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India’s Animation Industry Has Seen Unprecedented Growth’

Animation is a niche in India, which doesn’t need to be proved especially after the envious success of ‘The Jungle Movie’ in the nation. Well, not just the movie, animation is something extremely attention dragging for Indians currently in the whole media and advertising arena as well. In fact, India is now being considered one of the biggest creativity hubs for animation.

One of the most encouraging parts here is to witness the interest shown among the millions of Indians in a quite knee-jerk fashion; without much of advertisements or the workshops. The talent and interest here has been already appreciated by many renowned animators over the globe, those have worked for premium production houses.

Technology Is Definitely Not The Only Factor:

One might argue that through the growing technological advancements in the nation, and considering the fact that children these days are playing comparatively much more with such devices, those have a greater interest on animations, is a reason behind animation finding a place in India. However, this can’t be the only fact considering the ‘unprecedented’ growth that India has grabbed with animation in recent times. According to the statistics shown by a prominent animation expert-

  • India’s animation industry has raked the revenue to a whooping high of more than 50 billion INR in 2015 itself.
  • The revenue presented above talks about the growth rate that is close to 14 percent, which is just unbelievable.
  • The numbers as presented above has been achieved, and more importantly, many international animation studios have been established here in India. They find India as one of the finest talent destinations, especially about animation.

And, credit for all these can’t solely be given to the kids or the technological devices.

Interest from the Business World:

Taking an insight over the so-called unprecedented growth of animation in India, it would be evident that some of the hugely celebrated names in the business world of India have greatly encouraged the concept. Especially, Reliance production’s effort is no doubt commendable on this matter. One has to pay equal credit for Tata as well. These brand names have shown encouraging interest with the market through raising the investment hands with the producers of Indian film industries. Especially, they have been paying higher emphasis on enhancing the animation that could hit a mass.

  • Being more specific, techniques have been fine-tuned for the Indian audiences in following ways-
  • Instead of going with the stereotypic animations those are primarily Hollywood kinds, strategies are being made to prepare these in a way that can fit the local audiences as well.
  • Scripts and characters are being blended in a way creative fashion to lure the Indian audience.
  • Apart from the mainstream entertainments, like movies, TV-series, emphasis is given for animated web-series, video promotions, advertisements, social media ads, etc.
  • Number of animation games being developed has also increased remarkably. The prime contenders of these games have been the popular Indian characters.

The Web Impact:

Strategic approach no doubt has played a big part in the growth of animation in India. In concurrence, the technological augmentation has been estimable as well. It’s not just the growth in the number of studios, but the improvements with visual effects have taken the world of animation to the next level.

Upon taking a close look, it would be evident that the web has a crucial part in all these. Starting from the video marketing, to game publishing/selling, even the free playing sites, and the web has given a mammoth platform for the growth of animation in the nation.

Being Preferred As a Career Option:

As mentioned above, the foreign studios have found India as one of the exciting talent hubs for animation. Not just the words, their claim are numerically proven as well. More than 1.5 million hiring have increased in past year, which is simply amazing and reveals well about the growth in production rate. Above all, an animation study doesn’t involve huge expense as of other technological studies. Rather, it promises the students with much brighter career option.


It’s a fact that animation still isn’t as frequent to be a category in Bollywood. However, it has to be agreed that the extent of technological lend has increased much in comparison.

  • Exclusive animation movies (full-length) have increased and the number is expected to be growing even further in coming future
  • Especially emphasis is being given to prepare animated scripts those are not just completely the super natural ones, rather those which can fit in to the mainstream Indian movies. Bahubali can be taken one of the finest examples on this matter.
  • In short, efforts are on by the creative brains to reflect the Indian traditions, ways, or simply the Indian preferences in a better way through the animation. More importantly, the idea has worked, as it has been evident with above cases.
  • Animation’s higher presence with regional movies is certainly something improvising, which is expected to be growing further.

A Stronger Fundamental for A Better Outcome:

Be it animation or something else, the growth of any industry depends hugely on how solid is it’s fundamental. The encouraging fact about the growth in animation in India is that the nation has witnessed a huge hike in the number of academic centres for animation. Many institutions are already having animation as one of their mainstream study program. Moreover, the online tutorial platforms have increased significantly.

This certainly indicates the excitement that the nation has gathered in terms of animation. Talking about one of the very distinguishing employment of animation, and so its expansion is certainly the blogging. This is evident through the growing number of bloggers finding animated explanatory videos as the best ways of promoting their blog or article. It is getting both cost-effective and productive as well this way.

Documentaries And Regional Growth Has Been Enchanting:

Apart from the mainstream movies or televisions, the number of documentary projects increasing its number is also a great sign for animation industry. Especially, the historic documentaries have been encouraging for the animation. The historic characters being portrayed in animation has been found to be more suitable than the conventional ways of being played by a person, especially with the documentaries.

Among others, the cartoon industries have also witnessed a significant growth in past years with which the animation has played a great part. The number of regional animation channels is also one of the stirring facts for the animation fans. Again, you can credit the creativity in terms of scripts, characters and technologically with the visual effects is one of the prime reasons behind such increase.

Final Words:

According to a top professional in a renowned animation production house, animation will go to a new high in India the day Indians start relating themselves with the animation. He is excited as the process has already kicked started. Technology, creativity and art have to go shoulder to shoulder for the same to be achieved. More the kids would be given the chance to play on this matter; more the development could be witnessed. In short, the efforts have been initiated from all dimensions and it’s going the right ways.

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