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Introducing New Fonts for Global Video Communication

Things are sweeter being conveyed in native language. It’s just impossible to be creative about an aspect unless and until someone realizes it in his/her on own language. But, it’s a fact at the same time that you never know great talent remains within the shades forever, just because of language barrier.

Anyway, technology sees no discrimination; it’s the same around the globe for people of all languages. It’s a fact to be admitted that technology has played a great role in breaking the fences of languages by making key technological concepts available in multiple languages. On this context, good news is that this time technology has come up with yet another revolutionary idea. More interestingly, it is concerned with one of the most hyped marketing ways of contemporary times, the animated explanatory videos. In straight words, now it is possible to prepare the explanatory animated videos in any language (not just English).

Thanks to Noto Language Fonts:

It clearly reveals about the rampant growth and acceptance of the explanatory video ideas. Thanks to the globalized scenario for font market that has enabled video production possible in all prominent languages of the world.

Being specific about the topic, most of the video production houses these days primarily move with Noto language fonts. However, the process of trial with many other languages has also surfaced (apart from Noto) and some are in pipeline. It is here to mention that Noto font family is a fresh development from Google that is intended of encouraging all languages in a significant fashion. Especially, it has turned out to be impactful with all other languages outside the Latin language category.

What Makes These Videos Are Absolutely User-Friendly?

  • The ease of preparing a video as of such has encouraged many video producers to go for it. As the primary aim behind the idea is to prepare a video for any language other than English, the initial task is simply to pick the respective Noto font.
  • No need to worry about the video players as these video production houses prepare the videos those can be able in playing with any video player format. Most of these video production houses prepare the player that supports the alphabets in languages other than Latin category. In maximum cases, these players support alphabets in Arial font.
  • Anyway, the languages those resemble with English up to some extent can also be used with pre-existing fonts (Though it’s a fact that the noteworthy point is that the Arial font is not supported by the latest HTML5 player).

Interestingly these have broken barriers of multiple symbols, signs, letters, etc. (especially in Asian languages)

The most interesting part, this time, is to mark that the video production houses are focusing higher on producing fonts in Asian languages. Among the prominent Asian languages, the Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu and Bengali are on a roll being available with its font. The production of videos in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai are obviously exciting. But, the most interesting part to mark here is that the production of videos in middle-east Arabic languages has increased in an enchanting fashion. The efforts of these production houses are definitely commendable the way they have arranged things for Korean languages, which is having a greater number of characters than the other languages. Undoubtedly they have confronted the challenge in a laudable fashion and have made the good works evident. On a whole, the production has always been inspiring in all Latin and English languages.

Signalling the Growth in Whole Industry of Explanatory Videos:

The momentous acceptance of the explanatory animated videos and their productive knack is obviously evident. Entrepreneurs have realised the need of producing the promotional stuff in native languages. Though it won’t be exact to call it a need, they have realised that the business can be prolonged a lot upon making it available for people those prefer things in their own language. Whatsoever, one thing is clear that the explanatory animated videos have enjoyed a great acceptance.

In case your language doesn’t support a particular format:

There is still a way even if any concerned language is not supported by the format. Most of these video production houses are coming up with the subscription system that lets the users in having a file for their font, of their language. This font file is just of 15 MB though.

The producers let the users to upload the snaps of text in desired format as props. Above all, these people love to receive the queries or feedbacks from the users. They welcome the idea through which the video production can be enhanced in local languages and also let the same people know about what they can expect in near future about the particular aspect.

Advantages These Video Makers Offer:

  • Upon taking a closer dig, it becomes evident that most of the video producers are primarily the cloud based. It enables them to connect with eclectic languages over the globe, solving their queries, or working on their feedbacks.
  • These houses are enriched with a plethora of props, characters, symbols, etc. for preparing animated explanatory videos in multiple languages and forms.
  • Moreover, they make things absolutely user-friendly enabling the users to prepare their own videos in a drag and drop way.
  • Some make the facility available for free, and some demand fairly minimal price. Some other allows a free trial for some days and charge later once the user is convinced.
  • Interestingly, to make the outcome evident in a customized fashion, these video makers enable the users to bring in their own score, pictures, slides or flash files through certain very handy tools.
  • In short, an animated explanatory video preparation is possible to be made from scratch with certain very simple steps in a pick-and-put fashion.

Make It Revolutionary:

As mentioned above, anyone interested in witnessing any particular modifications with the fonts used by these video makers should definitely mail the concerned video maker mentioning the wished changes. The whole process could be a way lot revolutionized this way. It’s not just about improving the experience of a particular user group or language; rather, it should be viewed as the growth of the entire animated explanatory video industry. In other way, it can be cited as a way to connect some more millions through the web.

How to pick a compliant video maker?

Though the number of video makers as of mentioned above are not in plethora, still it is advised to check the profiles of each of them thoroughly, prior selecting one. Especially, one should definitely take a close dig about the availabilities of the special characters, letters, symbol, props, etc. At the same time, the aspects of conventional explanatory video making like the animations, background music, graphics, etc. should be thoroughly examined as well.


Finally, it can be claimed that the Video producers have rubbished the perception of preparing a professional animated explanatory video for business perspective expensive. Not just in terms of making things cost-effective, these video makers have made it evident that preparing a quality video content is not necessarily a time-consuming aspect as well.

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