, pictorial form of storyboarding has been with civilization for as long as mankind held stick to sketching images in the walls or sand.

Storyboarding Basics:

For years, video and film makers have found that if they draw pictures of the scenes and transitions in their films before shooting them, they including the staffs and crews will have better and clear about their shooting sequences. Even the storyboard basics help directors to explain the movements and transitions between scenes.

At the time preparing storyboards, visual representations are made and included in each scene for depicting glamorous scenes. It even can break the scene down into the important dramatic elements. Technological advancements have revolutionized the earlier procedures of storyboarding creation, and new era has begun to turn ideas into visual forms.

Today, 3D animations are used to create storyboarding which looks like an animated video before the actual movie. For example, movies like Iron Man, Spiderman, Jurassic park, Sin-City, 300, etc. You can take them as the strong examples of storyboards. Though storyboarding is playing significant role in animation section, still it’s the important part of communication. The storyboarding concept is much older than we think, but today it’s evolving with new abilities to use verbal languages for communications.

What Should Be Included To Prepare A Good Storyboard?

The more complicated you make the script, the more action-oriented scenes, and sophisticated blockings as well as panels you have to include. In general, there are three types of primary images you should include into your storyboards which are action & re-action sequences in the scene, depictions of special transitions or effects and blocking diagrams for cameras and actors; you may wish to apply in your production.

Process of Pre-Production:

  • Frame a concept
  • Determine message, audience, and treatment
  • Create storyboards
  • Prepare script
  • Identify resources required to complete shoot
  • Types of shots
  • Variety of angles
  • Sound effects
  • Determine viewpoint
  • Editing

Storyboarding After Modernization:

Storyboarding today is receiving wider recognition among the businesses and movie industry because of its fruitful usability. It is said that storyboarding is a powerful communication tool and is great for:

  • Facilitating instant audience response
  • Turns ideas to receive visual presentation
  • Helps comprehensively describing endeavors, including sequence and timing
  • Incorporating different audience groupings
  • Helps removing the language and international barriers
  • Enabling audience to acknowledge ideas

As storyboarding carry on to develop to comprise flow charts, animated charts and other visual representations often employed by management executives, it’s successfully gaining wider recognition in the high-levels of corporate world.

However, the film industry is the greatest user of storyboarding and supporter as well as admirer of it. DVD movies are released containing bonus features including storyboards for successfully planning the events of the movie and the reactions of the characters to the events. These glimpses of behind-the-scenes depict how comprehensively and simply storyboards help to communicate with different aspects of scene to varied personnel who must work together to make sure planned events happen as envisioned.

The Art of Storyboarding:

Visual Storyboarding is one of wide used practices for capturing reports, discussions, unarranged questions and answers, expert presentations and poster sessions. It promotes cultural values of open communication, active sharing of ides and non-silo discussions. For preparing good storyboards today, make your vision as sophisticated as you can to put something relevant on the film. Seek the help from pre-production process as it helps to avoid the mistakes. Online portals are also available these days to help people creating good and responsive storyboards. Storyboard artists are the key investigators of the concept.

So, be one of them and begin to sketch your concepts that visualize a selected scene from a scripted narrative or making on-the-spot thumbnail sketches for the pre-production team. The storyboard artists not only electrify those involved but also realize that it is a creative, rewarding experience. Storyboarding artists noted the pleased expressions of the video/film and created them visually as the movie takes shape before their very eyes.

Different Roles of Storyboarding At Different Places:

  • In the advertisement section, storyboarding is used to create visual demonstration of what the TV commercial will look like. It helps in getting clients’ engagement to buy concepts. This can be workable either during an agency attempting to win over the customers’ business or after client mindset to go with the agency.
  • In film, storyboarding used at the front section of the project. Motion picture companies in the film industry use it to break the scripts’ scenes down and turn them into shots that can be further go for film creation. The progression gets ended under the esteem supervision of film makers to assure that his/her vision is attached with the creation from the day project starts.
  • In animation, storyboarding continues to be with the makers starting from the first day of production.

Animated storyboarding is the future of motion pictures playing an important role today in the industry. By their very nature, storyboards are active tools for film production so it can be stated as the sequential art of video creation.

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